Sample Essay on Managing Diversity in Google

Managing Diversity in Google

Diversity means understanding and working with all types of people irrespective of their backgrounds, sex, religion and sex. With the advancement in technology and modernization, government, organizations, companies and civil groups have been advocating for management of diversity especially in the work places. In particular, women and the physically challenged have been victims of discrimination in work place. According to TNS research survey, about 68% of females believed that favouritism existed in work places. For long discrimination on the basis of gender has been rampant especially in the government institutions. Recently, there have been efforts to ensure that women are given equal chance in terms of employment opportunities.

Overtime, women have shown that they are equally able to hold positions. They have even contested for political seats with success. Their performance has also been outstanding and in many instances they have even performed more than their male counterparts. Regulations requiring fair treatment as far as diversity is concern have been formulated by many countries. Many countries have even set aside political seats for women to motivate them and ensure that they participate equally in nation building. Education for girl child has also been promoted to ensure they get knowledge and skills to enable them get jobs and perform well. Managing diversity therefore not only ensures equality but also increases productivity. When people of diverse backgrounds work in an organization, wrangles between the workers and the administration is reduced. Diversity also ensures that respect exists among the workers and that problems are solved in an amicable manner.

In the technology industry, men have formed a good percentage over the years. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is estimated that there will be one million and four hundred technology related jobs in USA. Also, twenty six percent of those working in the technology sector were women in 2013 (Gilpin, 2014). This shows an imbalance in thetechnology industry as far as gender is concern. However, little interest of women in technology related courses is partly blamed for this. In USA for example, the number of female enrolling to college is more than that of their male counterparts. Irrespective of this, the ratio of women to men working in the technology industry is 1:4.

Google being one of the reputable organizations in the world is not an exception as far managing diversity is concern. In 2014, Google made public the composition of its employees. Interestingly, thirty percent of the overall workforce is women with the remaining seventy percent being men. In the technology related industry women were only 17% while their male counterparts were 83% (Jacobson, 2015). Looking at the composition of non-technology related workforce, the percentage of women was 48% while that of men was 52%. From the google records on workforce, women have not engaged themselves in the technology related field. This is the case because from the information, the ratio of women workforce to men is fair in the non-technology related field compared to technology related field. Also, looking at women in leadership positions, google has 21% only while men are 79% (Jacobson, 2015). From this statistics this is far much below the expectation of the modern society. Google has even expressed concern on its workforce diversity not only in regard to women but also the minority groups (Jacobson, 2015). Availing information on the distribution of gender in the workforce and the minorities is important not only for google but also for other organizations. The blame however, should not be on Google since research have shown that female have less interest in science courses and in particular technology. They should be encouraged to pursue these courses in a bid to manage diversity in the technology sector. Other technology companies should follow Googles footsteps and disclose data of their workforce.

Managing diversity is important not only for Google but also for different organizations and governments. Since workers of diverse backgrounds, gender and race for example are brought together, they are able to share new ideas which in the long run will improve the organization (Gluck & Media, 2015). Diversity also brings talents to an organization since workers will be drawn from diverse backgrounds. It also promotes mutual respect especially if the company has a balance of women and men employees. Hiring both women and men means bringing diverse minds together. This is important especially when solving problems that might arise in a company. Also, diversity ensures that all people irrespective of gender feel part of an organization (Gluck & Media, 2015). This will ensure the organization is accepted throughout the world. Market share of the company will also increase since the company is fairly represented. Lawsuits that might result due to discrimination will be avoided since women are now keen in getting their fair share. The law also has given women equally rights as far as employment is concern.

From above, managing diversity is important for the overall growth of the Google. To achieve diversity Google aims to widen its recruitment base. Widening recruitment base will ensure that diverse groups’ needs are cater for. Since it might be difficult to get for example, a female with a particular skill, widening the recruitment base will increase the sample consequently increasing the chance of getting a female (Gluck & Media, 2015). To motivate female employees and ensure that Google gets future female applicants, Google will offer scholarships to enable them pursue Information Technology courses. Offering scholarship will motivate females to pursue Information and Technology courses.

Google has also adopted a caregiver leave program in a bid to manage diversity. The program aims to cater for the needs of Google team who are affected in one way or another. The persons affected will be able to get leave to go and attend to their loved ones. This will encourage this individual and motivate that person to even work harder in future for the success of the company.

Providing language training is also another factor Google has considered in a bid to manage diversity. Providing language training will widen the area the Google will draw its workforce. In addition, Google will provide diversity training to its employees. This will educate the staff on the importance of the diversity and why Google need minority groups (Gluck & Media, 2015). Google also has started an initiative aiming to involve the minority groups in running the company. Before any undertaking, Google will be doing consultation to ensure that views of these groups are included. By doing so, these groups will be empowered and motivated to even work harder.

Google will also set up diversity core program and mentoring groups to encourage the minority groups. Diversity core program will enable Google to interact with people of different backgrounds through initiation of projects. Also, it will motivate these groups to refer their qualified friends to the company. Google will benefit from these referrals because they will be able to get talented individuals. Also, Google will clarify the need for diversity and the benefit of diversity to the company. Recruiting team will be taught the importance of diversity so that they can be able to know who to look for to benefit the company (Gluck & Media, 2015). To ensure fair recruitment, Google will create an evaluation form. An evaluation form will be created in a way that it is gender neutral. Again, when a member of the minority group is leaving the company, the company will do an exit interview. This will give the company information on where to rectify in future and how to handle the minority groups.

In my opinion, Google should examine its workforce and ensure that women and minority groups are represented. The fact that few women are pursing technology courses is alarming. Campaigns to encourage female to pursue technology courses should be initiated. Girls should be made to understand that technology is not hard and that what boys can do they can even do better. Google should also come up with ways of ensuring that women are incorporated in its workforce. They should sponsor female employees to pursue technology courses in a bid to bring equality in this sector. The government should also, ensure that the regulation on women to men ratio in the workforce is implemented by all companies and institutions. To ensure companies abide by this, license should be revoke for the companies who do not fulfil this requirement. Last but not least, employees should be taught to be tolerant especially to the minority group. This will boost their self-esteem consequently improving performance and production.


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