Sample Essay on My Reaction as a Traveler in the Titanic When It Went Down

My Reaction as a Traveler in the Titanic When It Went Down

If I were on board on the Titanic when it went down, I would have reacted the same way I do when faced with a fearful situation. Firstly, I sweat a lot when afraid, regardless of the weather conditions, and I end up taking off my clothes to get rid of the excess heat. I would have started sweating immediately realizing the impending danger. When the captain discovered the ship was about to sink, he must have reacted in a manner that warned the travelers of the danger ahead. Since I am fast in interpreting the facial expressions of others, I would have guessed all was not well and immediately started sweating. Further, the commotion among the travelers would have made me weak physically and not be able to move. I believe passengers were trying to look for an escape route, but I would have remained in my position, too weak to make a move.

I always find myself shouting for help and wailing when confronted with danger. I never lose my voice at such times and would have screamed hard asking for help. Moreover, I feel  weak when I am all alone and tend to grab the person seated next to me. I would have thus held my neighbor tightly and refused to let him go. Holding on to somebody gives me hope that the danger ahead will not overpower two people, so I am safer in the company of someone else. I also tend to pray loudly asking for protection, and I would have started praying to God to keep us safe. Besides, I make many promises to God when I am at my lowest point, such as promising to be obedient in future if I survive the current hardship. I would have asked God to save me, and in return, I would live according to his wishes.

If the situation seems to get worse, I tend to blame others for the misfortunes I am in, for instance, I would have asked God, amidst cries, why he would wish to see us perish. I would also have blamed the captain for not doing everything possible to save our lives. Even if I saw other people trying their best to make the ship light by throwing their luggage away through the windows to stop it from sinking, I would not have contributed since my hands and my body would get too weak to hold anything or move from one point to another. The only thing I would keep a grip on is another person, for fear of being left alone to face the terror.

The sweat and the wailing would have made my clothes wet, and I would end up tearing them off. I tend to experience a choking effect from the sweating, and I would try to grasp some fresh air by removing my clothes. I would also have closed my eyes to avoid seeing myself and other travelers perishing. The sight of the situation moving from bad to worse would have frightened me more thus would keep my eyes shut not to see the worst. If I had boarded the ship with my loved ones, I would have kept calling their names and ask them to pray along, for God to deliver us from the near death.