Sample Essay on Illegal Immigration does not harm the US Economy

Illegal immigration does not harm the US economy

Immigration is the process whereby people move from their native country to another country with the intension of living there permanently or being future citizens. People who relocate to another country are called immigrants; there are two forms of immigration legal and illegal migration. With legal immigration the immigrants complies with the set immigration rules and for illegal immigrants they evade the set guidelines and procedures of immigration.

According to David Gewirtz the author of How To Save Jobs, legal immigrants play a very big role in the American economy. These immigrants mostly do odd jobs that are not a favorite to most Americans; they utilize such opportunities in order to get their daily breads and paying of taxes (Stern & Gary 2014).  If for example, the illegal immigrants were deported the industrial sector of America could be largely affected. This is because most of the people who work in industries provide cheap labour. Hence with closure or low running of industries it will result to diminished economy. The high number of illegal immigrants is an equivalent of high number of consumers, doing away with the immigrants will result to a significantly reduced number of consumers (Stern & Gary 2014).

Illegal immigrants lead to a quick economic response in the U.S. This results from the high number of individuals who cross the boarders to seek greener pastures in America (Hanson 2007). These individuals are always willing and have the ability to work in any field. Most of them, from Mexico seek employment opportunities from U.S. and whenever they get them they utilize the opportunity to their best hence participating in the nation building. Legal immigration tends to bring about delays; these delays are from the random selection done at the boarders which are sometimes biased. The individuals who get permitted might not be the right individuals to bring about cheap and quick labour in the market. Two thirds of legal immigrants are given jobs on the basis of the relatives somebody has in the U.S and the ones given the priority might not exhibit the skills required in the industries hence their economic impact will not be felt (Hanson 2007).

Illegal immigrants are very important individuals in America especially in the field of agriculture. Analysis from Pew Research Hispanic Trends project and report by Texas Comptroller Susan Combs there is a high number of workers without permits in the industries (Goodman 2014). Deporting illegal immigrants will result to shortage of labour hence a lower output from the production, manufacturing and assembling industries. Considering that every time illegal immigrants come to the U.S they get employed, this shows that there is still a wide gap that needs to be filled. The filling of the gap increases the economic status of the state for the better of the citizens and government.

From Camarota’s point of view, the illegal immigrants who work in the U.S utilizes fewer welfare programs compared to other citizens (Malone 2014). Illegal immigrants do not dictate for the provision of welfare from the state, their interest is not merely relying on the benefits that comes from the government they are there to work and get paid. Legal immigrants will ask for special favors and rights like the American citizens from the government, hence delaying the economy growth especially if they are unemployed.

According to Boyle in The Tortilla Curtain Consequences of illegal Immigration to the United States, there is creation of new markets and price regulations emerge (Boyle 2014). The presence of illegal immigrants translates to a higher number of people with low income. These earners will go for cheap commodities; this in turn creates a market on its own terms. The terms are low prices on commodities, such markets contributes to the growth of the economy.

The U.S citizens have the liberty and freedom to pursue careers with higher job qualities since most low quality and informal jobs are handled by the illegal immigrants. These individuals are not choosy on the type of job being assigned to them at low wages (Boyle 2014). Hence Americans are left with the opportunity of concentrating with acquiring skills that will help them to work in more professional jobs.

There are few individuals who are complaining that illegal immigrants are taking over the jobs of the American citizens. The illegal immigrant’s pauses competition in the job market. Most of these individuals who come illegally have less or no qualifications; some do not even have recognized certificates. The illegal immigrants come to America to fill the gap which has been left dormant by the Americans. The gap is in the informal sector where cheap labour is provided and in this sector there are very few willing Americans who can offer the cheap labour. It is a sector that has been disregarded by many hence I see no strong point that can support competition in the job market from the illegal immigrants. The illegal immigrants are involved in improving and bringing to reality the American economic dream.



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