Sample Essay on Innovation Problem among flexible workforce

Innovation Problem among flexible workforce

In the current workplace, every individual wants to have some form of flexibility. However, this is a trend which is worrying because as employees becomes more flexible, it means that they will be sacrificing on the productivity level which may end up negatively affecting the performance of the organization. The main worry is that it will cause a perceived disconnection among the employee’s needs and the organizational needs in regards to quality production (Zinnov, 2013). Bridging the gap can become a major challenge for the organization which may continue to plague innovators in the workforce.

The videos clearly show some of the challenges that are being faced by innovators because of having a flexible workforce. Among the common evident challenge is managing the branches because there is a disconnection that exists between the needs of the employees and that of the management. These are some of the challenges that even technology cannot solve. It means that the idea that the employees become more flexible because of technology which allows them to work anywhere does not bring about concrete benefits. The benefits can only be achieved if the company applies mobile access for the business which gives the employees plus management to communicate using the same device (Caldwaladr, 2016). In this way, it becomes easy to manage company emails and enable the employees to respond to them at any time whether they are on vacations or weekends.

Another problem identified in the video is competition. For instance, Sidecar organization was faced out of the market because of competition caused by having a flexible workforce. This shows that without proper strategies, it becomes difficult for any organization to compete in the market regardless of the level of innovation among the workforce (Zinnov, 2013). It is this innovation that leads to company failure as a result of low sale returns.


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