Sample Essay on Health Behavior Assessment and Modification Project

Health Behavior Assessment and Modification Project

Summary 1

In an article “Assessment of Lifestyle and Eating Habits Among Undergraduate Students in Northern Italy,” Lupi et al. found that students who lived at home have totally different eating habits from those who lived away from home. For instance, those students who lived home ate healthy meals such as cooked and raw vegetables, fresh fruits, bread/cereals, meat, poultry, and fish. However, those who lived in school or away from home tend to consume more of packed food, chips and milk and also drank beer and spirits (Lupi et al 154). Because of this diet, they have higher incidences of weight conditions compared to those students who were living with their family.

It is evident that as students spend more of their time at school or at the university their quality of life is affected by their poor their eating habits. In this regard, there is a need to create awareness about healthy diets among college students. The authors found that there are considerable efforts to encourage a healthy lifestyle among students; including emphasis on eating varied healthy and balanced diets. However, there are forms of interventions that have been directly employed to ensure that the model of healthy and balanced dietary is practiced among this kind of population.

My target health behaviors would be to ensure that I practice healthy eating habits while in school to avoid having weight issues and other diet-related complications. For instance, I will avoid smoking and ensure that I consume more vegetables instead of feeding on chips and other fast foods on a daily basis. These are some of the healthy eating behaviors that I intend to employ to live a healthy lifestyle.

Summary 2

In “Effects of Nutrition and Exercise Health Behaviors on Predicted Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Among Workers with Different Body Mass Index Levels,” Huang et al. found that nutrition behavior played a crucial role in predicting the rate at which an individual is at the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. However, there is a possibility to improve the cardiovascular health of workers by promoting health strategies that suits various BMI levels (Huang et al 4665). The dangers related to cardiovascular disease are severe because it can lead to disabilities among individuals who have been through atherothrombtic even or in some occasions result in death.

The main causes of cardiovascular disease is when a person is not practicing appropriate eating behavior or when they place themselves through poor working habits such as long working hours and also occupational stress. Some of the methods that are being used to help minimize cardiovascular disease among health workers through health promotion programs whereby the workers are taught effective nutritional habits and they are also encouraged to exercise regularly to reduce their risk of obesity (Huang et al 4666). At the same time, those workers who are underweight or obese should also maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising to reduce their risks of acquiring cardiovascular diseases.

After going through this article, I resolved to eat healthy and to set aside time to exercise to improve my BMI to avoid being at the risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease.

Summary 3

In “Obesity and Management of Weight Loss,” Yeh et al. found that through the help of various weight-loss medications approved for adults, it is easier for a person to live a healthy lifestyle. However, the drugs should only be given to individuals who have tried losing weight but have not without significant results. The authors also emphasize that the person should set a realistic weight-loss goal. This is important because it is the only way in which a person can consider maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, the doctor can decide to recommend that the patient begins modifying their lifestyle while using the FDA-approved drug to help improve their health (Yeh et al. 118). However, researchers have also found nonpharmacologic therapies to be just as effective. Through proper eating habits, it is possible for a person to maintain a long-term efficacy and to prevent various cardiovascular diseases.  It is important to have a plan and a proper goal to monitor the strategies that one uses to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This should be associated with a shared decision from the medical practitioners.

My own target healthy behavior after reading this article is to ensure that I remain safe by improving my eating habits. I intend to achieve this by regularly exercising to prevent gaining excess weight.