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Final paper: FedEx Corporation


FedEx Corporation is one of the United States multinational companies that deal with delivery services across the globe. It has its headquarters in the Memphis, Tennessee, United States, with branches in many other parts of the world. This corporation has made a mark with its unique services like overnight shipping services that ensure that customers get their parcels at the earliest time possible. On the same note, it is reputed to be the first corporation to device a mechanism of tracking shipment. This mechanism ensures that the company as well as customers is able to track shipments, eliminating or minimizing the possibility of losing their parcels. It is important to note that the use of technology has been an important part of the corporation’s growth over the many decades of existence.

The state of the art communication systems have ensured that the corporation achieves smooth operations in all the divisions. These divisions include: FedEx Express that operates air division of the corporation by ensuring next day delivery of parcels within the United States as well as timely air delivery in other parts of the world. FedEx Express is a business unit known to operate and maintain one of the largest aircrafts in the world (Vitt, Michael & Stacia 12). It is also reputed to be the unit operating the highest number of frights across the world. FedEx Ground is another unit that deals with day parcel deliveries within United States and Canada. This unit offers cheaper rates than the air division’s rates, and it uses very many large tracks that make this service a success (Doyle 2).

FedEx Freight is another unit that offers less than a track services and is noted to be the biggest section of the corporation as seen in high amount of revenue collected each year. It offers other products that include urgent, valuable as well as urgent goods to different destinations within the US. The last division is known as FedEx Services tasked with the responsibility of smooth operations in all other units of this corporation. This unit offers global services that range from marketing, information technology and planning, all meant to enhance uninterrupted operations of all units. It is important not note that the success of this corporation is as a result of the impeccable communication systems that utilizes the latest innovations in an attempt to beat the competition in the courier market sector. This paper makes a thorough communication analysis of FedEx Corporation in order to show how it transmits communication information within and without its confines. The corporation takes communication seriously in order to maintain success among the over 290,000 employees spread over 220 countries of the world. It also operates more than 700 aircrafts and 380 airports, not to mention over 80,000 vehicles that ensure timely deliveries of shipments or packages (Vitt, Michael & Stacia 2). The corporation has a slogan of “shoot, move and communicate”.

The need for Technological Evolution of Communication Systems in FedEx Corporation

The desire to be profitable is the main reason for the adoption of the many technological components of communication within the corporation. The system utilizes information technology (IT) in order to ensure smooth communication within the system as well as with the outside stakeholders. Since this corporation operates on global scale, leaders and management have always known very well that in order to break through when it comes to the global transportation industry, there is need to develop proper customer relations, work with speed and develop reliability in all operations. All of the above can only be achieved by adopting technological advancement that promotes communication.

FedEx Corporation adopts the use of internet in order to create proper communication. For instance, the corporation first used the internet in order to enhance purchases of different business products. FedEx has a system known as Ariba that is used in purchases of corporation’s products. This system also has FedEx intranet installed with the capacity to record and avail data from all suppliers in a way that could easily be accessed by all employees of the corporation. This initiative has enhanced communication within the different units as well as with the suppliers through the catalogues that could be easily accessed, something helped in bringing convenience.

Communication Information Technology has also been adopted by the human resource in order to enhance training. For instance, FedEx has in place what was known as Interactive Video Instructions (IVI) that could be used by all employees for training at any time, especially during times when the workload reduced. Different instructions are always available for all employees to access at any time of the day. In addition, this system made it possible for the human resource to test all employees on jobs during certain periods. The system can easily be used to prepare all employees for the test (Doyle 2).

Customer service is an important part of any successful business and must stand out in order to keep up the sales. FedEx has implemented information technology in order to enhance to make improvements in customer service of the corporation. This system was put in place in order to come up with a monitoring system that could help in all customer interactions with the company. An example of such a system was known as Service Quality index (SQI) that was designed to record interactions with customers and to quantify all the necessary aspects. The system seeks to answers from customers, like, “was the package damaged when it was delivered”, “was the billing correct?” among others. This system helps in enhancing customer experience with the different units of the corporation. It also led to better improvement of the services, out of the reactions, comments and concerns of the customers.

Analysis of the Current Communication in FedEx


Today, FedEx Corporation owns one of the largest telecommunication systems on the global scale, with thousands of networked computers as well as other handheld gadgets with the ability to record and track shipment products. In addition, FedEx Corporation has a data center that has the ability to process more than 30 million transactions on a daily basis. No other company within the US has such a data center with the ability process this huge amount of data daily. Corporation’s website forms one of the most used platforms that customers and other visitors communicate with the company. Over 8 million visitors register their presence on the site each month, leading to more than 4 million delivery requests on a monthly basis. Website has become an important medium that allows for the all potential customers to easily interact with the company (Vitt, Michael & Stacia 1). Corporation’s important information is readily available on the same platform, something that works to its advantage.

The corporation makes daily shipments of more than six million on a daily; two-thirds of these transactions come from the connection and interaction of many customers over the website. This explains the importance that the website has in enhancing communication with the customers, both current and potential. Success of this company comes from the integration of both old and new communication methods in order to offer the required flexibility in service provision, all of which are geared towards satisfying customers. Website offers existing and potential customers plenty of information regarding products on offer, shipment information, tracking and other expedited services. It is important to note that internet has been the major factor towards growth of this corporation.

Wireless Solutions and Bluetooth

The corporation works hard to ensure innovation of its digital facilities to enhance performance. Some of these initiatives include the use of wireless technology that ensures quick response and tracking of the shipments, Bluetooth as well as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). These wireless technologies help in scanning and tracking shipments while relaying the information in real time within the corporation. Other than within the corporation, the information is easily relayed to the customers in real time. The wireless technology has made it possible to enhance communication between customers and the corporation through efficiency, leading to more productivity of the business.

Package Scanning and Tracking

Wireless technology has made it possible for the corporation to scan and track the whereabouts of the shipment and relay the same information to the customer (Doyle 2). When it comes to tracking, the technology involved entails the use of a super tracker known as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) phones that are web-enabled. Other wireless gadgets include Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) that relay information to customers in terms of their location of the shipment. The use of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) phones is one of the old methods that the corporation still utilizes in order to ensure that drivers use phones with limited internet access in order to communicate with stakeholders. Nevertheless, this technology is also used in conjunction with new technologies like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

FedEx units like FedEx Express and FedEx Ground utilize package scanning technology that helps in the verification of the shipment at different locations. In all cases, each shipment has a specific bar code that identifies it within the system. Therefore, these bar codes are scanned using digital gadgets that relay the same information to the system as well as to the customers. The information from the scan is immediately relayed and stored into the corporation’s website where a customer can log in using a reference number in order to retrieve the current status of the shipment. This information includes the location, the content and other delivery information. This convenience and customer satisfaction comes from the technology that allows for communication with the customers in real time and without delays. The major drive towards the continued innovations towards information system within the FedEx is the need to be accessible and at the same time be visible.

Microsoft power pad is another devise that uses Bluetooth radio in order to relay package information to a destination. This is a pocket device is powered by Microsoft Windows with the ability to scan a shipment, uploading the information contained like stamp and proof of delivery to FedEx Corporation’s website. The power pad has the ability to communicate remotely with a printer contained within the delivery vehicle through radio waves. This gadget has been very instrumental in the retrieval of the current state of a package. This system of relaying information has helped in creating more efficiency in the courier services as well as in creating more package visibility to both FedEx and customers, hence, saving time (Vitt, Michael & Stacia 12).

Digital Pen

FedEx Corporation uses a digital pen that is fixed with a transceiver that can communicate remotely and a camera with the ability to record writing patterns. FedEx’s system then transforms this data into digital information that can never be understood by any customer. This is a real technology that provides security of information by the user as well as making work easier. This information is sent in real time to the system or to a fax machine, as the need may be. However, all the information must be stored in data bank for future reference. One of the advantages of using a digital pen comes in the reduction of paper work. Much of the paper goes into waste when paper is used in such a large corporation. Other problems solved include storage facility limitations and the filing systems. Retrieving digital information is easier than the retrieval of physically filed papers. Time is of essence in such a business and the communication technology makes work easier at FedEx Corporation. This information can be retrieved for internal use within departments, likewise by customers at their convenience.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the current technologies used by FedEx in its operations. This is a wireless technology that helps in transmitting information to the FedEx system in real time. This technology comes out of the handheld devices used in the past by the corporation in its operations. FedEx Ground operation unit of the corporation utilizes this facility than all other units in its operations. The main setup of this technology is to ensure a constant communication between the business and the customer. Therefore, Wireless RFID scans packages and transmits information into the system, making it available for the customer to follow up with the courier services. It is, therefore, an important component of the communication system of FedEx’s business operations.

The use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has made work easier for the company by immensely reducing the amount of inventory. On the same note, it helps in scanning and tracking of different packages, from the data that the communication gadget sends to the system. This data base can easily be accessed by any customer who has a unique reference number of the package.  It is important for anybody who sends a package to keep track of it along the way. For instance, a person in the US sending a certain package to a friend in Japan may like to find out where it is. With the reference number, the person easily keys into FedEx system, where there will information on where the package is. The person easily finds out where the shipment has reached on its way to the destination. This is the benefit of using this digital technology because it provides an opportunity for the customer to keep track of the shipment process easily through the database, rather than making calls and waiting for response directly from the employees of the company.

Shipment Monitoring Using Adobe Air

FedEx technical team work tirelessly to ensure that the all customers are presented with better opportunities that help them experience the convenience while corporation’s services. Presently, more innovations have been made in order to allow for better tracking of shipment at more convenience than the website. In order to achieve this, the company has devised a method that allows for easier monitoring to the customer. This means that communication between the business and the customer during the shipment is made much better. In addition, one of the key endeavors of the company is to ensure that the customer has the opportunity to communicate with the system in an easy mode; without having to be connected to the corporation’s website. For this reason, the corporation has acquired Adobe Flash Platform that includes Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR. This platform has been put in a way to create Rich Internet Application (RIA) that makes it easier to monitor the shipment. This platform also entails FedEx Desktop that makes helps customers to have real time information of the condition of shipment.

This technology stands out to be one of the sophisticated communication technologies to be implemented in courier industry. In effect, communication system in FedEx is more of connectivity rather than destination. The information presented within system presents to the consumer an easy experience because there is no hustle in trying to look for the tracking information inside the website; everything is displayed on the desktop of the customer through the Adobe Flash platform. Previously, a customer could spend much time going into the web in order to peruse in order to find out the condition of the consignment. Moreover, others customers had no choice but to call customer care in order to get information concerning shipments. With the Adobe Flash Platform, customers can keep track of their packages at a glance on the desktop.

An advantage by FedEx Desktop comes from its proactive nature, meaning that it has the ability to notify a customer of the any changes in the shipment information. This means that the application has the ability to collect information and present it to the customer throughout the entire shipment period; until the package reaches its destination. This application provides good information and can be used for both small and large consignments/packages. An importance that Adobe Flex has comes from the fact that it is a simple application that can work both in an offline or online mode. Moreover, it can also relay information in mobile modes, something that brings convenience to both the business and customer. It is an important method that the business interacts with the external environment (Vitt, Michael & Stacia 12). This interaction has helped the business involve customers in its operations at local, regional and global scale, helping to improve services. Another factor in this mode of communication is that all customers have an equal chance of accessing information from any part of the world, whether online or offline.

FedEx’s Global Email Platform

FedEx Corporation still emails in to make communication with customers. The significance of using emails can be seen in the amount of information sent to clients and potential customers (FedEx Corporation 1). This system is organized in a way that it provides the needed speed, efficiency as well as the agility within the operations. In order to send millions of emails across all the 220 countries of operation, there was need to develop a plan on how to make such an initiative cost effective and efficient, otherwise it would take ages for everyone to get a message. Some of the communication involves sending promotional information to all prospective customers, sending delivery messages, sending welcome messages to new account holders among others.

In order to achieve its objectives, FedEx has partnered with Acxiom Email Marketing Services platform in order to manage bulk mails in a single engine. Success of implementing this project within the US prompted FedEx to central all its email services on the same platform. Having a single global agency has helped the corporation save on costs, at the same time helping in achieving standardization when it comes to policy making (FedEx Corporation 2). In the past, the corporation engaged different vendors in order to provide email services to its clients, something that made it hard to have a common standard for operations. Email execution by Acxiom has made it easy for the corporation to act with speed and urgency when the situation demands. This means that bulk and targeted emails can be sent with accuracy and speed to the customers and prospects in order to pass the intended messages. FedEx Corporation enjoys Acxiom’s immense knowledge of the different regions of the world, with specific spam and privacy laws that go with it. The system also has a rich database with profiles and targeted reviews that helps in identifying prospects and other potential customers.

On the same note, the system ensures that all deliveries are accompanied by specific confirmations through mails. With this, the corporation makes accurate and targeted communication with customers and prospects. This utilization of the digital platform makes it easier for the corporation to cut on communication expenses. Email platform is also used for targeted marketing campaign be sending messages that seek to put FedEx on top of all competitors. In the recent past, FedEx has implemented what is known as Customer Service Innovation (CSI) that send specific email messages to all visitors after consulting customer care representatives. All such email messages are tailored according to the enquiries made by the visitor, with an aim of making certain offers at the same time. This communication strategy helps the corporation in continuing with interaction, even after a potential customer has finished making enquiries (Vitt, Michael & Stacia 12). Such emails follow shortly after an interaction with a representative, either through a chat or a phone call. One important aspect of these emails is the fact that they are customized and targeted in order to make specific communications with the existing as well as with potential customers. Success of this form of communication has been seen in the amount of open rates and the number of clicks on the sent email messages. In addition, the number of opens from other devices like mobile phones has increased in number with each passing time, thus proving the success of email in communication by FedEx Corporation.

Business Intelligent Drivers

Business Intelligent is a technique that entails a computer gathering all the relevant information, making an analysis and presenting information to the relevant authorities. The system can easily present sales information concerning sales in terms of the revenue collected for each product and in each department. This system is important in ensuring that past, present and predictive future state of doing business is available for everyone. Decision makers use such information in order to formulate strategies that will work for the corporation. The information for the Business Intelligent Drivers is collected from different stakeholders of the business like customers, the various departments of the company and other sources outside this business confine.

FedEx bases all its strategies on the needs of customers, meaning that the corporation must embark on business intelligent by first stating the needs of customers before gathering information. After which, gathering information begins from different sources like open sources that include the internet, books as well as newspapers. On the same note, closed sources include some of the sources that require permission to access. After collection of all relevant data, it is now the turn of the analyst to make an identification of all relevant data in order to identify all the parameters of the company. The analyzed data must be disseminated as quickly as possible to all relevant departments for proper action and decision making. As stated above, FedEx values interaction with customers, therefore, the corporation ensures that as much information as possible is with the clients and the same time, it collects as much data as possible in order to develop products that seek to solve different problems.

The information from Business Intelligent system in FedEx is used by both managers and business experts to make certain decisions for the benefit of the corporation. This comes from the fact that Business Intelligent has the ability to give a clear picture of the situation of the corporation. Mostly, managers use this information to make decisions that seek to lower cost doing business by adopting some of the efficient methods. Putting in place such a system has made it easier for operations within and without the corporation. Efficiency has led to adoption of efficient practices towards cutting the cost and maximizing revenue.

Internal Communication within FedEx Corporation

Internal communication plays a major when it comes to creating an atmosphere of success in an organization. Information should be able to move from all relevant departments and persons of interest with efficiency and without confusion. On the same note, proper communication system has the ability to encourage growth through motivational applications. One of the notable things at present is the speedy changes in the manner of conducting business, especially with the need to adopt and embrace technology in communication. FedEx has remained a relevant market player in the courier industry due to the proper communication system within the global corporation, as well as communication with clients and prospects as shown above.

Intranet Software

FedEx has a well-designed intranet system that has all the departments and individual portals. With this, all employees are able to use the same interface to access all relevant information. In the sections above, the use of different gadgets have been explained, much of which relay real-time information to the company’s system, from where relevant employees easily access. A single portal has helped FedEx in ensuring that all relevant information and announcements are posted for all employees to access. On the same note, the intranet has portals for different departments that help in enhancing the flow of information and avoiding information breakdown. The single portal has all the relevant information for all persons in a way that can be accessed by the new employees. Most importantly, communication requires lots of record keeping, something that may seem very cumbersome if it involves paper work. FedEx has been able to avoid such paperwork by the use of a secure intranet system where all information is readily available. Important news is easily sent to all employees through platform, rather than using email that may pile and fail to be noticed (FedEx Corporation 1).

Social Media

On the same note, the intranet has tools that enhance private and group chats while at work. This facility enables employees with a specific task to connect and for job execution without experiencing some disconnect. Also, they do not need to have a physical meeting in order to plan themselves. There are also discussion forums where employees take time to discuss the current trends in the market and to keep up with the changes. Earlier, it was mentioned that the corporation has a system where training manuals are readily available for all the employees who would like to use. The system is in such a way that the video manuals can be accessed by employees. The corporation is bid; however, the communication system within the organization makes it easy for the managers to monitor what happens in all operations. This is also enhanced by the technological advancements that the corporation has put in place.

FedEx is one of the corporations that encourage the use of social media within the organization, something that has led to many of the employees creating forums and becoming brand ambassadors in their different capacities. This can explain the awards to the corporation as the most admired company in the US for some years. The environment created makes it easy cultivate transparency and accountability in all operations (FedEx Corporation 1). Adopting and encouraging the use of social media within this corporation has created an environment where employees have the freedom to make experiments, share ideas and come up with new innovations that help in running the business.

Wireless Technology

As mentioned above, wireless technology has become an important tool in daily operations of the company. For instance, drivers have to make constant communication with other supervisors in order to keep track of the packages. At the same time, tracking gadgets are used to ensure that customers have real-time information of the whereabouts of shipments.


FedEx Corporation is a successful US multinational that continues to do well at the moment. Communication has been an important part in contributing to the growth of this business, from operations within the US to over 220 countries in the world. The corporation has put in place some of the latest communication technologies in order to create the efficiency for the business. As stated, it is apparent that internet is one of the important technologies that have brought the communication revolution in FedEx Corporation. It has made communication it easier to make faster communication between the business, customers and prospects with information available in corporation’s database.  Corporation’s website welcomes millions of visitors each month with two thirds of all shipments coming from the online orders. Moreover, the wireless digital technology like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the current means of communication that helps in making it easier for the business to gather information about of packages and relaying it to the business as well as the customers. The use of latest systems like Adobe Flash platform offers a real time interaction that connects the whole FedEx system and the customer can get updates while online or offline on a desktop. Just to reiterate that FedEx’s courier business is based on customer satisfaction, necessitating the need to develop some of the best innovation geared towards developing their trust and confidence.

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