Sample Essay on Online Store Design Strategy – Phone Arena

Online Store Design Strategy – Phone Arena


Mobile phones are so far the number one prevalent consumer electronic devices worldwide. Smartphones are receiving more attention from handset manufacturers, wholesalers, and trailers. Today, there are over 20 million active smartphones across the world (Graupera & Lundrigan, 2013). Samsung and Nokia are further proof of the idea that smartphones are a must-have gadget in today’s world.

Phone Arena is seeking to take advantage of this opportunity and grow into a highly discerned and reputable leader in the smartphone communications sector. It is the objective of our firm to become established as the number one retail store for communication services in New Mexico. Our products include a range of smartphones, tablets, and accessories, such as headphones, ear-sets, cases, and batteries.


There are five fundamental aspects to our strategy. These encompass communicating diverse customer needs in one place, getting a head start in the market, rapidly developing a brand identity, using opinion leaders to lure and keep traffic to our online store, and using external fulfillment service providers and cloud ERP and CRM solutions in the interests of lowering operating costs.

A good website is fundamental to the growth of our business, and communication of our brand while widening our audience. As a result, we seek to enhance our online web presence with the help of search engine optimization in order to receive at least new visits each day. Gaining good traffic to our online shop would ultimately lead to the company’s improved sales to double digits in the coming years.

Visual multimedia is a number one concern in the design of high-context websites. As noted by Baxley (2013),” web site is not just a collection of texts; it is a conglomerate of images, multimedia, interactive features, animated graphics, and sound.” From a marketing – strategic point of view, Phone Arena acknowledges that developing an appealing and efficient online store for other cultures is no longer just a matter of language and modification of time – and date – formats. We intend to focus on cross-cultural web design elements that include specific and appealing color connotations, layouts, animation, sounds, as well as other effects that are evidence of today’s generation of websites. Understanding how communication strategies may be reflected in our store, we come to a stride ahead towards identifying, and subsequently acknowledging the potential of the interactive nature of the web.

To successfully meet this objective, Phone Arena’s primary success factors will be to acknowledge the trends and incorporate them into the organization’s business operations, adapt quickly to technological variations, capitalize on marketing, advertising, and most importantly, an effective form of distribution that would reach a larger audience. This is in line with the company’s goal to stay ahead of the technological curves. The above-stated objectives are in line with the company’s plans to shift from the in-store retail business model to an online store. In order to do so, it seeks to position itself to have a distribution channel very different from its existing channel. This document highlights Phone Arena’s operational, marketing, and strategy goals and the ways in which the company plans to break even and attain its forecasts.

Targeted Group

In order to achieve the above-stated objectives, we must clearly study and define the target group that we seek to drive into our store. While user experience is fundamental in coming up with this website, a study of the design elements prevalent in the culture may as well offer us some useful guidelines.

Our primary target will be the male gender. Male consumers make more online purchases and spend more money than females. They are more expected to buy products online in the future (Gao, 2013). Gao also notes that women, on the other hand, have a greater level of web apprehension and thus uncertainty of e-business.

Site Storyboard

The Overall Site Structure


Detailed Structure of the Outline

The URL of each page is detailed in the table bellow

Page Page URL
Landing Page
About page
Smart Phones
Buyer Guide
Our Blog


Web Layout

Personalization is one of the aspects that may well enhance the interaction between people and computers and provide possibilities for building long- term customer relation. Our online store will rely to a great extent upon the interface and how visitors interact with it to improve their online shopping experience. This is fundamental to our diversity on offering a larger spectrum of phone products and services to our customers. Phone Arena’s online store will depend heavily on links and information described by a limited amount of text and illustrations. The following are detailed visual representation of each web page featured in

Home Pa

Offers Page


















Our Blog Page









Buyer Guide

About Page

Detailed Description

Menu and Navigations

As a starting point, the menu will consist links with different shades, one of which is slightly larger than the rest and features an image of the latest addition to the store. On pointing the cursor on one of the other links, the image disappears, while the square pointed by the cursor grows into a new image. When the cursor is moved away, the entire menu morphs back to a set of link boxes. This will help attract users’ interest and willingness to explore the store to find what they are searching for.

In addition, the site functionality should be extended through the use of agent technology. This way, our customers are able to make automated on – line negotiations for the purchase of our products and services. This should also include shopping recommender as a toll to help our customers during their shopping experience. This way, we will also be able to promote our new products.


Fonts are the stylishness of “type face” applied to display texts, numerical as well as characters. Typography includes strategies to display texts in pattern, the amount of white spaces between paragraphs or line, page margins, and text alignments. It reflects not only the appearance of glyphs but also the patterns in which they are placed on a page.

Baxley (2013) comments that a good web design process is to apply the most legible fonts. Fonts in all pages should feature sans – serif family as this is the most standard fonts that are supported on the end-user devices. We acknowledge that pages with one or few font faces are more effective and legible to communicate our products to customers. Applying several faces can result in a confusing visual layout, which can give end users bad experience on visiting the store. In addition, we also know that contents are much clearer when there is an adequate contrast between the content and the background. Our primary focus is to guarantee a higher degree of contrast for the general population of readers. Further, we do not intend to use any blinking and moving texts as they can sidetrack customer’s attention. By using cascading style sheets, we will be able to effectively manage font and other glyphs elements.

Images and Graphics

Since an online store depend on clarity of images displayed on pages, this design will feature vector – based graphics. This approach offers several advantages on the overall look and feel of the website. Vector – based objects allow easy scaling while maintain image quality. Vector – based graphics does not take up so much space since they only contain data about the points, lines, and curves, which form the object. The file type will be PNG since it offers several options, such as indexed or RGB, one to forty – eight – bits. Images with this file type occupy a smaller disc space and have lossless quality. The format generally result in a better looking graphics with reduced file size than any other format for the same kinds of limited – color images.

Multi – Sensory Experience.

Advances in video technology has made it possible to share video online either by using Adobe Flash video format or MPEG – 4. We want to take this advantage and come up with a fully functional website with quality video clips. This will be achieved by using Adobe Flash video. It is a great approach for us to provide high quality files besides the compression that offers great file size.

According to Eun-Jung (2009), the more senses you pull, the more sales you will make. Phone Arena acknowledges these video technology trends and intends to use video that will help customers engage with our products for long. This will be captured as a form of illustrations on new products. Our website will also feature a section of happy customers with testimonies in form of a video file strategically positioned. This way, we will make our prospect feel at home by indicating how trustworthy our products are.

Recommendations and Conclusions

Experience with online shopping tend to correlate positively with consumers’ willingness to shop online (Himmelsbach, 2013). The more experience the customer is with online shopping and the more satisfied he or she is with past online transaction experience, the higher his or her purchase amounts and the likely they are to be repeated purchasers.

The website should be geared towards providing consumers with number one quality communication services. The company should emphasizes on tailored service to its customers by providing convenience and easy to navigate online store. In addition, it should employ todays’ technological know – how that will act as a guide clients in choosing the product that fits their needs.

The apparent advantages of e-shopping in relation to conventional in-store shopping are one of the leading forces in our design strategy. However, effective personalization and a user-tailored approach should result in an improved consumer shopping experience and acceptance of online shopping. As a result, this design should be more user-centered which will ultimately lead to positive purchasing behavior.


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