Sample Essay on Personal Business Plan

Personal Business Plan

Most dreams usually die after graduation because many students do not wish to continue their studies.  Unlike them, my plan after finishing university is to obtain Master’s degree in my field of specialization which is engineering. It has been a career field that I have always been dreaming about (Aydogan 3190). I have always wanted to become a technician because of a desire that I had for electronics. My dream has been to study hard and narrow my career into the building and designing mobile phones. Throughout my entire life, my mission has always been to live a better life than my  parents. The only way to achieve this is to put tireless, motivated and dedicated efforts into my studies. I have always believed that the main reason why I had to go to school and study hard was to make my family do better financially.

In fact, there are three questions I have always been asking myself. The first one is who I will be in the next ten years? The second question has been what impact I will have on my family and the people around me? And the third one is how should I build the foundation for my future? These three questions are the guiding principles in my life. Fortunately, my family has always supported me in everything that I have been doing. In addition, they have always known my love and passion for mobile phones that have the latest technologies, so they have helped me with the researches that I have been doing. Because of the love that my family has shown me, it has also become my greatest fear. One thing that I cannot afford in my life is to fail myself and my family (Claire et al. 500). Moreover, my relatives have put a lot of trust in me, and this has also become a driving force in my life which helps me to wake up every day in the morning to do my research in the field of electrical engineering (Ahuja et al. 45). The advantage of the career path that I have chosen is that people will never stop  buying newly designed mobile phones. The job market particularly for electrical engineers is not very crowded. However, my main focus is not to be employed in any firm. If I get employed,  it will be a good start. On the other hand, if I do not find a company to work for, I will use the skills that I have acquired throughout my studies to create my startup and look for investors with capital. I believe this will create some great opportunities for other graduates in the field to earn money and change their lives.

My brand positioning statement would contain three main things as I step out of college to start my career. The first one would be my passion for repairing and building electronics.I know there are a lot of people especially in the entertainment industry who would want to see new designs in the market. I, therefore, will exploit my interests and the knowledge I have from college to satisfy the market’s needs. The second thing is the target audience which consists of people who are almost my age. Therefore, it would be easy for me to know what they want to buy. This would depend on any firm or company that I will either work with or the one I will work for.

In the coming years, I will be proud to be a successful entrepreneur who would create job opportunities for students majoring in electrical engineering. Running a personal manufacturing shop that deals with mobile phones, speakers, and complement products will be my definition of success. I know it will not be easy and there will be a lot of obstacles that I might meet on the way. One of them can be  raising startup capital. As far as I know it has always been the major obstacle that people face especially after developing business ideas. To overcome this, I plan to get employment from any firm and save the salary that I will get plus borrowings to start my car dealing firm. Having learned all the ethical behaviors that are present in electrical engineering, I will use it to benefit the society that I live in by creating new jobs and making mobile phones that meet desires of the people and can be used to benefit the community and solve the radiation problem.

Most importantly, I have always been very keen on taking other people’s advice. According to Claire et al., young people should open up to new suggestions and this has been one of the greatest achievements in my life (500). I am convinced that there must be people in our lives that act as reminders and are the ones who keep us on the right path towards achieving our long-term goals (Claire et al. 500). One of them is my father. He  always supported me in everything that I did, and taught me that giving up should not exist in my life. Furthermore, my lecturer always said that everything is possible under the sun, claiming that even my dream of being a car designer can be achieved as long as I do not give up. He taught me that I should always set my goals and  work as hard as I can to make sure I achieve my dreams

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