Sample Essay on Impact of Legalization of Prostitution

Impact of Legalization of Prostitution

Impact of legalization of prostitution can be seen by considering the situation in the countries where prostitution is legal. In many countries, people have argued that legalization of prostitution will help in combating the vice. However, this is not true when the issue is viewed closely. In fact, it expands sex industry.

Legalization of prostitution is like giving pimps, traffickers and the whole sex industry a gift. Perhaps, to understand this it is important to consider the situation in one country where prostitution is legal. In Netherlands for instance, legalization of prostitution is like sanctioning the aspects of the entire sex industry. Pimps, clients and women in prostitution are made businessmen and legal sexual entrepreneurs.

Due to legalization of prostitution, sex clubs, brothels and massage parlors have been turned into legal or legitimate venues for commercial sex activities. They are allowed to expand without restraints. This has resulted in dignifying the sex industry at the expense of women. Pimps are left to freely buy women and use them in sexual activities for money.

Another impact of legalization of prostitution is that it fosters sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is the root cause of the expanding human trafficking. When legalized, prostitution leads to the exploitation of the desperate women immigrants. Women who do not have sources of income engage in prostitution as an economic activity for making money.

Since women immigrants are desperate, they can engage in commercial sex without using protection which can result in the spread of dangerous diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Thus, while other people are trying to combat sexually transmitted diseases, supporters of the move to legalize prostitution do not consider the risk involved.

Legalization of prostitution can also contribute in the expansion of the sex industry and human trafficking instead of controlling it. Currently, 5 percent of the economy in Netherlands where prostitution is legal comes from the sex industry. Every day, women of all races and ages and dressed indecently are displayed in the windows of sex clubs and brothers as being on offer for males to choose. The sex industry has continued to expand each year in Netherlands with more women being introduced to prostitution.

Human trafficking and child prostitutions increase when prostitution is legalized. This is because pimps want more women to offer for prostitution and they are always ready to use any means to get more women. Thus, another impact of legalization of prostitution is reduced protection for women of all ages. Women health and choices in life are put at risk when prostitution is legalized.

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