Sample Essay on Population and Public Health Response

Population and Public Health Response

I agree with my classmate that it is not appropriate to term healthcare systems as sickness care systems. Indeed, a well-functioning healthcare system defends the given population against threats to its health status (Krebs, 2016). The healthcare systems are meant to improve the health status of individuals and communities rather than worsen them. These systems also focus on protecting people against ill-health-related financial costs and ensuring the provision of equitable access to a healthcare system focused on the people. Therefore, as my classmate notes, the healthcare system is not perfect, but terming it as the sickness care system is quite inappropriate.

I support the idea that the public health care system should concentrate on the protection and improvement of the well-being of the population. Undoubtedly, the public health sector should be about promoting the conditions that make people stay healthy by engaging the socio-economic and political conditions determining the overall population health (Krebs, 2016). The mentioned effort should be made universally to keep the population healthy at all costs. Besides, the system should create balance in the improvement of overall health and bridging the gaps in the health care system.

I also agree that universal healthcare delivery systems are meant to respond to the gaps in the health care sector. The healthcare delivery systems ensure quality assurance, financing, resource allocation, and access to proper health care. Additionally, I agree that there are gaps in the healthcare systems that need to be addressed strategically to improve the healthcare system (Greene, 2011). Moreover, universal health coverage is a health care issue addressed by healthcare delivery systems. I also believe that coordination between the health care sector and social services is not efficient (Satcher, 2008). However, the incorporation of various strategies either using the social determinants or socio-political change will help in bridging the gaps within the health care system using the available resources.


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