Sample Essay on Employee Perception-HR team is a competent & capable

Interview 1: Employee Perception-HR team is a competent and capable group


In a situation where employees perceive the Human Resources team as professional and that which acts with integrity, a more positive HR experience can be created by positive reinforcement. It is important to encourage employees to build their trust on the capability of the Human Resource department to handle their grievances with the utmost professionalism. Opening up the human resources department is one way of positive reinforcement. Making this department accessible to everyone makes employees develop a positive attitude towards the human resource team.

Encouraging constructive criticism from employees concerning the faults of the department and make recommended improvements also creates a positive HR experience. When the HR department functions the according to employee expectations, then employees will be more confident in the capabilities of the human resource department.

Improving the connection between employees by creating a common and unifying purpose enables employees to appreciate the role of each employee in different departments in achieving the goals of the organization. Changing the organization climate into a warm and friendlier atmosphere where employees can freely associate with each other improves HR experience as employees view the HR team as a functioning department similar to other departments that contribute to the achievement of organization objectives.

Interview 2: HR team as an excellent, friendly, and caring support team


One of the functions of the Human Resource department is to handle grievances related to employment activities. Employees need to be aware of this fact so that they do not continue to suffer in silence when issues can be quickly resolved by other professionals in the organization. In order to create a more positive HR experience, communication is important. Communicating about the functions and roles of the HR department can increase familiarity about importance of the HR team in the organization.

Creating a team spirit in the organization also enables employees develop a positive attitude towards the Human Resource team. Many employees opt to handle issues among themselves without the knowledge of the human resource department. Human resources are seen as the last resort and many employees fear for the worst. Eliminating the communication barrier and encouraging employees to cooperate with the team helps remove the fear for the human resources team. Openness with the human resources team enhances the HR experience. Openness is created when employees consider the human resources team as part of their team.

Interview 3: HR team as a competent and capable group


Trust is important in any organization.  Trust promotes teamwork and empowers people in the organization. Encouraging employees to follow a code of honor is one way of building trust. The Human resources team is made up of employees just like other departments. Extending trust to employees is necessary for them to give back the trust to the organization. It makes them accountable for their actions and discourages them from performing actions that may negatively affect the organization.  Reducing the gap between the management and employees by developing genuine relationships in the organization makes employees feel part of the organization. Employees who feel part of the organization are less likely to betray it by performing negative actions against it.

Reviewing the organization’s work environment as well as its ethical and governance policies can also create a more positive HR experience. Because the HR department has access to the organization’s entire secrets, it is important to clearly communicate and define handling of confidential or sensitive information. The HR team should be provided with appropriate training over handling confidential information. Appropriate ethics programs should be developed to educate the staff on proper ethics and how to go about discussing sensitive information with the HR team to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

Interview 4: HR team as an excellent, friendly, and caring support team


The human resources department is a functional department just like any other department in the organization. However, employees tend to think that the purpose of the HR department is purely for providing support to other departments.  Creating a more positive customer experience involves making projects undertaken by the human resources team more visual. The HR team often suffers from lack of identification because it hardly communicates its role in helping the organization to achieve its objectives. In order to create a more positive HR experience then employees need to be aware of what the HR team does by making it easier for the HR team to visually communicate their efforts.

Conducting an employee commitment survey can help create a more positive HR experience by providing information about how employees feel about the organization. In essence, this information concerns the HR department which influences the organization climate through development of work policies. The importance of employee commitment surveys is to provide direction for creating a positive HR experience. Efforts can be directed towards encouraging the HR team to sell themselves to employees by highlighting achievements such as initiating a variety of training and development programs for different employees and developing merits that qualify certain employees for promotion.


Interview 5: HR team as a sufficient but not value added team


Human Resources are important in an organization for a number of reasons. Aside from recruitment and hiring, the human resources department conducts performance appraisals and determines rewards and compensation to be awarded to employees based on their performance. Performance appraisals are necessary to identify an employee’s strengths and weak points that need to be adjusted. As the CEO, conducting a performance appraisal of the HR team would be necessary to identify their weak points and subsequently transform them into strengths. Performance appraisal will keep the HR team on track just like employees in other departments and therefore help create a more positive HR experience within the organization.

Hiring qualified HR personnel is also important in creating a more positive HR experience. The HR roles and responsibilities have changed over the years from simply recruitment and hiring to the management of people in an organization. This includes empowerment and motivation, focusing on the welfare of employees, addressing grievances and training and developing their skills to suit the job position. HR personnel should be competent just like other employees in different departments. This means that they should possess people skills and be capable of people management. The change in conventional functions of HR to more diverse roles and responsibilities creates value into the HR profession. Employees appreciate diversity in the HR profession as it translates into more focus on their needs rather than on their jobs.

Interview 6: HR Team as a sufficient but not value added

Creating value proposition in the HR department can create a more positive HR experience in the organization. Value proposition enables the HR team to focus on enabling employees to achieve their goals within the organization. Value is created in the HR team when employees actually benefit from their actions. The HR team can enable employees achieve their goals by spending time with them at their various functions in order to understand their work environment. Understanding the challenges employees face in their work environment and developing solutions to ease their burden improves employee performance and enables them to achieve organizational goals. When employees receive value from actions of the HR team, then the profession becomes credible, appreciated and enhances a positive HR experience in the organization.

Developing online employee service centers enhances communication between the HR team and employees. This is necessary because of the increased demand of HR services as a result of the changing nature of businesses. Creating a positive HR experience means that employees can easily access HR services and the HR services rendered to them must be satisfactory. The HR team should be capable of solving problems regarding employees and this involves providing appropriate solutions from the perspective of the organization.

Updating the existing organizational policies can enhance HR experience. The HR team solves employee problems by providing solutions based on organizational policies. Employees may be dissatisfied with the manner in which HR personnel handles issues. Perhaps the dissatisfaction may be because the HR team takes long to make decisions. The organization may be at fault because of its bureaucratic structure. Changing or updating existing policies may create a more positive HR experience by changing the way the HR team handles employee grievances.