Sample Essay on Compassion Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue

Question 1

Compassion fatigue is a serious issue that affects many people at a workplace. It is a serious challenge to the Christians, owing to the fact that the Bible requires the regular compassionate and merciful acts. In most cases, a Christian finds it easy to indicate mercy in certain environments like the church fellowship or even family. However, showing mercy at the work place is a challenge that all Christians should endeavor to achieve at all times. Researches and studies point a number of factors that may lead to the phenomenon. Among the reasons that may cause the problem, they include working for longer hours than normal, working for bosses who do not act friendlier, performing tasks with tasks that a person lacks at present (Zigarelli, 2008). Work that entails dealing with other people’s problems the whole day may also lead to the inability to continue acting with compassion. On the same note, a misunderstanding that arises from a mismatch of personal priorities and those of the organization can lead to serious compassion fatigue (Zigarelli, 2008).

Personally, I have had problems with showing mercy and compassion because of the many hours of work. Showing mercy is a command that Jesus provides in the beatitudes; however, it requires taking time with people to understand their problems and know the way to solve them. At my workplace, the workload is very high, something that does not allow for more interaction with other junior employees. In order to overcome it, I plan to push the flexible work shifts that allows for more interaction with other employees. Moreover, a mismatch of my Christian values and those of my organization leads to the serious fatigue and lower enthusiasm in relation to dealing with others. Thus, I will request to work in a department that allows me to exercise my Christian values and faith.

Question 2

Christianity requires a constant concern for all people one works with or serves. My work entails the regular interaction with clients as well as workers. Most of the time, I am consumed in the activities that make it difficult to pay attention to the junior employees in my department. Jesus was always concerned with peoples cares when he was here on earth, and will continue to do so until the end of time. Currently, I keep wondering whether I reflect the same character trait that Jesus commands in Mathew chapter five. Being consumed in other duties at the expense of having time to find out the way other employees are doing is my main challenge. I believe God requires me to be more compassionate to the junior in my department in order to understand them.

Leadership may bring a barrier with other employees who may fear to approach one with their problems. In order to be compassionate, I believe having more time with my staff on a personal level will work towards understanding them more. In addition, the personal interaction will include making home visits to encourage and build confidence in each of them. It will help to understand their needs in order to act appropriately as a Christian. There is no doubt that compassion is an attribute of God that all Christians should indicate. Jesus, in John 11:33-35 is filled compassion at the grave of Lazarus, leading Him to weep with the people. He goes ahead to perform a miracle that resurrects Lazarus, His friend. On the same note, Jesus always acted out of compassion, an attribute that made Him heal many people (Matthew 14:14) as well as individuals who came with different problems. It explains the reason I need to be closer to the people and to understand their problems in order to be of help.

Question 3

Holy Spirit is the source of power towards maintaining a constant indication of mercy and compassion. Human beings fail in one way or another, especially in a situation that requires the constant concern. At the beginning, people have the normal enthusiasm with doing good to others; however, with time, compassion fatigue comes into play. As noted above, compassion is an attribute of our God that all Christians should emulate. In most cases, our human nature drives us away from performing our duty. It is the reason the Holy Spirit is the highest strength towards the continual representation of Christ at work place. I believe that it is the only way towards standing up to indicate the true nature of Christianity, against compassion fatigue.

The reliance on God’s Holy Spirit entails total trust in God, especially when one feels like not performing the Christian duties. Prayer is an important way in which the Holy Spirit will easily help people when they need to act. There are those days when a person does not feel like doing more than has already been done. It is the time that the Holy Spirit will bring strength in order to have mercy.

In conclusion, it is important to reiterate the importance of living as true Christians at all spheres of life. In this context, the workplace should be a place of spreading the love of God through demonstrating compassion and mercy. Many reasons may make people not stand out in showing mercy; however, Jesus did well wherever He went, and people need not to tire doing the same. Worldly individuals have different ways of dealing with compassion fatigue, measures that may not result to long lasting solutions. Relying on the Holy Spirit will always help in giving us energy and willingness to indicate compassion. When people feel like not performing our Christian duties, individuals only need to ask God for strength.




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