Sample Essay on Personal Philosophy of Adult Education

Personal Philosophy of Adult Education

Education and learning are essential to all society efforts for positive transformation. My work as an adult teacher will be to help individuals, the society as well as its institutions to take on a learning attitude. I consider education as a basis of human life. I believe that individuals yearn for knowledge and that the fulfillment of this thirst gives a basis on which to boldly carry out an individual’s full potential. As an adult educator, I will basically teach the adults, as my education mainly focuses on adult psychology, institutional development, employees and labor force issues, and adult literacy have influenced my faith about adult education through the development of open-mindedness and understanding of the diversity of humans, their education approaches and values as well as their transition in life. I will basically teach online so that I can reach different adults from diverse location. My teachings will focus on two major areas known as adult literacy and the English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.

I believe that every individual has a great potential in his/her growth and development, despite their age and are essentially good. I choose to teach because teaching is my passion. What greatly motivates me is the ability to help others learn. I do believe that maximizing an individual’s potential throughout ones lifetime is the final goal of the adult’s education. I suppose that by virtue of the numerous roles that individuals possess and the life transitions that individuals pass through, that there are unlimited opportunities for education and gaining new skills. According to me, education establishes a keener ability for self-reflection to occur leading to maximum personal development. Different learners possess different learning abilities and have varying learning approaches. However, what is normally common among every learner is the desire to gain new skills and knowledge (Noddings, 1995). As a teacher, I believe the best teaching approach involves teaching by role playing and having my students repeat and sound out words. I also feel a great liability in utilizing adapted techniques and methods in assisting individuals with disabilities or any other barrier to receiving education. The approaches to instructions that I prefer includes providing and requesting feedback, and opening the lines of communication to the point of establishing effective dialogue between my students and myself.

I do believe that adults also desire to learn just like the young people. With this notion, the goals that I have in mind for my students include establishing various environments conducive for adult learning and to help the adult learners compile a toolbox of skills that they require in order to reach their potential as learners. The goals I have in mind for myself, as an adult educator is to become a role model to all my students and to be able to establish a learning environment, which creates in the learners a thirst for the attainment of knowledge, insights as well as skills beyond the direct experience with me as their educator. What I find rewarding about teaching is being able to witness the results of my hard work in action each day. It is satisfying being able to assist other people understand a particular concept, which seems complex to them. Seeing the look of satisfaction and accomplishment on the faces of such individuals makes me feel much more satisfied (Noddings, 1995).


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