Sample Essay on High technology business

Hi-Tech Business

High technology business is concentrates on technology that is at the maturity or advanced stage. The industry is prone to technological advancement. It means that businesses must keep on updating their systems to align to the new technology development. Industrial sectors affected by technology advancement include aerospace, biotechnology, computer science, nanotechnology, robotics, telecommunications, semiconductors, photonics, information technology, computer engineering, artificial intelligence, automotive and nuclear physics. Due to the nature of businesses volatility, companies engaged in this business are observed to compete unfavorably. In most cases, these companies engage in competition as an attempt of outdoing their competitors or enhancing their public image in the market. Any company investing in this business takes the highest risk ever. This is because of the fact that the industry is faced with high risks and at the same time presents an opportunity of making the highest profit.

Most of the companies in the world have developed high interest for the industry. The industry is among the highest income earning sectors of economy in the world. It has also affected other sectors in the economy such as manufacturing and agricultural (Harris, 2011). These sectors are using technology to facilitate their production and manufacturing efforts. Technology helps in reducing the cost of operation and enhances communication. However, due to technological advancement sectors such as agriculture are finding it hard to purchase a particular technology. Instead, they are going for lease contracts because with the rate of technology advancement one can buy something today and within no time, it is rendered obsolete. Sophisticated machines that are developed for use in these sectors lead to some positive and negative effects. Some of the positive effect includes reducing the cost of labor by replacing workers, performs better and saves time. On the other hand, it has rendered some workers jobless. With the use of machines, an organization will require few trained workers to operate the machines therefore retrenching some of the other employees who are in excess.

Competition in High Technology Industry

Competition in this sector is extremely intense to an extent of discouraging new entrants or startup companies from investing in the industry. Those companies that have already established themselves in this sector include institutions such as Google, apple, blackberry, Samsung and Microsoft. One of the reasons as to why these companies engage in labor competition is the high demand for specialized labor. This sector requires highly skilled employees who can be in a position to work on projects. Therefore, companies in this sector compete for the limited labor to an extent of soliciting them from their competitor’s premises. This kind of competition is known as cold calling. Specialized workers can be able to provide innovative ideas that can improve the company’s situation or products. The tactic used by the companies in this industry aims at revealing the competitor’s strategy it is using to face competition in the market. Employees who are cold called from a company’s competitor help the company to analyze their competitors in terms of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. They will employ a destructive strategy to face their competitor’s, which in real sense intensifies competition in the market.

Another reason for high competition in the industry is the presence of enormous innovators and entrepreneurs (Patent Law Institute, Nemec, White, & Practising Law Institute, 2012). They strive to clinch at the top of the industry.  Big companies have an advantage in the market when selling their products. This kind of cutthroat competition forces some of the companies out of the game, as they are not able to cope up with the competition. Entering into these markets is much easier than in other markets that involve many processes. This is the reason behind the high presence of new entrepreneurs and innovators who come in with new ideas. It leads to the volatility of the market due to innovative service delivery. The following graph shows the rates of unemployment and the average salaries of employees engaged in this sector.

From the above figure, it can be seen that the unemployment rate is becoming high despite the growing computer, information and technology market. Many students are graduating with science, engineering, technology and mathematic degrees but only few of them are engaged in the information and technology business. This is one of the contributing factors for the shortage of experts in the market.

Patent Laws in Computer Industry

There are several laws that control the infringement of right in this sector. Article 27 of trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights (TRIPS) stipulates that patent is applied in situations of innovations be it a product or a process, provided it is new and has involved innovative and invention steps. This is provided in all the fields of technology so long as the invention can be applied in the industry. Patent is granted to the inventing party without discrimination so that they can enjoy protection from infringement (Patent Law Institute, Nemec, White, & Practising Law Institute,, 2014). However the laws have some provision for inventions that protect human life like diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic are exempted from this laws. Another article that talks about patent right is article 10 of trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights which talks about the computer programs. They are regarded as innovations that are covered under the law of copyright. This enhances the right to own innovative ideas and programs in the computer industry.

Effect of Ant Competition Lawsuits to the Customers

Lawsuits drag the industry back and discourage invention that would bring products that are more sophisticated in the industry. This makes the available products too expensive for the consumers to purchase. An example of such technological advancement was the invention of apple’s tablets and its introduction into the market. It fetched the highest price in the market, an action that meant consumers were required to pay more for than product than it would have be required if competition was not limited to patent rights. In most cases lawsuit brings in stalemate in the industry, where innovators and entrepreneurs desist from coming up with advanced technology due to fear of lawsuits. Most of the companies in this sector own more than one thousand patent rights that mean it is very easy for anyone to infringe into their patent rights unknowingly. Customers are limited to the available technology, which may be experiencing some shortcomings.

Effects of Ant Competition Lawsuits to the Company

Companies suffer from huge losses when they are fined for infringing into patent rights belonging to other institutions. This hinders their growth since they have no space to exercise their innovative ideas and technology. Some of the startup companies that may offer solution on the current problems facing computer industry shy away from investing. This is because if the bottle-neck competition exhibited in the industry and the patent rights that protects big companies from similar inventions.

The Way Forward For This Industry

Moving forward in this industry requires that the patents laws be abolished, so that creative and innovative individuals can move into the industry (Bookbinder, 2011). This will create favorable competition that will eventually lead to lower cost of acquiring technologically advanced products. It ensures that small and medium companies are incorporated in the system, which will contribute to the development of the industry. The industry is very attractive to entrepreneurs because it earns them huge profits. This is the reason as to why big companies impose rules and regulation in terms of patent rights so that they operate on monopolistic market. This market is a monopolistic competitive market where few big companies operates the market and makes decision on behalf of the market. They make decisions concerning issues such as prices, quantity and quality. Market forces of demand and supply does not influence the prices of technological products. A situation that makes the consumers attain the product at the highest price possible set by the producers.

Artificial Intelligent

It is that intelligence demonstrated by items such as software’s and machines. Artificial intelligence is viewed as a process of creating an agent that is able to scrutinize the surrounding to produce good results. Intelligence used in this case has led to the production of sophisticated machines that can multi task producing excellent results. These machines detect motion through their inbuilt intelligence incorporated in the system. The process involved in creation of artificial intelligence machines is extremely specialized and technical to meet the desired expectations by the manufacturer. The process is divided into smaller parts that deal with specific items. This ensures that the production process attains the highest accuracy possible. Artificial intelligence involves actions such as knowledge, learning, perception, natural language processing, planning and reasoning. In order to conduct businesses, artificial intelligence requires one to use tools such as logic, economics methods, mathematical optimization and search. These tools are associated with the following fields of study: mathematics, linguistics, neuroscience, and philosophy and computer science. Some of the studies conducted especially in mathematics have resulted into the development of digital electronic computer, which can be programmed. Another example of the application of artificial intelligence is in the production of Xbox 360. The company applied algorithm motion that is responsible for having 3D images on the screen.

Interaction with artificial intelligence in daily life

Human being in one way or another interacts with artificial intelligence in their day-to-day work. This is because of the fact that artificial intelligence has been applied in the production of many items that we normally use (Crespo, 2010). Example of things manufactured using artificial intelligence are television sets, smart phones, automatic vehicles, calculators and computers. We use these objects on a daily basis. Smartphone games have dominated the market in the recent past. It has also increased competition in gaming business, which uses algorithm programs on the display. Flat screen television sets uses the idea of algorithm to display images. This makes it possible for the viewers to have a more appealing complexity of the images. In the industrial sectors, robots are used to perform duties such as lifting items in a company. Human beings previously did these duties. Therefore, they replaced human beings as they are more efficient in the way they perform their duties. An example of robots used by companies is kismet, which is programmed with skills such as rudimentary social skills (Pearce, 2011). These social skills help the robot to process, recognize, simulate and interpret situations just like human beings. Digital cameras used by human beings detect motion which is a product of the artificial intelligence program. In addition, artificial intelligence is applied in the production of surgical and theatre machines and equipments used in hospitals for treating patients. One of the robots used in the industries is shown below.

Figure2 represents kismet robot that can detect human emotions.

Kismet robot is built with inbuilt social intelligence that helps it to detect and predict human effects. Robots are very useful in sectors such as motor assembly industries where they join different parts. They are perfect in their work and do not get tired when carrying out their duties unlike human beings who get bored for performing their duties repeatedly. This means that they are efficient and produce more units in a day. Comparing robots to human beings, we find that robots are more efficient and cheap to operate.

Tasks Assigned To Artificial Intelligent Programs

Artificial intelligence performs many tasks in the day-to-day activities carried out by man. They are used in hospital to perform operations such as surgical. This program ensures that patients undergo an operation without human errors that in most cases has lead to loss of life. Research and development programs are responsible for the new technology advancement in the fields of science. They manufacture products that enhance human life. One of the programs that artificial intelligence has been able to successfully carry out is the visit to the airspace. Scientist used artificial intelligence to built airship that was used to transport human being to planets such as mars. Cameras are mounted on the airship so that they can collect information. They send that information to the control centers which analysis the data and make decisions (Poole & Mackworth, 2010). Therefore, these programs have led to the discovery and development of new ways of doing things.

Software’s runs the computer and controls the activities of a company. The work of artificial intelligence in this case is to coordinate activities in the company so that it creates harmony. These machines complement each other producing the best results. In data mining artificial intelligent is responsible for collecting, searching, storing and retrieving data. Data storage for a company is one of the most important and crucial part that is a key determinant of success. Managers and decision makers use this information to perform strategic duties that guides the organization performance. They set standard performance for their employees. In a production set up, artificial intelligence programs are used to detect faults, count units and make production decisions. These decisions are very essential because it is possible to prevent production of substandard goods while at the same time solve a problem when it occurs as it raises an alarm.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Our Lives

Artificial intelligence has affected the lives of human beings in so many ways. This is because of its application in many fields that form part of human life. In the entertainment industry, artificial intelligence has enabled production of sophisticated products such as Smartphone gaming. Gaming using Smartphone applications helps to increase pleasure and make life to be enjoyable. Man is not lonely and can communicate with anybody in the globe using sophisticated gadgets developed by the help of artificial intelligence programs. In most of the organizations in the world today, meetings are held using video conferencing. It makes it possible for an individual to attend a meeting from a far distance. The inbuilt artificial intelligence programs that execute commands facilitate using computer to perform either domestic or industrial work. Machine translation is another impact of the program to our lives. This is because of the fact that machines conducts duties with high speed and use little time. If human beings were to do the same job they would take ages to complete the work (Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence, In Reis, & In Cascalho, 2013). It creates efficiency and effectiveness in industrial and domestic application. In the field of health, artificial intelligence is extremely important. Operation activities in health sector are possible by the use of sophisticated machines. Some diseases that human beings suffer from makes them become impaired in some ways. These effects are averted by conducting operations, which is facilitated by the use of artificial intelligence. This has enabled and enhanced efforts to improve human beings livelihood.

Users of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is largely applied in industries especially in the production sector. They use it to control processes and activities in the organization. Coordination of activities and multitasking are just some of the characteristics of these programs. Other major users of artificial intelligence are the computer industry. They use it to develop sophisticated gadgets that utilize advanced technology. Some of the examples of these companies include Microsoft’s, apple and Samsung. These companies’ utilizes artificial intelligence programs in their manufacturing activities for their products. Apple used algorithm to manufacture apple tablets that give a completely pleasant experience to users. Other big users of these programs are the army who applies drone technology in their fighting encounter. Those companies that manufacture them, which they use in war, supply them with drone systems.

Future for Artificial Intelligence

Development in technological advancement makes the future to be unpredictable in the sense that no one knows the next development that will be in place. Stephen hawking idea of the end of human race due to development of artificial intelligence is based on the rate at which sophisticated products are being produced. The rate at which products such as drone systems that is capable of causing huge destructions to the environment is very high. This means that products capable of exterminating human lives are being manufactured at a high rate, an action that posse’s danger to human life (Shi, 2011). I also concur with Stephen hawking idea that the world is at a great danger with the development of sophisticated war machines. However, not everybody think that Stephen hawking is right and some scientist argues that advancement in the artificial intelligence programs presents an opportunity for development and enhances human being lives. Their view is that artificial intelligence should not be limited to any extent when it comes to technological development. There are so many benefits of engaging in a continuous development of artificial intelligent. One of them is that it creates competition, which leads to the development of gadgets that help human beings perform their duties in a proper manner. Another benefit is that it enhances human life, where it raises the living standards. On the other hand, the life of man is at a great danger of being destroyed due to complications associated with the use of these programs. Death is also at the fingertips while using these facilities. Environment pollution is also at the high edge that means depletion of the ozone layer.























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