Sample Essay on Personal Branding Mission Statement

Personal Branding Mission Statement

Creating a personal mission statement is one of the most significant tasks  as it provides guidance, clarity, and purpose in life. Clear and comprehensive vision and mission statements have the potential of guiding one’s actions, thought process, decision making, and current or future goals.

My Mission Statement

My mission is to lead a principle-centered life, guided by moral values such as decency and the impulse for personal improvement and productivity in both my personal and professional life. Equally, I want to develop my professional skills in being a lecturer at a local university in Saudi Arabia through which I am able to make an impact on other people’s lives. My life purpose is to become the change I envision for the world and my immediate environment. As such, I promise to continually work to improve others and myself.


Professionally, I want to set and exploit ambitious career goals and objectives coupled with a strong work ethic and the motivation to be productive. I enjoy learning new things, while maintaining professionalism at all costs, especially with respect to meeting deadlines. In the pursuit of success, it is critical to recognize the importance of continuous learning and intellectual growth. I want to advance my knowledge further through education and mentorship with the help of mentors who inspire me. Self-development is crucial in increasing one’s capabilities and skills. In the process of learning, I will strive to impart my knowledge on others professionally. This will enable me to become a visionary and inspirational leader at the workplace.

Me as the Product

Having worked as a Public Relations Officer, I have insurmountable knowledge in Public Relations and Social media. My work is,therefore, to make my clients seem great. My mandate is speaking for my client, educate the audiences on important matters allied to the client, inform constituents, as well as assist in mitigating negative and harmful publicity. Generally, my tasks involve representing the client in different audiences such as the media to ensure that they get favorable publicity.

Accordingly, other than garnering the attention of the media, I coordinate activities like meetings, events, speaking engagements, education programs, as well as other kinds of communication. One of my objectives is to reach the targeted market via use of media. In terse, I make my client’s message more powerful. It is worth noting that my career involves creating credibility and goodwill of my clients. Moreover, my jobs are normally in-house and I can work in different industries – both public and private – from small businesses, large corporations to nonprofit making firms.

Some of my competencies as aPR officer include developing, planning and implementing Public Relation strategies, analyzing media coverage and doing research, writing, and distribution of press release to the media. In furtherance to this, I edit and write newsletter, speeches, annual reports, and articles. I also commission market research, crisis management, and organization of events such exhibitions and press conferences.

Nevertheless, despite my strengths as a PR officer, I have a weakness of being a people-pleaser. I also have a weakness with technology because I cannot identify the latest software in the market. However, I have learnt about the weakness and I have apparently created passion in reading current articles in information technology and software development. My main goal is to get a job after getting a certificate and therefore, I want to acquire as much information as possible regarding current and emerging software before certification.

Besides my career, I want my mission statement to help me prioritize my spiritual and family life. I am a perfectionist who is highly invested in my career ambitions and intentions. Most of the time, this is a flaw regarding my professional life because it sometimes compromises personal relationships. Moreover, I would like to grow spiritually and adopt moral values that will help me grow in the right direction. This includes prioritizing my relations with my family and exploring the prospect of having a family of my own. The perfect life is where I am growing spiritually, and I have a good relationship or contact with my family and friends. It is important to recognize that the implementation of a successful vision and mission statement requires the identification of a ubiquitous distinction and connection between your personal and professional life.

Social Media Zones

Social dynamics are important in both personal and professional spheres. Therefore, I would love to leave a lasting legacy in my interactions, especially with regard to my good deeds and infectious vitality.  I am also sociable and a good team player and I know that I can use these important traits to develop my personal brand further. In our daily endeavors, we are bound to interact with different people. Therefore, it is important to remember that relationships are integral and should be as genuine as possible. In building these relationships, it is important to consider the importance of seeking to understand and thereafter, be understood.


In the contemporary world, social networking is integral in building these relationships. I will use my LinkedIn account and a personal site to highlight my professional qualities, career experiences and intentions. The essence of highlighting these skills is to build a distinguishable individual, and a tough brand focused on delivering service to the people.I will participate actively in social publishing through my site, creating content that highlights my capabilities and skills, intended to build my brand image. This content will be equally shared to all my social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The process of creating a visible brand image requires building associative relationships with the audience. Within the site, I will include a responsive platform for my audience to contact me regarding any comments and suggestions on the content that I will be posting.

Generating traffic for a site can be a difficult task. It requires constant creation of valuable content to keep the audience engaged and involved. One of the key methods I will implement to generate traffic for my professional site is to be the resource that my audience needs. This involves creating content that appeals to my audience. When one’s prospect audience is happy, then the site will receive enough traffic. I plan to use survey tools such as Google Docs or Survey Monkey to decode the content that my audience prefer and to generate feedback and ideas. Also, digital marketing is big in the blogging world. Often, it is crucial to incorporate some form of digital marketing space on your site for companies that are related to your brand. Similarly, this generates traffic to the site as people are drawn to current trends involving digital marketing.