Sample Essay on Ideal House Description


People want best for them in life especially a good job and magnificent dream home. A dream home is an ultimate wish for everyone and due to the difference in preferences and taste, people have their dream houses designed differently to suit their needs. The common characteristics of houses considered ideal in the society apply neutral colors and plenty of glass. Interior and exterior designing are the crowning way of preparing these houses into heavens to everyone’s admiration. A swimming pool, patio furniture and ornamental gardens are some of the items you cannot miss in these homes, especially those that have extensive lots. However, due to land pressure brought about by the growing population all over the world, story buildings are now common since one can be able to build even on narrow lots and still obtain the best homes with any number of rooms to their liking. Luxurious furniture such as leather sofas and glass tables are used to build the interiors. All these characteristics result to beautiful homes; but, what is the ideal house? My ideal house is a luxurious villa with a beautiful detached three-story building with six bedrooms, near a sea or flowing water and decorated exterior with a backyard with green creeping plants. The dream house would take into consideration the following important factors: environment choice for location, interior designing and exterior designing including the yard. 

The location of the house should be environmentally sensitive, ranging from accessibility to beauty. An ideal location should be a 30-minute drive or less from a town or an urban center where it is possible to access important public utilities and other social services. Avoiding settling in proximity to or within urban centers is important because they are often associated with noise and air pollution that affects your health. Therefore, the 45-minute distance is important such that the house is not far from town and not too close at the same time. The aspect of peace and tranquility should be taken into consideration when selecting the environment for an ideal house. The area should be near water and green vegetation so that it can be full of life and tranquility. The climate should be hot and wet for regular rains that help maintain an evergreen environment. Desert-like or dry climates lead to non-green stunted vegetation that deprives the environment its beauty.

Beautiful interior designing will make the ideal house complete and ritzy. The ultimate idea, however, is to choose the right furniture materials to fit all rooms. This is because furniture items are the major ingredients of turning a raw building into a livable house. The pieces of furniture for the ideal house should be of high quality, modern and have the best decorations on them. Items made from glass such as tables are excellent to give the house a stylish and modern appearance. Wood furniture is equally elegant with its natural appearance, especially with those items that are made from hardwood such as oak and teak. The living room is the main area of life due to many activities and visitors hence the room to put so much concentration regarding the interior decoration. There should be leather seats to enhance coziness and comfort. For tables, there is no need to have a big size, which will make the room look congested since a small size and particularly around shape is just perfect. The coloring should be amazing with a preference to contemporary colors of black and white or any other neutral color. To make the living room full of life, there should be expansive windows for more inflow of fresh air and natural light. Accessories including computers and a big screen TV set is necessary to provide entertainment. The kitchen room should be ideal, as well; hence, it is the room to be equipped the most with all materials necessary ranging from food storage equipment to furniture. To make your kitchen appear modern it is important to set cabinets in your kitchen to provide enough storage for cutlery, utensils and food. It is important to go for quality cabinets made from hardwood to give the kitchen setting a natural and amazing look. You and I definitely do not want to have food spoil due to overstaying, reason to have a refrigerator set in one particular corner to store food safely. To make the kitchen lovelier, it is essential to have glass windows to allow in light and have decorations like hanging flowers and lights. Not forgetting masters bedroom that should be highly decorated to offer a comfortable rest after daily activities. A must have; a well-positioned king-size bed with soft and comfortable material inclusive that won’t leave you with back pains, glass walls to allow rays to penetrate into the room and above all, a uniquely positioned modern wardrobe. The interior designing would include bamboo flooring in most of the rooms and wool carpets where appropriate.

Exterior designing is as essential as the interior décor hence an ideal house will have a beautiful exterior to attract one into the interior. Being located near a sea should not compromise the desire to build an extensive swimming pool with a curved shape to give the exterior side of the house an amazingly beautiful look. A swimming pool will facilitate taking a cool swim during hot weather to enable the body relax. The house should have a backyard since the ideal location for the ideal house ought to have extensive land available to enable flower gardening. On the choice of flowers to plant, they should be the best colors that will fit with the ones used in painting the house. The flowers should be ordered in straight lines or spirals or any other unique way to make the colors appear elegant. Patio gardening should be the ideal formula to make one wish to spend most of their time outdoors. Not  forget patio furniture especially under creeping trees that provide shades so that one can use them while spending their time out of the house.

I believe what will make an ideal house for everyone is entirely in the place they choose as the ideal location, and their interior and exterior designing ideas. A peaceful location is ideal to provide an ideal environment free from noise and other forms of pollution. A perfect internal designing is ideal to enable a good choice of furnishings and color to make the house livable and comfortable. A beautiful exterior décor describes the interior hence ideal to give the house an outside look to attract a person into the interior. Considering these three main factors, it is a perfect dream home. In addition, that is a description of what I would wish to have as my ideal house.