Sample Essay on General Hypothesis of 3PE Model


The study is intended to clear uncertainties on a general hypothesis of whether 3PE model can lead to improvement in the delivery in full performance. Using CouriersPlease operation in Melbourne as the point of research, the study intends to focus on three key issues that include how 3PE model should be used to improve the delivery the delivery in full operation of CouriersPlease operations in Melbourne. Secondly, the factors that affect the delivery in full performance of CouriersPlease Operation, and thirdly, the risk involved in not achieving the target delivery in full performance considering current and suggested vehicle routes. Besides these three elements, a system Support Engineering framework will be used to calculate and monitor improvement of performance of the assets operation. Through assessing the risks associated with routine Couriers please vehicle, the study intends to improve delivery in full performance in Melbourne’s operation. In order to address the key issues amicably, reliable literature review will provide a base upon which the research arguments will be built. The research design makes use of both qualitative and quantitative approach to get important information. Quantitative data from the company itself will provide sufficient information background that that will be used to gauge the delivery in full performance of CouriersPlease Operation. Qualitative data will be obtained from surveying the transportation fleet and interviewing the managers of CouriersPlease.


Several attributes are needed in order to improve delivery in full performance. However, the main idea is that constant communication between people and systems plays a key role in ensuring effective delivery in full performance. This is only assured through continuous assessment of risk that blurs effective delivery. It is certain that ignorance to risk assessment is the main cause of failure. Assessing risk in vehicle route on performance based logistic based on 3PE model improves the DIF performance significantly. The 3PE model offers three framework models with three same elements in different levels. The three elements that include people, process, and product, interact and change within a certain business environment. The interaction between the three elements provides three interfaces, which include product verse process, process verses people, and people versus product.

In order to achieve improved performance, and efficient communication between the needs, necessary elements should be properly established. Efficiency and effectiveness of communication is ensured through use of suitable methods, tools, and procedures. However, the strategic transformation will ensure improved performance based on the management level. The management determines the level of operation in the organization based of their decisions.

The importance of assessing risk associated with routing helps in improving the decision making process, which helps in improving service delivery. The compliance with risk management is a key factor in measuring organizational performance. This is achieved through effective assessment of the risks that are involved in the operation process. This study provides a delivery improvement strategy through assessment on the risks associated with routine Couriersplease vehicle. After conducting the assessment of the risks involved in the operation process, it becomes easier for the organization to choose and determine the best procedure, which can be used for service delivery.

The great experience provided by CouriersPlease Company provides suitable information, which helps to achieve the objective of the study. 3PE model plays a key role in identifying the most reasonable approach that can be employed to ensure improvement in service delivery in full performance. The nature of the delivery channel determines how effect the delivery route can be. There are great risks associated with not achieving the desirable target delivery in full performance which include loses and poor utilization of resource.