Sample Essay on Cultural Spaces in metropolitan regions

Cultural Spaces in metropolitan regions

There are several factors that are taken into consideration for a city or town to be considered as a metropolitan region. To begin with, metropolitan regions have very dense populations. For instance, the city of Las Vegas in the US has a population of over 0.6 million as per the research conducted in 2013 and is considered among the largest metropolitan cities in the world. Other factors that make a city be considered as metropolitan include various races and communities of people, industrialization, infrastructure and a wide range of cultures. With this in mind, it should be noted that metropolitan regions have various cultural spaces. Some of the cultural spaces exhibited in metropolitan regions include festivals, sexual events and racial discrimination among others. This paper focuses on three cultural spaces in the metropolitan region: festivals, sexual events and racial discrimination.

To start with, festivals are some of the best ways of bringing people of a certain community, race or religion together. Various metropolitan regions across the world often have a number of festivals hosted within them. For instance, in Las Vegas, the African American community often has festivals that bring them together and help them remember their origin. In other Arab cities such as Dubai, religious festivals are often held and they play an integral role in bringing the people of the Islamic religion together. Apart from uniting people, festivals act as ways of appreciating cultures.

Racial discrimination and other aspects of racism are also common experiences in metropolitan regions across the world. Aspects of racism such as discrimination are often based on various factors such as color, culture, language and social class. Taking into consideration the city of Las Vegas, it is one of the cities in the world with several people of different races. The city has African Americans, Whites and coloreds among others. Discrimination in the city is often on the basis of color. That is to say, the African Americans have had problems with discrimination for decades now. Though there have been struggles and strategies that have been put in place to make sure the practice is eradicated, the blacks are still discriminated. There are jobs that are only meant for the whites in the US. Besides, during football matches in stadia, African American players often find it rough as discriminative chants and songs are sang for them. In fact, there have been instances in Las Vegas where banana peels are thrown to African Americans. This is the worst form of discrimination that is still experienced in the world today.

Metropolitan regions are known to have large populations of people. This is attributed to the fact that the immigrants in such cities are often in search of better employment opportunities, better facilities and better security available among other factors. However, the impacts of the large number of people in the metropolitan cities are always felt, and most of them are negative. The high population has often led to housing problems, unemployment, insecurity and increase in crime rates. Some of the criminal cases that are rampant in metropolitan regions are sex-related events such as rape and gender segregation. A good number of celebrities in Las Vegas and other big metropolitan regions in the world such as London have been arrested and charged of rape and this has been a negative image to the global community. Though there are awareness campaigns across the world against rape and other sexual events, the increase in population in metropolitan regions should be controlled if quick results of the campaigns are to be seen.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that metropolitan regions are areas with high populations, good infrastructure and excellent facilities. The facilities attract several people whose impacts are more of negative than positive. The large populations in metropolitan areas have led to cultural spaces such as festivals, sexual events and racial discrimination as discussed in this paper.