Sample Essay on Morgan State University

Morgan State University

While it is a historically and predominantly black institution, students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds continue to study at the university. The mission it rides on today is to enroll a socio-economically diverse student body with good academic status. It also aims to provide the full-range of experiences and facilities that allow it to serve students successfully, including those with variety of goals and needs. The University holds a record of having awarded, and continuing to award the highest number of bachelor’s degrees to African-American students than any other in Maryland. It accounts for a large percentage of degrees held by African American graduates from Maryland institutions, and specifically in Engineering.

Morgan State University has produced some of the most influential individuals in African American history for the time it has been operational. Among these individuals are business personalities, Musicians, Comedians, and Actors among others. Among these notable individuals is Earl Gilbert Graves Senior. Earl is an accomplished businessperson, publisher, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He chairs a media company, Earl G Graves ltd. In 1970 he also founded the Black Enterprise Magazine, a business news and investment resource for Black Americans. He attended Morgan State in 1957. He has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the African American history.

In the domain of Education and Science, a notable alumnus is Thelma Jane Bryan. She is an African American Educator who studied at Morgan State between 1970 and 1974. She went on to earn a master’s degree in English after her undergraduate studies, after which she earned her Doctoral degree from the University of Maryland. She was the first female president of Fayetteville State University (FSU), Fayetteville North Carolina. In the judiciary, there are many more alumni. Among them is Robert Mack Bell, an African American lawyer and jurist. He is on record as the first Black American to serve in the Maryland court of appeal as a chief Judge. He earned a Morgan State University Bachelor of Arts degree in 1966. While at Morgan State, he was a member of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity.

Another alumnus in the judiciary was Harry Cole. A Baltimore lawyer and Jurist, he was a Maryland State Senate member and was the first Black American to work in the Court of Appeal of Maryland. After high school, he studied and graduated from Morgan State University as his class’s Valedictorian in 1943. He worked in the Army briefly before continuing with his studies.

Curt Stovall Anderson is a lawyer, politician ad former broadcast journalist. He is the chairperson of the Baltimore City Delegation. He has previously served as a chairperson of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland. In 1992, he was a delegate in the Democratic National convention during the Bill Clinton Campaign for presidency. He also served in the same capacity in 2008 during the Obama campaign. Anderson earned his Bachelor’s degree in political science from Morgan State University, which he joined in 1973.  During his time, he was on the “Ten Bears” Lacrosse team, which at the time was the only black lacrosse team in the country. These are among the notable African figures who studied at Morgan State University. Many more serve in State Legislatures, The Judiciary, Entertainment Industry, Media, Publishing, and the military. This underscores the great contribution of Morgan State University to the general African American society welfare.