Sample Essay on Occupation


Since birth, I have always wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement as an army officer. My interests revolve around preventing crime, protecting people, and helping people among many others that make me desire to become a military officer. Indeed, this occupation augurs with my interests. Besides, I am proficient in this line of work both mentally and physically considering my ability to make prompt yet rational decisions and the courage to face any form of situations. Essentially, I am endowed with interpersonal skills, good communication skills, and excellent memory for details as well as creative thinking that allows me to solve problems promptly and effectively. These skills certainly match with my career choice because; it is a prerequisite that a good soldier should always be ready to work with others as a team, be quick to effectively make decisions, possess effective communication skills, and be ready to accept responsibilities as well as being ready to process information within the shortest time possible.

My work-related values that include respect, selflessness, loyalty, and honor form a significant part of my potency to work as a military officer. Just as soldiers treat others with respect and dignity that they expect back, I always value respect as a crucial aspect in any work environment. Serving others is my priority just as soldiers are trained to be selfless by putting the welfare of their nation and the citizens before theirs. In addition, I believe in loyalty as an important work-related trait that soldiers value most by believing and devoting themselves to their duty and their fellow soldiers to be able to serve their country. As soldiers do, I have a tendency of being honorable in everything I do through respect, selflessness, and loyalty.

I also chose to join the army because I wanted to work with the government to serve my country with dignity and honor by protecting its citizens and property for the future prosperity of our nation. I wish to serve and protect the sovereignty of our nation with all my worth and aptitude so that even after my retirement, I will have gained enough and relevant experience to still serve my community as far as law enforcement is concerned. Therefore, as an army officer, I will endeavor to live an honorable life by embracing a lifestyle that will always depict my loyalty and self-sacrifice for the benefit of our country. Through a number of self-assessment processes including physical and mental assessment activities, I could possibly tell that indeed this career is appropriate for me both now and in the future. My career relates to my current field because through the military training that I underwent, I became eligible to work as an army officer.

Choosing to pursue my career was the best thing I did about my life because through my career, I could easily achieve my goals and be successful in life. The career will enable me earn money that I will use to shape my future and that of my family as well as enable me acquire crucial skills and experience that will not only be useful in my duty but for the rest of my life. In other words, I am satisfied with my occupation because I believe I can do everything through the experience that I have gained in my active duty.