Sample Essay on Monuments Messages

Monuments Messages

Art work presented in monuments communicates messages that often influence our thoughts, memories and view on facts. The cognitive interpretations of images might be complex to understand but the vision interpretation always represents what is in existence. So does the monumental art work. That is from a glance at any monument one’s thought is disturbed and would be curious to know more about the monument in the look. In the same way, the monumental works of both Maya Lin and Edgar would trigger one to inquire more information about them. In both the monumental arts they are placed in the public places. This is to allow easy access to them (Montiel 453). The access of the art works helps people to revisit the past histories that saw great changes take place in the world of today. Another similarity is that, both art works have got more interdisciplinary related facts presented on the materials such as glass and granite. For instance, in the Heap of Birds there are a lot of different multi-disciplinary forms of public art messages. In the Maya Lin arts, there are names that are linked by chronicles of the past events in the American history. As in much as the arts of Maya and Edgar share most features, the Maya Lin’s art work is based in the US and is more on the US history and talks on the civil rights while the Edgar’s art work is representing the message of civil rights to people and intermarrying of different messages of different places. Therefore, it is clear that the Edgar’s art work is for pure art studies and Lin’s art is subjected towards single information of the US civil right history.

When the wounds start to heal, people often try to adjust from the past life pains and give value to the current life situations. That is, they learn to accept the conditions they are in and leave in the present nature. The wounds do heal at slow pace since they deeply affect the human personality.

Memorial can be defined as the message an art contains which helps an individual to remember the people or passed activities of life events (Montiel 453). Moreover, what the art work is made of, lessons on the art and the meaning, the art work builds strong emotions in people.

The memorial should always try to achieve and bring back the memories of the events or people and help an individual to acknowledge the important roles they played in bringing change to the people and the world at large. That is a memorial should always reflect on the history. On more emphasis, the memorials should give an individual the sense of humanity and embrace what is just to the society (Montiel 453).

In designing the monument an artist should consider two very important aspects. First, the artist must consider the relationship and links between the people and the monument to be built. That is the symbol, colors and the images used to represent the monument. This will be a sign of authority of the unseen public who have gone through tormenting life ordeals. The second aspect to consider is the physical place to put the monument. The place always gives the monument the power of it being seen by many hence serving as a sacred place for the people.


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