Sample Essay on Gender impacts on Social conformity

Gender impacts on social conformity

The gender of a human being is generally defined as the masculinity or the femininity of a person; that is, a male or female. According to sociology, a person’s gender does not necessarily rely on an individual’s biological sex, but also his or her behavioral aspects. In light of this, there are some behaviors that the society expects to conform to a man or a woman.  The social construct of gender affects or rather impacts how a person behaves at each stage of growth. Personally, my characteristics and life decisions can be traced back to how I grew according to the social settings. Therefore, this essay delineates my personal life in relation to social conformity and my life decisions.

By the age of five, my father had purchased the books Amazing Spiderman and Batman. These books contain fictional stories of certain people who have super powers to save people who are in dire needs. Similarly, the toys included trucks and police vehicles or even army vehicles. It also dawned on me that anytime we watched TV my decisions were respected by everyone in the house. As a result, my parents had instilled the superiority feeling and control that I was a man. Actually, by the age of two, sociology asserts that children have already acquired gender identity. For example, they already know clothes that belong to boys and those for girls. Having trucks, army toys and reading super power fictional books started shaping the society expectations from a man.

As I grew up, the issue of gender and responsibilities became significant each day. My father discouraged me from attending kitchen roles but advised on tough roles such as helping him repair his car. When the system broke down in the house such as electrical fault, water system, and kitchen sink among others, he always dragged me to aid in restoring them. As a man, the cultural and social settings expect thatyou should be able to handle manual work and be able to defend the female directly related to you. Phrases such as “ladies first” shape how the society addresses a person due to his or her gender. In cases of unfortunate occurrences such as wars, people tend to save children and women first. A woman battering is punishable by law while when a lady batters a man it is a shame in the society. These are the social aspects that are directly linked with gender characterization. In high school, I did well in social sciences and languages, but a flop in pure sciences. This did not augur well with my parents and teachers as they requested me to perform better in pure sciences.

Similarly, most of the boys played football as their co-curricular activity. The same incident occurred when joining the tertiary institution. At least my parents were flexible enough to respect my decision; however, relatives always talked of medicinal and engineering courses which were far from my choice. This was the reason parents bought me trucks as toys and made me read Amazing Spiderman so that I can see the superiority complex conformed to masculinity. My career choice was also influenced by my peers who wanted to do a course that is superior and reflects masculinity. However, in spite of these subtle pressures I stood up my ground and did a course of my choice. Although the pressures in accordance to gender may seem insignificant, they are still there and affect people adversely.