Sample Essay on Developing a Global Coalition to Address Terrorism by ISIS

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SUBJECT: Developing a Global Coalition to Address Terrorism by ISIS


Military approach to terrorism has been viewed by some people as expensive and aggravating war and instability in the Middle East. The government of United States has especially been criticized in its approach to terrorism. Domestically, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have consumed huge portions of the tax-payers’ money. America has been at the front in lobbying for international support of war on terror. However, a balance between diplomacy and military approach has been a tricky affair (Schaller 197). The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) which originated from al-Qaida continues to use violence in their efforts to dominate the world. Thus, a soft approach has not been viable in the short term. America has taken steps in disorganizing ISIS through airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. However, there lacks a consistent global governance system to tackle threats of terror internationally. Such coalitions would avoid an isolationist view of America war on terrorism. ISIS is a threat that needs international cooperation to curb the threat it poses to Sunni nations as well as the continued attacks in various parts of the world. Such collaboration can include NATO, the Arab league nations and the United Nations.


The ISIS group has already taken advantage of political instabilities in Iraq and Syria. The terror group intends to spread out to the Sunni nations and from a caliphate that would enable its control in the region and the world.  Led by self-declared caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdad, ISIS has a political ideology of ruling the world through Islamic law. The extremist group has continued to use Jihadists to terrorize Shiite Muslims and Christians. It is no doubt that the region as well as the world is not safe and their intentions should not be ignored. Instability in the region has led to refugees seeking asylum in Europe. With the migration of people to other regions, ISIS has been suspected to be using the conflicts to traffic terrorists to Europe and other countries. Thus, international cooperation is highly essential to combat ISIS.

Analysis of Possible Coalitions

  1. Arab League Cooperation

It is critical to be aware of the cultural and political intricacies in the region. Arab league nations are close to Syria and Iraq, and also conversant with the politics of the region. Since the crises in Iraq and Syria have stemmed out of political issues, the nations can help in mediating the conflicts. In the past Arab league nations have shown their capability in solving regional differences and protecting the sovereignty of nations. For example, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, the nations provided military defense. Also, in 1976 the sectarian war in Lebanon was solved through Arab League of Nations. The interventions from Arab nation were supported locally and were effective in restoring stability (White 190). Collection of intelligence is essential and the Arab League of Nations can assist with their government agencies. The information would aid in knowing the terror networks and flow of weapons. Interference with economic activities of the terrorist groups would help in weakening ISIS. Being Muslim states, the nations are in a good position to persuade the Sunni Arabs to resist ideological influences. The nations can also provide military and humanitarian aid to the displaced people in Syria and Iraq.  It is expected that the countries would experience terror due to support of America similar to the countries that supported ouster of Sadam.

  1. An ally with NATO

Countries in the European Union have been victims of terror. An alliance of NATO and the America would provide formidable military and technical resources. In the past such cooperation has helped in operations such as the ouster of Gaddafi in Libya. The geographical location of Europe nations makes the countries well coordinated to Israel which eases surveillance of activities in the Middle East. European Union would also reinforce the financial cost of the fight thus reducing the burden of United States. Europe is also close to Middle East and instability in the area has led to refugees from Syria and the region relocating to Europe. It is vital to have proper inspection of the immigrants to avoid disguised terrorists making their way to Europe and even United States. Thus, coordination in curbing the spread of ISIS terror activities would be boosted by a NATO alliance (Bird n. p). The major drawback in the ally will be a west versus Muslim antagonism. The proximity of Turkey to Syria provides a good ground for surveillance of the region by NATO.

  1.  Support of United Nations

The support of all members of the United Nations would be the best coalition in fighting global terrorism. Thus, United States should lobby for international support that would legitimize taking the fight and surveillance to Syria and ISIS dominated regions. When United Nations treats ISIS as a global terrorist group, laws can be made to deal with captured terrorists. The support would avoid a crisis such as the Guantanamo bay prison and enable creation of an international court to charge terror actions. Such an international legal framework would ease the burden of repatriation of suspects and aid in countering ISIS (White 182). It has been a challenge to gain a unanimous decision under United Nations on countering terrorism. The institutions under UN are financed globally and fighting ISIS under UN banner would be more effective.


Terror by ISIS is affecting nations worldwide. Thus, all nations are obliged to cooperate in fighting terror. No nation should be left behind. On the other hand, terrorism should be tackled from the roots of the social and political causes for sustainable peace. Making counter-terrorism an international agenda under United Nations would be the best approach. It would enable all nations to be mindful of other countries security. In the past, terrorists have been able to bypass airports and international borders unnoticed due to lack of adequate international vigilance. United States should continue to seek allies in fighting terrorism in order to have international governance and counterterrorism laws.



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