Sample Essay on Impact of Avian Flu

Impact of Avian Flu

Impact of Avian flu can be seen in different aspects. The current situation of avian flu is that of limited animal to human transmission with much of the transmission being animal to animal. The impact of this situation is that, if it is left to continue it will increase the chances of more human to human transmission and this can lead to a worldwide influenza pandemic.

Human and animal healths are linked closely and if this situation is left unchecked, the impact will be worse. More expenses will be incurred in treating avian flu. In addition, more animals will be lost and this will have financial impact on households.

The impact of avian flu has been seen in places where millions and thousands of birds have been destroyed or died when the flu breaks out. This has inflicted hefty losses among families that depend on rearing of birds. It has also affected economic progress of households and countries that depend on poultry production.

The economic impact of avian flu can be viewed in two ways. On one side, the flu affects the society through death and illness of humans as well as the animals. On the other side, it affects the economy because a lot of money goes into to prevention and control of the flue. Private and public sectors have to invest in measures and strategies that will help in reducing the illness, its spread and deaths. Travel areas and export of birds have also been limited due to the flue which has affected the overall output from poultry production.

Impact of avian flu has also been seen in politics. The flu has been subjected to political spin. Each political group chooses the facts and topics to support on the basis of their political inclination when it comes to the issues of causes and control measures of the flu. Believability and people’s motivation on this topic is largely based on their political views.

Socially, people are determined to deal with the pandemic when it occurs at the national level instead of engaging international response approaches. Thus, every community aims at swamping its own resources in handling the pandemic. There are also websites that provide information about the pandemic although some of the information is not accurate or correct.

At personal level, individuals stockpile supplies in preparation for the avian flu pandemic. Thus, impact of avian flu cuts across the society and it affects the entire world.

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