Sample Essay on Cyber Security and Leadership Skills

Cyber Security and Leadership Skills

The growth of technology is taking place at a fast pace with the number of computers connected to the internet increasing every day, leading to the digitization of activities. The influence of technology in the world has been of much help in the way information sharing takes place. A lot of information is currently stored and shared via the internet hence there is need to protect the security of your contents. Costs of services have also been lowered by the increasing technology compared to when you opt for the manual operations. Another useful aspect of technology is the advancement of lives through the incorporation of technology into daily provided services.I also realize a benefit of technology in the use payment systems that have reduced the physical access to money points such as the Apple Pay cards.

However, misuse of technology is impacting negatively on the society and if proper solution is not analyzed and provided on time, there will be serious damages to the society. From my studies, threats in technology arise when the network infrastructure is broken into and confidential information accessed by intruders. Cybercrimes leads to more losses for organizations than any direct physical damages. The institutions I suggest will mostly be affected negatively by technology are financial, commercial and government institutions. This is from a study that was carried out by Verizon indicating close to 95% of cyber attackers being motivated by acquisition of finances.  The rising trends in technology like cloud computing are being employed by organization though there is alarming rate in their privacy.Having knowledge in cybercrimes will help me reduce the rate at which organizations are being damaged minute by minute due to cyberspace. The damages of technology are inevitable and the future improvements will see technology used as a weapon to destroy others as General Michael Hayden says “In world war 2 we bombed and destroyed the electrical infrastructure of our enemies”. There is a scaring threat for greater damages through application of cyber-attacks.

There is increasing need for cyber security experts that will be of help to organizationsconsidering much information is communicated over the internet. I am also studying cyber security so that I will be able to assist in reducing cyber-attack damages on networks of business organizations that will prevent economic losses. Fighting cyber attackers in business societies enables them cut down the cost of damages caused by losses. My training as a cyber-security expert will enable me to train the coming generations on how to tackle the cyber bullies. Many organizations have large voids of cyber security experts to be filled by the cyber security students hence need for engaging in this growing field. Furthermore, from my training I will be prepared for counterattacking cyber attackers than waiting for attacks to get trained, as outlined by Todd Fitzgerald that users pay great attention to training after they have been phished.

As a leader in cyber security, I will considerpossessing several attributes such as creativity, flexibility, commitment to learning, team leaders and collaborations among themselves. When I become a leader in VA I will have to use my skills to motivate and encourage my juniors so that we work as a team. The other skills I need to possess are flexibility of my time schedule since cyber criminals do not have a specific time to attack.  Creativity will enable me to solve the problems in a number of ways depending on the type of attack.