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Human Rights Violations


Human rights dictates the dos and Don’ts of any person and sets limits with regards to the responsibility of one individual to another (Kanmony, 2010, P. 23). In the world over, there has been many instances in which human rights violations have taken toll. This is right from the massive terrorist and acts of terrorism, human trafficking, denial of children’s rights through education, sexual offences, slavery and slave trade, just to mention a few. The United Nations (UN) and other non – governmental agencies such as FIDA are organs which are responsible for ensuring that human rights are not violated. This paper, is meant to meticulously address the need for human rights and reasons as to why human rights should not be violated. Moreover, it goes deeper analyzing the various forms of human rights violations and the repercussions of such violations.


The greatest human rights violation was seen in Germany at the time of the dictator, Adolf Hitler. Six million Jews lost their lives because of bad politics and poor governance. The cold murder of these Jews did not solve the problems that the Germans had, in fact, their problems were escalated. The diplomatic relationship between the west and East Germany became compromised as nations gathered to show their distaste on the matter. Human rights violations do not bring forth any good, it is a momentary disenfranchisement of a particular group of people which brings no good results to a country or an economy. It leaves scores wounded and a majority lobbying for the rights of the marginalized few.

This great time in history has brought about technology which has set forth because of the meticulous efforts of nations while keeping a professional relationship and offsetting racial discrimination. Nations like the United States have since set the pace for the world in selecting a world class president who is black showcasing the importance of embracing the racial dynamics and incorporating the importance of teamwork for the greater good. Although racial subjugation is taking toll of the world or being suppressed – whichever sounds plausible, there is need to come together as people of a nation and work towards projects and constructs which are mutually beneficial to all as opposed to working towards dividing a nation based on the skin color.

Laws are made to keep the sanity. Most laws in the current world order are meant to protect the rights of citizens and promote economic development of a nation. Human rights violations are meant to suppress the rights of a specific people which only leads to further conflicts and deaths of offenders. The constitution of America under the Enforcement Act and fifteenth Amendment in 1871, stipulated a government for the people and by the people. This means powers were given to the American people as opposed to the leaders that propped up from the political scene. A politician was thus perceived to be a servant of the people, leading them towards unity and economic development.

However, this constitution came with Amendments which banned slavery and slave trade granting the Black Americans the rights to be called American Citizens including the right to vote, and serve in the American Justice system. Such laws are the progressive laws and are hallmarks in history because they set the pace to a greater country and to empower the American people. Therefore, one becomes the citizen of America by birth. This became the new definition of the American citizen proving their rights to vote and hold elections.

Human trafficking is a reincarnation of the past slavery. It is thus the slavery and slave trade of the current generation. This form of inhumane human rights violation take place in developed countries where immigrants do not want to follow the right procedure of becoming citizens or working in a country. Aptly explained, mostly women are targeted in their destination country and promised better jobs and terms of pay in the country where the trafficker is to take them. The victims of such misfortunes become duped into believing that life might be better in the other world as opposed to the one that they are currently living in. upon arrival to the next country, the victims are given odd jobs and the traffickers become their masters. They are mostly forced to participate in prostitution.

United States has many illegal immigrants which the republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, is plotting to depot if elected as the president of the Great Nation. These immigrants do odd jobs at a lower minimum wage in order to make a living. Though modernity has offset the past forms of human rights violations, presently, human rights violations come as a result of some form of cooperation between the offender and the offended. For example, both the traffickers and their victims are in violation of the law. The victims of human trafficking coming out in the open and stating their displeasure in working conditions and terms of pay would mean that they are put in the public limelight which means the government becomes aware of their citizenship status thus risking jail time while the traffickers may plot to assassinate such a person to cover their poor habits (Anja, 2009, P. 33).

The protection of all is under the law. All forms of human rights violations can only be cleared under the rule of law. This means that both the plaintiff and the accused persons ought not to be in contravention of the law. The court is the only organ which has powers to arrest or make a ruling regarding an individual rights and freedoms not even parents or an employer. The due process in determining the fate of an individual offender – be it a suspect, convict or plaintiff – ought to be respected and rights of all players upheld as stipulated in the constitution which is by and for the people. Politics has its methods of promoting bad governance and dividing a nation on tribal lines – however, the best way to iron the input of politics is through encouraging due consideration of the law and the preaching of peace between a people.

Individual autonomy does not override national security. Sexual offenses is another form of human rights violations which is mostly practiced by drug and human traffickers. Bodies such as FIDA have come up to protect the rights of women in the world who are exposed to all forms of sexual offences and domestic offences. Such bodies are significant in shaping habits in the society and rooting out all forms of evils that exist thereof. Therefore, there is not a case in which an individual will claim ignorance with respect to the law and the justice systems that are enforced. Sexual offences have been rampant in developing and developed nations alike. Though the frequency in developing nations outweigh the frequency in the latter, the greatest advantage has been in the awareness campaigns and the security that nations have invested in for the purpose of keeping the citizens safe.

Human rights violations does not only take the greater forms that subsequently lead to death or damage to property (Anja, 2009, P. 15). It also takes subtle forms like denying a child his or her right to education. This greatly affects the cognitive development of an individual child and perpetrators ought to be arrested for the sake of championing for the right of education for children in the society. A developed society is that one in which the future prospects are covered and the current ones to. Securing the future is in terms of education of children in a bid to prepare them for the future. The competence of future generations can only be secured through education of children and promotion of their welfare. This can be in terms of providing their basic needs.


Human rights violations take many forms. However, the world has come up with laws and regulations in a bid to support the rights of human beings. Without laws, there is only anarchy and discomfit. The various forms of human rights violations are kept at bay through the adherence to the laws and justice systems that are implemented by nations. The laws are very fair in a way that even the accused persons have rights. Therefore, courts have proven instrumental in rehabilitating law offenders and making them ready to join the society in nation building. Human rights violations only serve to destroy the economy of a nation and marginalize the few. Racial segregation, human trafficking, sexual offences, child education denial are all forms of human rights violations which nations have to keep check and rectify if economic development is to be realized.

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