Sample Essay on Future Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineering entails efficient and effective utilization of machine tools, software technologies, resources, scientific concepts, and math for optimal output at minimal costs. This means that industrial engineers are responsible for managing systems in varied fields such as manufacturing, government occupations, entertainment centers, and health care among others. As such, I believe that with my educational objectives, resources, and outcomes/activities, I would be a successful industrial engineer in future.

The three main objectives I intend to accomplish include leadership, employment, and educational advancement. Firstly, I aspire to be a practicing industrial engineer in three to five years after I graduate from Tech College. As an employee, I will focus in areas such as design, testing, development, manufacturing, research and consultations. I believe this will equip me with the necessary expertise and experience in this field. Secondly, I also intend to assume leadership responsibilities and positions in any organization that offers me employment. As a manager, I hope to efficiently apply business and ethical practices in resource management. I hope to achieve this within 6 to 9 years of employment. Finally, I plan to advance my studies and pursue other related courses such as business. This will expand my prowess in the overall management and application of engineering skills. I hope to achieve this within two to four years even if it means studying on a part time basis.

In relation to resources, I plan to utilize the library, laboratory, lecturers, and mentors in order to realize these objectives. The library will be a useful resource for engineering research while mentors will show me the right direction to follow. On the other hand, the laboratory will serve as a starting point for gaining experience with the help of my lecturers. Additionally, I plan in engaging in school activities that include vying for leadership vacancies, participating in contests, and being an active member of the engineering club. I hope to achieve this within the four years of my study.

With knowledge and experience in industrial engineering, I hope to develop innovative systems that are technologically driven and efficient. I believe it is possible to achieve these objectives with passion, focus, and determination.