Sample Essay on My Idea of a Successful College Career

My Idea of a Successful College Career

My idea is built on several tenets, I personally believe that these tenets are important and will help me to achieve my goals in college. Many people have different views regarding the factors that determine their success in college.  In my opinion, the success is exhibited by my ability to complete my college studies with a degree that will contribute to the betterment of society, make lasting relationships, focus on academics and other co-curricular activities, and later on in life look back at the college experience with pride and fulfillment.

It is true that the friendship that people create during their time in college is vital in boosting one’s college career. Making new friendships in college will help me enhance my personal growth and identity; all these are important aspects of my career success. By having a social life in college, I will have a good avenue where I can relieve my stress, as it is important to unwind. This is because too much stress in college can result to irritability or some troublesome symptoms, for example, anxiety. Befriending my fellow schoolmates will help me improve my grades; I will work with my peers in group study to grasp class material more deeply.

As much as achieving in academics is important for me, the extracurricular activities and getting an internship are important elements in my career success. Current trends in job markets have shown there is an immense need for students to be practical in all careers. Many employers want to avoid their time in training new people and for this reason, they are scouting for people who have shown exemplary results both in academics and extracurricular activities. To have an efficient experience of the job market, a college student needs to go beyond the class activities and explore more. Engaging in the extracurricular activities will help me to meet new people. for this reason I will be in a position to develop my interpersonal skills, many extracurricular activities, for example, joining clubs, playing games and going for an internship will signify my ability to manage time. Time management is one of the most important elements to have a successful college career.

Success in many cases is measured by what one can give, and in my case, it is the knowledge that I acquire from college. Through my degree, I will be able to better society in a number of ways. I will be in a position to teach other people in regards to my area of specialization. The degree will provide me an opportunity to be an active member in the community. I will enlighten others concerning the issues that prove to be a challenge to the community.

If I am able to look back at my college years with a sense of pride in accomplishments, then I would truly be in a position to say that I have succeeded. A successful college career can only be fully determined by having a healthy measure of what one has been able to accomplish during his/her time as a college student. If I look back and see that I have achieved academically, made strong lasting relationships and have all the tools that are needed to succeed, then I will be in a better position to say that I have actually succeeded through college and that is my definition of a successful college career.Sam