Sample Essay on Increasing the Quality and Size of Dormitories on Colleges


This essay paper presents an analysis of the current situation of dormitories at Texas A&M University and gives recommendations for necessary changes. At the current state, the dormitory in this reputed institution is considered to be in dilapidated state, thus requiring comprehensive changes and improvements. After thorough and insightful research, the paper suggests significant detailed improvements necessary to improve the learning condition in this institution. This research followed a request by Professor Amanda Rico on July 12, 2015 to investigate and discuss the major problems at Texas A&M University and provide a potential solution. It has been established that the major problem in this institution lies with the dilapidated dormitories. This essay sued observational research methodology to come up with the findings, conclusion, and recommendations for the Texas A&M University dormitory renovations. The scope of this research was limited to the Texas A&M University. It only explored aspects of the living arrangements made by the University and the necessary changes that should be made. The result of the research indicates that it is necessary for the university to act promptly in renovating its on-campus dormitory rooms.

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Executive Summary

This research followed a request by Professor Amanda Rico on July 12, 2015, to investigate and discuss the major problems at Texas A&M University and provide a potential solution. It has been suggested that the major problem in this institution lies with the aged dormitories. There are many dormitory problems at this university. The problem ranges from the small size of the dormitory rooms, sharing of the dorm rooms, pest infestation, lack enough washers and dryers, noise pollution from other rooms, and lack of privacy, among others.

When students join Texas A&M University, they have to make a decision regarding their living arrangements. They can choose either to live in a house with a couple of roommates, an apartment complex, or on-campus dormitories. According to most students, choosing on-campus dormitories has not been the favorable decision to make given the increasing number of issues and problems in the dormitories. However, it should be the best decision to make given the high convenience of having the essential learning facilities nearby. It also comes with the convenience of shops, student dining, study areas and classrooms, and the opportunity to be surrounded by other students.

To improve their dormitory services, Texas A&M University should first increase the capacity of the dormitories and physically divide the room between the two roommates so that the size, storage space, and privacy issues are all out of the way. The university should also initiate frequent check-ups of the dormitories so that problems with pests like roaches, bugs, and other creatures like lizards can be effectively controlled before the situation escalates. The university should not underestimate the likelihood of the past situation becoming problematic. Texas A&M University should also consider contracting cleaning services that come once every two weeks to clean the dormitory restrooms. Making these changes will make students more eager to choose the on-campus dormitories.


It has been suggested that the major problem in this institution lies with the dilapidated dormitories. As the start of every semester draws nearer, students at Texas A&M University have to make a decision upon their living arrangement. This often becomes a hectic task for most students, especially those who travel from far regions. Making living arrangements is often hectic given the hustle by many students arriving to secure the best rooms for stay during their semester studies. Every student was not to live in the best room in the best dormitory. The primary problem is that such rooms and dormitories are a few, and the number of students is growing every year. The current level of student admission at Texas A&M University has surpassed the budgeted dormitory occupancy. It is high time that some changes are considered to renovate as well as increase the number of dormitories.

The question that comes to mind is whether they should live in a house with a couple of roommates, an apartment complex, or on-campus dormitories. Many first-year students decide to live in the dormitories due to the convenience of having the essentials nearby. This includes the convenience shops, student dining, study areas and classrooms, and the opportunity to be surrounded by other freshmen. However, living in these dormitories at Texas A&M University poses several challenges for its residents. Many students complain about problems like the small size of the dormitory room, its lack of storage space, issues with pest control, and lack of privacy (either with one’s roommate or regarding the dormitory’s hollow walls). Students also find conflict with the dormitory system services. This includes the dormitory cleaning services and the Laundromat (WebMD n.d).

It is for sure that the dormitory rooms at Texas A&M University are a bit small. In most cases, students have to share the small dorm rooms with other roommate, thus creating awkward conditions. The sharing of rooms also limits student privacy and well as inconvenience them during their private life and studies at the dormitory. In addition, there are many other inconveniences caused by living on campus at this American reputed university. In addition to the small size, most dormitories at Texas A&M University are pretty old. In particular, they were built more than two decades ago and have not been changed or remodeled. However, on the good side, there are many varieties of dorms to choose. Students can choose from suites, singles, coed, as well as same-sex dorms that come in different styles and price ranges.

The Texas A&M University is divided into two parts namely the Southside and the Northside. The dormitories on the Northside are comparatively cheaper than those on the Southside. In addition, the arrangement makes the Northside dwellers more anti-frat, close-knit, and anti-Corps group. The Southside is basically known as the home to corps as well as the commons dormitories. Dormitories in this area house a lot of sorority girls. The students face several challenges living in these dormitories at Texas A&M University. Apart from the small size of the dormitory rooms, most students complain about other myriad problems such as lack of storage space, issues with pest control, as well as lack of privacy. Students also find conflict with the dormitory system services, including the dormitory cleaning services and the Laundromat. It is suggested that these combined issues constitute the reason as to why many students refrain from living in the dormitories at Texas A&M University ( n.d).


Texas A&M University must implement several changes to the dormitory system in order to provide a better living experience for its students. The first primary step that should be taken by the university is to renovate the dormitory rooms. This should be followed by other dedicated steps of putting up new additional dormitories with spacious and modern rooms.

The floor areas of the Commons Hall dormitories at Texas A&M are ten by fourteen feet (“Mosher”). An ideal expansion would allow for at least doubling the current size of the dormitory rooms. While conducting the expansion, the construction team should also focus on establishing a room divider in the dormitory room so that the students will be able to maintain their privacy.

The second step would be to establish a contract with an exterminator so that the pest problems will decrease and the students will not have to worry about bugs and other creatures infiltrating their dormitories while they are focusing on their studies. The third step is for Texas A&M University to establish thicker, soundproof walls in the dormitory rooms. This will prevent the university students from hearing their music, video games, or television in other rooms. This is a common problem in the dorms. It becomes dangerous in the middle of the night.

Step 4 is to allow the custodial staff to visit each dormitory room at least three times a week to perform check-up. Finally, step five would call for establishing more washers and dryers on each floor of the dormitories, allowing for less traffic in the laundry room and less time needed to do laundry. With these renovations to the dormitories, students will have more spacious, pest-free, quiet, and clean dormitories. These improvements will make the dormitories a great place to stay and will attract students to come live on campus.

There are other potential solutions to the current dormitory problems at the Texas A&M University. If the university conspires making these changes, most students will ultimately consider living on campus. First, the university should consider constructing new spacious dormitories. There is enough space at the university to accommodate the new dormitories. The proposed new dormitories should be built to offer more storage space and physical room dividers. This will help provide additional rooms for the many students that are current staying off-campus. It is advantageous for students to stay on campus. The first advantage is the reduced accommodation and transport cost. The second advantage is the close proximity and access to the learning materials and facilities (Huang, Xudong, and Hongwei 12).

The administration of Texas A&M University should also consider providing an adequate amount of washers and dryers for the residents of each dormitory. The current amount of washers and dryers are not enough to support all the students living on campus. Increasing the number of washers and dryers will certainly reduce the pressure on the current washers and dryers. It will contribute to reducing the problem of time management. Many students share washers and dryers. Students waste a lot of time waiting for others to finish using the washers and dryers. Lastly, the university should put up the strategy of issuing frequent dormitory clean up services.

The best process for the renovation of the dormitories at Texas A&M University should involve a “wave approach”. The wave approach implies improving and renovating one set of dormitories, and, once completed, moving on to the next set of dormitories. This is optimal because shutting down all of the dormitories at once during the semester would not be feasible. On the other hand, Texas A&M University could shut down all of the dormitories during the summer time for renovation. However, they will then have to work fast in order to complete the renovations by the summer’s end, and students taking summer school would have to reside in off-campus housing.

The cost of dormitory renovation is dependent upon the amount of renovation that is desired. If they are going to be upgraded to the status of luxurious dormitories like those in the Texas A&M University branch in Qatar, more money will be required. The approximate cost per square feet of renovating the dormitory room is $208. Unfortunately, this appears pricey for the Texas A&M University given that they have many dormitories to renovate. However, this amount is relatively reasonable if we compare it with the renovation of Kyle Field, which totaled to about $500 million. The entire renovation of Texas A&M University dormitories is likely to take about five years (Mosher Hall n.d).


This research has indicated that there are many potential benefits of improving the current dormitory situation at Texas A&M University. Many potential benefits will accrue to both the students and the university administration. Making these changes will make living at on-campus residence hall in Texas A&M University mean to live in a community of academic students. Many students will choose to live in the dynamic community that is comprised of various people with different diverse cultures, values, attitudes, as well as a lifestyle. Students will best learn from one another’s living environment in a positive manner. These changes will certainly make students stay on campus thus helping them understand life choices and individuality.

Each student has a role to play while staying on campus. The new Texas A&M University on-campus residence will incorporate many aspects that promote education as well as personal development at the institution. First, the new changes will improve effective and comprehensive education at the University. This is because the improved dormitories will ensure that teaching and learning take place beyond the classroom environment. Students will find it comfortable and ease to study in their rooms even late into the night without any disturbances. There will be enough space for studying in the dormitory, and the noise shall have been minimized (Erlene et al. 99).

The new dormitory outlook will promote openness and respect for each other. The openness nature will enable students to discuss new ideas and thoughts freely even within their rooms thus promote effective and quality education. On the other hand, respect will ensure that students honor their individualities and personal differences. This will be possible through the privacy created by the new rooms. Besides, respect amongst students will enable them to honor strongly ad pursue diversity.

When these changes are made, the new dormitories will help promote and build the culture of responsibility amongst students. They will accept the obligations to stay within the student community and be accountable for their own individual actions. The new dormitory set up will enable the student to care efficiently for one another. It will ensure that the well-being of each student is supported. It will also encourage and promote the community service amongst students. In addition, the new changes will ensure that students properly care for their facilities as well as the adjacent properties. Improving the dormitories will ensure that living on campus is the popular decision taken by most students while making their living arrangements (Xiaoyun and Yilei 88).


Today’s universities have several different housing options including living on campus and off campus. Several years ago at Texas A&M University, living on campus was the best-preferred experience for most students. However, that trend and notion no longer exist. Nowadays, most students who join this university prefer to stay off campus. This is occasioned by the poor state of the on-campus dormitories and rooms. An estimated 80% of students occasionally swamp on campus housing.

An entirely new standard has been raised for on-campus living that Texas A&M University needs to encourage students to choose this living arrangement. The current student generation expects more privacy and amenities in their dormitory living rooms. However, this is not provided by the on-campus dormitories. Unlike Texas A&M University, many colleges and universities have created new on-campus residential and housing facilities that are spacious and provide the privacy needed by students. These new living arrangements are designed to attract and retain many students to stay on campus. In addition, they come with added incentive amenities that extend the educational experience of every student. This is what is missing in Texas A&M University.

This research paper has revealed the dire need for Texas A&M University to improve its on-campus dormitories. It has detailed the various challenges of on-campus living at this university. In has also suggested some basic changes that would improve the situation. First, the university needs to construct new spacious dormitories. Secondly, pest control services should be conducted regularly to exterminate the bugs and other pests. The walls should also be made soundproof to control noise interference from other neighboring rooms. These suggested changes are relatively reasonable.

The entire renovation process will likely take up to five years. If Texas A&M satisfactorily maintains their dormitories, students will be more likely to choose on-campus housing over off-campus, and more revenue will flow into Texas A&M University thereby. It will ensure that students living on campus stay, study, and sleep without disturbances. It is the best thing the Texas A&M University can undertake to ensure that on campus dormitories are safe, healthy, secure, and clean.


Although there are many options to choose from, most dormitories at Texas A&M University are quite old. Secondly, at the moment, most students joining this university prefer to stay off campus despite its many disadvantages. Therefore, it is recommended if the university make some changes to renovate and improve the current on-campus dormitory rooms. This will encourage many students to choose on-campus living arrangement thus increasing the revenue earnings for the university.

Secondly, it is recommended if Texas A&M University put forward strategies for encouraging on campus living. Although of campus living offer bets amenities and utmost privacy, students should be encouraged to choose on campus dormitories because it bets promote their learning process. First, the university can offer incentives for on campus living. In addition, the university should also offer campaign drives advocating for on campus living. These campaign drives should be held during the beginning of the semester when students are choosing their living arrangements. The university can also reduce the room charges to entice more students to choose on campus living.

In addition, it is recommended if the university comes up with a policy that enforces on campus living for all first-year students. In addition to encouraging other students to choose on campus living, this policy will make it mandatory for all first year students to choose on campus living. This policy will also help first year students meet new people and make friends and feel more being part of the University.

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