Sample Essay on Impact of Syrian Uprising

Impact of Syrian Uprising

Impact of Syrian uprising can be seen in the entire Middle East region and to some extent globally. Syrian uprising has affected security in the Middle East. Today, the Middle East is characterized by insurgencies, confrontations, and insurrections. It is becoming difficult for the civilians in the region to believe that the uprising will end without the turmoil escalating. People cannot go about their businesses as usual with the current uprising.

Experts say that if this uprising is left unchecked, it will polarize economic activities in the region completely. This is because people can no longer perform their duties as usual without fearing attacks by the insurgencies. Today, jihadist groups are running the streets of Syria and the Middle East. This makes the situation completely unsuitable for doing business for locals and foreigners.

Militants that are running the streets are difficult to control. Although Assad’s government has weapons that can have mass destruction, it cannot use them. The international communities such as the United States do not want to be involved directly in a Middle East conflict. Assad’s government seems to be losing control and this is raising concerns. This has caused tension in the region with states not sure whether to intervene or not.

Syrian uprising has also affected the relations of the countries in the region. For instance, bombing of Israel tourists in a bus in Bulgaria has affected the relations between Israel with Palestinian and Iran. Israel blamed the bombing on the Palestinian and Iran associates. If such instances are not handled carefully, they will see the Syrian uprising spread to other state in the region.

The uprising has led to high number of refugees fleeing to the neighboring countries. Insecurity has increased in the region due to the uprising. As such, thousands of refugees have flooded to the neighboring states such as Lebanon. This is placing enormous pressure on the economies of these states. Tension is also increasing among locals due to the increasing number of refugees. In addition, armed groups or gangs are increasing in the region which is further worsening the situation.

Experts note that if the uprising continues, it will affect the global oil markets. The Middle East is a source of oil that is sold in different parts of the world. If the uprising will spread to the nations that produce oils and hinder its production, there will a shortage of oil and this will destabilize the global oil markets.

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