Sample Essay on Online Marketing


  1. Guidelines for being a brand ambassador using Social Network

The work of the brand ambassadors has been made easier by the use of social media due to the fact that they can communicate their message to a larger number of both the existing and potential clients. Social networking implies an online marketplace where the participants create, share, and interact with the posted content. As a brand ambassador, there are certain guidelines that a person should follow for success in marketing using the social media. Reinforcing the core values of a product is crucial to the success of brand ambassadors. This entails communicating the benefits of the products to the clients, thus making it more appealing. Staying on topic is the other guideline that the brand ambassadors should ensure to enhance communication. The third guideline entails being honest with the customers, especially with regard to the product’s prices and features (Evans, 2010).

However, the ambassador must be careful with the information they reveal so that they do not violate the trust that the organization has on them. The fourth guideline involves the ambassadors sharing their expertise to enhance the confidence of the customers in the company. The last guideline involves a critical analysis on whether to defer the activities to fellow colleagues with an aim of increasing the product awareness and sales volume. After I was selected to represent my company in promoting its electronic products, I had to come up with strategies to make my objectives succeed. I was the leading brand ambassador in the team, and I attributed my success to the use of the above guidelines.


  1. Considerations that a company makes when establishing a Twitter channel that is effective

The effectiveness of twitter as a method of promotion influences the performance of the business. In order to achieve maximum benefits from twitter account, the marketers should consider factors, such as competition in the market. This is helpful to define the best strategies to beat the competition. Gathering of quality information about the customer’s perception of the brand is important in identifying the best way to satisfy the customers thus achieving the primary objective of business. The marketers also need to have adequate information about the audience to identify the kind of language to use and the features that they should mention in the adverts. Every demographic type has unique needs that must be considered for marketing strategies to work.

Customization of the profile page is also important in achieving the best results (Gardberg & Fombrun, 2006). A good profile page appeal more to the audience and this increases their online interaction. The content that is used in the tweets should also be interesting, valuable and fun. This makes the interaction on the platform even more fun and increases the number of followers. The responsibility that I was given as a brand ambassador helped me realize the need to make the content interesting, and that is how I got many followers. The first step I did was to research on the audience thus I would customize the adverts to suit the target market.

  1. Explain the rules of discussion board netiquette

For a discussion board to effectively achieve its mandate, there are guidelines that must be followed. Sticking to the topic is a major rule that should be followed. The aim of this is to ensure that intended target group gets the right message. The discussion is also enhanced by posting simplified and accurate content. It is thus important that one carries out adequate research before posting to avoid repeating concepts and questions. Good grammar and capitalization also appeals to the audience and makes the discussion easier. The people who misuse the discussion by attacking others in the form of insults must not be tolerated. Double-posting or posting repetitively should not be done (Saebo & Paivarinta, 2005). One must ensure accuracy, and this helps during data collection when measuring the impact of social media presence. The rules also require that one should not use fake identities, but they should use their real names and position held in the company. I find discussions that are clear due to good   grammar easy to read and understand.

  1. Common themes in Q&A sites, discussion forums, and social news sites according to the text

The online discussion forums, Q&A sites, and social news sites are similar in various ways. The main theme in the platforms is the promotion of a brand or an idea. This is achieved through the connections that enable the members to interact freely on the platforms. The platforms connect people from different geographical locations and social backgrounds to share on various issues, and they allow the participants to carry on the discussions without interference unless in cases of misconduct (Hanna, Rohm & Crittenden, 2011). The platforms aim at informing the members about various issues in the society by posting informative content. The platforms are mainly used as a form of entertainment more than a means of marketing products. However, they provide marketers with a platform to air their adverts. In my case, I visit the discussion forums mainly for research purpose especially concerning products that I want to purchase.

  1. The significance of smartphones in relation to social media marketing

The increased growth of social networking has led to a growth in the demand for smartphones. The phones allow users to access the social network media such as Facebook and twitter thus can be used to meet effectively the goals of the marketers in an organization. The marketers need their adverts to reach as many people as possible within the shortest time possible to succeed in the competitive business environment today. The majority of Smartphone users usually have their phones within reach all the time thus are able to connect with people online. This makes it easier for marketers to connect with many Smartphone users easily. More than 70% of the Smartphone users are able to access social network n their devices at least once every day (Park, Kee & Valenzuela, 2009). The increased ability of interaction in the social media enables the marketers to keep in touch with consumers online. With about 6illion users of mobile phones worldwide, about 87% of individuals with smartphones use the internet thus are able to access the social network easily. The time that adults spend on mobile phones is more as compared to the time spent on print sources for example magazines. This implies that smartphones have a huge effect on online marketing. In my case, I interact with friends online through Facebook and twitter from my Smartphone. Anytime I need information about a certain product such as its features, availability and prices I consult my peers in the social media.

  1. Benefits accrued by organizations that utilize social networks for marketing

For organizations to succeed, effective marketing strategies must be put in place. The activities of the marketing department must be aligned with the overall goals of the organization to create awareness of its products to the customers. The existence of customers is the main aim of businesses existence. Businesses cannot therefore operate without customers. Due to the growth in the population of people that use the internet as a source of information, customers are likely to gain information from the use of social media more than other forms of media such as newspapers. The marketing contributes to growth in sales volume and thus increased revenue (Tsai, 2001). Through the interactions with customers in the social network enables the organization to get feedback on the preferences of the customers. The organization is thus able to make the necessary changes thus meeting customer needs more efficiently. The social network also enables organizations to learn about the competitors easily thus make the necessary steps to ensure they satisfy the customers better. When working as a brand ambassador for an electronic company, I realized the benefits that the organization made the increased sales especially as a result of online marketing.

  1. Explain the steps for measuring social media and Explain the difference between measurement and evaluation.

The volume of content and the perceptions on a particular topic on social media or a brand is determined through social media measurement that takes place in five phases. The process begins with the identification of the major keywords regarding the topic or the brand. Once the keywords are identified, the researcher then needs to adjust searches in order to identify the most likely social media platforms involved. The other step involves setting a benchmark against which the results are measured. The main focus areas are then identified after a critical review of the expected feedback. The last phase in the approach involves the selection of a platform that is used by the majority of target groups. Although the terms evaluation and measurement of social media may seem similar, they are very different (Zhang, JAckerman & Adamic, 2007). After the social media has been measured, it cannot gain any meaning unless the evaluation is done and, in the same way, the evaluation cannot be done unless social media is measured. While social media measuring entails collection of data evaluation of the same implies giving meaning to the collected data. Working as a brand ambassador is probably one of the major responsibilities that taught me the importance of accuracy in data collection and analysis. I was involved in the social media measuring where the company aimed at determining the popularity of a certain brand of phone. It was determined that the majority of the customers who knew about the company’s brand used Facebook. As an ambassador, I took the initiative in introducing and promoting the brand to other social networks.

  1. Guidelines those moderators should follow in online discussion groups

One of the major roles of moderators is to ensure that the online forums achieve the objectives by following guidelines. Organizing is one of these guidelines where the moderators have the mandate to provide discussion topics and handle and conflict between the members. Leading is also another guideline of the moderators where they are required to provide the forum with informative posts. They are also involved in conflict management that entails encouraging healthy intellectual competition and arguments (Winograd, 2008). They should also ensure that the participants are aware of the acceptable behavior. They should also lead by example, inspire, promote teamwork and act as a mentor to other people in the forums. I have take part in several discussions and forums that I get inspirations from on the social media, and I feel that their content is informative.



  1. What are the five metrics identified as necessary for auditing a company’s social media presence on social media platforms?

In the measurement and evaluation of social media, there are some metrics that are used to determine the brand’s or the company’s presence in social media platforms. One of the metrics is the behavior of online users towards the brand or the topic. This can be determined by using indicators such as text analysis, number of followers, page visits, buzz and online visits. The other metric that can be used is the financial metrics determined by the sales level, profits and revenue per customer. Repeat visits are also another way through which social media presence of a company can be measured. It is an indication of growing popularity of the brand thus showing increased presence of the company in social media. The other metric is the net promoter score that is measured by considering the number of unhappy customers, promoters, and passive customers (Scott & Jacka, 2011). If the percentage of loyal enthusiasts minus that of detractors is more than zero, then the company’s presence in social media is high. The conversion rates are also used as metrics in social media presence by measuring the rate at which a viewer buys a particular product. In my case, the evaluation of the social media presence was measured through the net promoter scores. 95% of the brands were found to have an NPS greater than zero while others had an NPS of less thus indicating a strong presence of the brands in the market.

  1. Guidelines for creation of content and effective twitter

Twitter is a popular way of social communication because it enables individuals to talk about their interests, share pictures, blog posts and advice on various issues. It is, therefore, a suitable mode of communication that marketers can use to meet their business objectives. To attain the objectives, the marketers need to develop effective twitter channel. The main focus should be on relationships to achieve self-promotion. The relationships that one has with the target market determine the sales volume to a great extent. The marketer should have optimal times especially at the time when the followers are also updating to interact with them effectively. The success of twitter can also be enhanced by the response to the questions asked by the clients to build the reputation of the organization (Hardey, 2011). The other way through which one can use twitter effectively in marketing is by obtaining the feedback of customers whenever they can to learn about the perception of the customers on the product. The last factor that can lead to success in marketing using twitter is the provision of unique value. In my case, I did not understand why my twitter account did not have many followers and had little influence on marketing but after I established self-promotion, I experienced a change. The sales increased because I interacted with my followers effectively and offered a 5% discount on the twitter customers.

  1. The best practices for customer communities in online marketing

An online community can be very helpful in achieving marketing strategies therefore; one must ensure they target the right audience to represent the community. This may include employees, close friends, business partners, and customers. One of the best practices for these online communities involves putting their needs first such as ensuring open conversations. This ensures that discussions among the community members are centered on activities and products that they are most likely to enjoy. The second practice involves the realization that the community is not a technology challenge implying that social architecture is what the marketer should focus on rather than technology. The community should also be managed properly failure to which it may not achieve the target aim. Moderation of behavior and building a strong relationship among the members are some of the ways in which one can ensure effective management (Sawhney, Verona & Prandelli, 2005). The progress of the community should not be measured using the same indicators every time rather new yardsticks should be used. For instance if it was measured by the number of new members over a certain period of time, the indicator should not be used again. The measurement should be qualitative as opposed to quantitative. Although the customer communities work as effective tools of marketing, they do not act as traditional modes of marketing. One may consider using different ways of communicating the message to the community not necessarily using direct marketing statements. In my case, I find that most of my friends share some discussion forums with me and sharing our experiences is very interesting.

  1. What are the merits and disadvantages of the creation of a white label social network?

The social network is similar to other forms of social media except that it is operated by a private organization. The mode of promotion is advantageous because it is possible to customize the features to suit the needs of the users (Portes, 2000). The administrators of the social network are able to get more detailed information about the users thus they are able to design the best approach to use in communicating. Due to the established relationship with the company in the corporate social network, the customers or employees are not likely to become inactive in the platform thus promoting sales. Despite the advantages of the social network, there are a few drawbacks that may adversely affect the company. One of the disadvantages is the amount of time required to maintain a social network and the capital investment is very high and may not be affordable to many companies. The network is also faced with the challenge of establishing the network. Before the social network gains popularity, the employees may be required to invest a lot of time in providing content and stimulating conversations. Getting a new member is also a primary challenge, especially if the brand is not well recognized. Although I have never worked with a company that uses the social network, I have a friend who works in such a company and the marketing in such a platform is very easy


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