Sample Essay on Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity basically refers to difference in cultures. Cultural diversity has existed among the societies in the world and has been influencing the way people live for years. Notably, culture influences who we are, thoughts, behaviour, and how we perceive the surrounding. Culture shapes the way we interact with others and how we solve day to day issues. Some of the aspects that has brought about cultural diversity are; race, ethnicity, gender, religion and sexuality among others. The fact that cultural diversity has existed for long shows its importance to human life. Understanding and appreciating human diversity has led to peaceful coexistence and respect among the societies. Furthermore, it has contributed to the development of the countries and societies since people can work in harmony. Appreciating cultural diversity ensures that the minority groups’ rights and needs are taken care of.

Cultural diversity in some instances has led to discrimation especially against the minority groups and the physically challenged. It is important to note that irrespective of cultural diversity, minority groups, physically challenged persons and other groups of persons have rights. Civil groups have come out strongly to oppose any form of discrimination against these groups. Campaigns by civil groups has led to more understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity.

With globalization and modernization, the cultural gap that existed among different societies has been closed. Exchange of culture has been appreciated especially by the young generation. Persons can now marry and live with persons of a different cultural background. Also, learning institutions have promoted cultural activities through cultural festivals, where students from diverse backgrounds showcase their talents and cultures. Games and sports have also ensured that people of diverse background come together and interact. Through this interaction they are able to learn from each other different aspects of different cultures.

Cultural diversity to greater extent played a role for whom I am today. Being a male of Arab ethnicity from Middle Eastern race has greatly impacted on my life. I grew up with the influence of Arab culture which I dearly respect for its good values. Arab culture instilled to me the virtue of respect for elders, parents, children and my age mates. In Arab culture, respect is regarded as one of the greatest value human being should possess and anyone is required to practice. Being a male I was supposed to respect everyone irrespective of the gender as a result, I have learned to live with up to date. This value helped build my life socially since I could interact with people freely. Also, I have been able to interact with numerous people across the cultural divide and in the process made lots of friends who to date have live to respect me.

Also, the Arab culture helped shape my character especially when I was young boy. In Arab culture when an elder is addressing a child, the child is not supposed to interrupt and this has taught me to become a good listener. From this, I was able to learn slowly the art of listening and appreciate other people views. Also, as a man, Arab culture requires that I learn to be responsible in order to provide for my family. I have always learned to be responsible and dependable which has earned me praises from my peers who see me as a leader.

In addition, I was able to learn ethics and how to relate well with my peers. Good ethics has always prevented me from being influenced by the bad company especially at school. It is because of good ethics that I was able to concentrate on my studies and exceled in school. Some of my peers who had bad ethics were chased away on many occasions due to indiscipline cases.

Arab culture at a times uses stories to communicate their messages. The stories are aimed to motivate the young people to face life. From this, I was able to learn how to encourage and counsel my peers. When I was in school for example, teachers would call me in front to talk to my fellow students. Interestingly, my speech was able to motivate my fellow students and this challenged them to elect me as their leader. My drive has always been to challenge my peers to achieve their dreams and avoid losing focus in life. Notably, I have been motivating all people irrespective of the race or cultural background. I have also learn that human beings are equal and that each one of us needs motivation to achieve great in life.

Going to the school hasgreatly impacted on my life. Being a college student, I have had a privileged of interacting with people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. This has enabled me to learn and appreciate different cultures. It has also enabled me to forego some of my cultural beliefs to accommodate other people. Also, I have learned about modernization and globalization and the need to leave some of the cultural beliefs in order to develop. Through exchange programs I have been able to interact with students from different colleges and diverse backgrounds. Exchanging of ideas with people of diverse backgrounds has enabled me to view the world from different perspective. It has challenged me to live and work anywhere in the world if given chance. Furthermore, I have dispelled some of the misconceptions that I had concerning other races and ethnicities. I can now comfortably work with all the people from all corners of the world.

Being born in a Muslim family has been a privilege to me since Muslim teachings has greatly contributed to whom I am. It has enable me to appreciate myself and humanity. Respecting people and life therefore, is respecting Allah the most high. I have also learned not to judge people on the basis of their sex, race, colour and size. Additionally, I have learned to protect other people lives in accordance to the teachings of Islam. Islam teachings has enabled me to become a moderate and tolerate other people. Also, I have learnt to accommodate and offer assistance to those who are less fortunate in the society. Notably, the less privileged in the society are our brothers and sisters irrespective of race and ethnicity. It is our duty therefore to provide for them so that they can also feel the love of Allah according to the teachings of Islam.

Being an able bodied person is also a privilege to me because I can do anything without asking for help. To me, being able bodied is a gift from God since some other people are physically challenged. Being able bodied has enabled me to appreciate and respect those who are physically challenged. I have always treated people who are physical challenged with dignity since what they are undergoing is beyond them.

In summary, cultural diversity is an important aspect in the life of a human being. For any society to develop and achieve its objective cultural diversity should be embraced. People should be taught the importance of tolerating other people cultural beliefs. With the advancement in technology and globalization, our country, workplaces and schools increasingly receive people from different, races, ethnicity and cultures. It is important to note that our diversity will bring different talents therefore, increasing productivity of the nation.

Also, cultural diversity helps us to dispel negative misconceptions and change how we view and relate with others. People will stop seeing each other as enemies and work towards a common goal of developing the society. Again, understanding cultural diversity will promote intermarriage between different societies leading peace and harmony. Also, we should avoid imposing values to others since those values might not be in line with their culture. By doing so, we will foster cooperation consequently promoting development.

Finally, the society and the government should look into cases of discrimination on the basis of culture and ensure that they are dealt with. Proper measures to eliminate discrimation should be put in place through formulation of rules and regulations. This can be done by incorporating cultural studies in school to enable students study different cultures. Campaigns also, should be initiated to spread the word on the need to accommodate different cultures to ensure that minority groups are respected.