Sample Essay on How does BMW introduce the BMW i3 to Ireland


BMW has been providing luxurious cars with ingenious designs for almost a century. Formed in 1916, under the name Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke(BFW). Later on in 1917, it adopted the name Bavarian Motor Works and used the two colors (blue and white) of the court of arms of the Bavarian. The company started with the manufacture of motor cycles in 1923 and later in 1928, their first car was established. According to Mbwette(2013,p.1), BMW manufactures about 1 141 283 automobiles each year. The company produces three notable brands including BMW, Rolls Royce and Mini. However, BMW is the most popular brand among the three. Over the years, BMW has invested their resources to developing high performance models, which are energy efficient and environment conscious. Furthermore, they have made notable changes on the interior of their cars to develop a comfortable and user-friendly environment.

One of their newest models is BMW i3, which is an electric car. The five door car designed for cruising the urban, is among the automobiles in the BMW’s  project  i. The car was first launched in 2014 but it has taken around 4 years. The concept was put forward in 2011 at the International Motor Show Germany. Production would start later on July 2013.  By September, BMW  had commenced the mass production of the electric car.  First retail deliveries were made in November 2013 and after the model was introduced in the US on May 2014.  Upon introduction, BMW i3 was able to achieve position three of all the electric cars sold across the world (White, 2013).


Scope and Objective

The BMW are on the verge of introducing BMW i3 to Ireland.  Over the past years, as fuel prices shoot up, most motorists want a car that combines exceptional performance, efficiency and sustainability. BMW i3 is an electric car, which has zero emissions (Lee and Lovellette , 2011), uses less energy and offers excellent driving experience (Todd, Chen and Clogston, 2013) This sales proposal introduces the model to the Ireland’s automobile market, by discussing its features, benefits and its unique selling points. It also identifies the competitors‘ products in the market, their features and benefits and the way they compare with i3.The presentation also includes questions and objections, which the prospects might have. In addition, there is the closing technique and follow up strategies (White, 2013).


BMW i3 features

BMW i3 comes with a load of excellent features for car enthuasists. To begin with, its performance on the road is amazing, owing to its 168bhp electric motor, which powers the urban car.  The motor is able to power the electric car to reach a speed of 93mph.  Being a BMW model, it maintains its agility and responsiveness when one is driving, even with its tall gait and narrow silhoutte. The steering wheel is built strong, to ensure firm handling.  On its exterior, the car features a carbonfiber construction, which maintains the durability of the car but also sieves the noise that is associated with most electric cars. The car carries a design of a hatchback, which enhances its performance.  In terms of protection, the i3 scored four stars in the Euro NCAP crash assessment.  The car also comes with six airbags and stability control, for added safety and protection (Carr, 2015).

At the front, the cabin is spacious, since the gear selector and the central handbrake are fixed on the steering column.  There are two TFTs for the infotainment information and satnav. The iDrive controller makes its handling easier. Other equipments that come in the package include audio controls on the steering column, rear packing sensors, DAB radio, USB, climate control and aux-in sockets (Neil, 2013).



The BMW i3 is a spacious car, very suitable for families. The cabin can host four persons. The car is designed with adequate legroom and enough space for carrying luggage, made available by its extender design.  What more, the car accelerates fast , which reduces the amount of energy and effort used by the motorist. The car also have strong brakes, which allow great handling and engine performance.  Just as its exterior, the interior  is trendy and comfortable. From the cushioned leather seats to the inclining capabilities of the seats, the i3 promises optimal comfort and elegance (Flavin, 2015).


Unique Selling Points

The BMW i3 is quieter than its competitors in Ford, Chevrolet and Nissan, all thanks to its low rpm torque, contrary to most electric motors. Besides, while the i3 weighs about 3135 pounds, which is high for an electric car, it is 200 pounds lesser than the Nissan Leaf. Thirdly, the flat pedal acceleration moves to 60mph in only 7 seconds.  This is fast considering that most cars take around 10 seconds (McAleer, 2014).


Vauxhall Ampera Features

Vauxhall Ampera is an electric car by General Motors. It is a close competitor for the BMW i3, distributed in UK, US and Ireland among other places in the world. It is powered by an electric motor of 148 bhp but has a generator and four-cylinder gasoline engine, to energize it when the batteries are exhausted.  It also have an optimal cruising range, due to the petrol engine. It has a 300 mile range. Most of its interior is made of plastics, which is one of its downside.  It features a small design, which only hosts four seats.  The  car has a small cargo area and the interior is not roomy.  In addition, the car has two displays, DAB radio, alloy wheels and reversing camera (Griffin, 2014).



Vauxhall Ampera enables the motorist to continue cruising even when the batteries are exhausted. This sets it apart from the pure electric cars, which lack the combustion-engine. The car offers comfortable and steady driving experience along the road but it is a bit unsettling over some bumbs. Nonetheless, it is a great ride for urban roads and streets as well as on highways. Its wide tires gave the car more stability, especially when going around corners and roundabouts (Griffin, 2014).

Unique Selling Points

The combustion engine in Vauxhall Ampera, removes the fear that motorists have over pure electric cars. It is also a smaller model (Griffin, 2014).


Questions for the prospects

  • What features matter most for the prospect when considering the car?
  • What governs the prospects buying decision, does the brand matter?
  • What accessories would the prospect want or need in a car?
  • Apart from features and accessories, what other aspects must a car have?
  • Does the prospect have a budget for the car?


Questions by the prospects

How efficient  is the BMW i3?

The BMW i3 uses an electric motor of 168 bhp. The car is pure electric. This means that it uses less energy. The car has been proven to produce zero emmissions. Therefore, apart from being energy efficient, the car is also eco-freindly (Squatriglia, 2011).


What does the  BMW offer that is not  present in other models?

BMW i3 accelerates fast upon  initiation. It is able to reach up to 60 mph within 7 seconds.  Rival electric cars only attain this speed range after 10 seconds (Neil, 2013).


How safe is the  BMW i3?

The BMW i3 is designed with a couple of safety features including air bags and reversing sensors. These features come in handy when an accident happens or when reversing in a place where nobody is around to guide the motorist (Carr, 2015).



The BMW i3 costs more than most entry level cars in the category.

Of course, BMW i3 cannot be placed under the cheap cars category. It costs around $20000. The car is expensive but with good reasons. Looking at the rivals including Vauxhall Ampera, Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet electric model, they lack the high acceleration of the BMW i3. Besides, it also have a large design, which offers adequate room for the passangers and the cargo (Carr, 2015).


Hinged doors at the rear are a bad addition.

The BMW i3 rear doors are hinged but their operation is a bit smooth. Hence, there is no cause of worry, when one is carrying the passengers at the rear (Flavin, 2015).

BMW i3 scores 4 stars on its safety test.

The pedestrian safety has not been ascertained fully by the BMW i3 based on the test. However, that does not mean that the car is not safe . The present safety features are evidence of how much the car is safe. It expected that more improvements on the car occupant’s safety (Carr, 2015).


Closing presentation

BMW i3 is a innovative model, which is bent on offering excellent performance, unmatched efficiency and environmental sustainability. For motorists in Ireland looking for advanced driving experience and a stylish modern design, BMW i3 is a great choice (White, 2013).  BMW has streamlined its shopping platforms and shipping systems to ensure timely deliveries (Mbwette, 2013).


Follow up

The BMW sales team will follow the prospect after the sale, to ensure that they are satisfied. The follow up will be made through email and phone call.  According to Carr (2015), the BMW i3 comes with a warranty, which will allow the prospect to make claims upon recieving the car.


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