Sample Essay on Materialistic Websites

Tudor England Contents is an official website that documents the British history of the Tudor monarchs that ruled for at least 118 years.The Tudor dynasty ruled from 1485 until 1603 that hailed from the Wales and English origin[1]. Henry Tudor who gained both Lancastrian supporters and their rival House of York managed become the king as Henry VII. It is quite evident that the early Britons have rich history that is still studied up to date. The website is embraced by the Tudor watch organization that deals with manufacturing wrist watches. Therefore, scholars need a reliable source to extract the information they require in their studies.

In light of this, the Tudor England Contents demystifies this information in a systemized way that is easy to navigate through the content. At the home page, the website has the title English History on top left side andthree segments on the right of Tudor, Keats, and Byron. These three segments aid the researcher to navigate to the history that he or she wants with ease. Similarly, the home page has a segment of popular contents that has been visited regularly making them popular. The biographies show the content that is contained in the website from the Monarchs, Six Wives of King Henry, Royal Relatives, and Tudor Citizens[2]. The most important part to a history researcher is documented below the biographies. First, there are both primary and secondary sources where the primary sources contain eyewitness accounts of people and events in Tudor England. These sources include letters written by the king to his six wives. Primary sources are fundamental to an historian as they give accurate information that has not been distorted as a result of paraphrasing. The website has portraits and images that can give the researcher a clue of the people he or she is researching[3]. It also has media films that have been documented to show how events unfolded and interviews of other historians. Lastly, the website has quizzes that test the researcher’s knowledge after studying. Therefore, Tudor English contents are an integral website to a researcher who wishes to equip him or herself with British history.

On the other hand, the Galileo Project is an official website hosted by the that documents the life of Galileo of  Italy. Galileo was born to a musician father who wanted to study medicine; hence, he wanted his son to achieve academic excellence[4]. As a result, Galileo was admitted to the University of Pisa where he studied pendulum and managed to discover a pendulum clock[5]. The website is ancient since it was last updated in 1995 by Al Van Helden but it is well designed to ease navigation. It is backed up by Cloud Flare organization that ensures websites are protected.It has a site map that outlines all the subtitles in the Galileo project where a researcher can click and be directed to the required information. The website contains portraits and all the instruments that Galileo used during his project. It has also all the scientists who existed in the time of Galileo with the institutions. In fact, it has the four main theories of Ptolemaic, Copernican, atomism, and on motion theories. There are various discoveries that were made during this time such as planet Saturn, comets, and the longitude at sea among others. The site has the chronology flow of Galileo’s life; hence, it is the most reliable source to research on Galileo’s history.



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