Sample Essay on Psychical Therapist as my profession of choice

Psychical Therapist


This paper provides a critical look at my chosen profession and my plans on how the requirements of this profession will be achieved. Physical therapy is my profession of choice. I have had the desire of pursuing this career since my early childhood years. In addition, I have always had an inward desire to always help those in pain. Since the beginning of the course physical therapy has been my career of choice. Some of the major aspects of the career that interest me include the fact that it provides a platform for working with patients who can engage in limited use of different body parts because of pain or injury. In addition, the field of physical therapy allows the professional to build flexibility, strength, and spirit among patients. This is one of the ways through which such patients are able to gain and take charge of their lives.

About the profession

Physical therapy requires emotional and physical involvement. This is largely because the changes in patients are often limited and must be measured in extremely small increment. In most cases, a physical therapist can administer his skills to about ten patients per day (Brown, 2001). Patients often seek the professional expertise of a physical therapist after a traumatic injuries resulting from automobile accidents such as car crashes. In other situations, these patients comprise those suffering from sports related mishaps among other injuries.

It is a requirement for a physical therapist to ensure that he or she is sensitive to the emotional and physical limitations of the patient. This includes encouraging them to engage in the physical and hurting exercise while reminding them of its essence. This is an indication that patience is an essential virtue for both the physical therapist and the patient. Physical therapy is demanding in the sense that the therapist is required to spend time bending, standing and crouching while assisting the patient. In addition, the therapist will also spend time handling paper work and filling progress reports for the patients (Brown, 2001).

As a physical therapist, I would like to work in a hospital and the private sector where I will meet patients from different backgrounds. Since the profession handles patients with different injury related complications, it will be important to work closely with other professionals such as physicians who will help in the determination of the pace and the expected progress of the patients. In addition, a physical therapist must also work with neurologists, pediatrics, orthopedics, and gerontologist. However, this is dependent on the age of the patient and type of injury among other factors (Dreeben-Irimia, 2011).

Requirements of the profession

For an individual to qualify for an admission into the field of physical therapy, it is important to pass for some general educational classes that will act as preparation for programs in physical therapy. These classes include psychology, biology, chemistry, English, statistics, and humanities (Dreeben-Irimia, 2011). Upon admission into physical therapy program, the classes will focus on the practice of physical therapy. These include basic and clinical medical science courses whose focus will be on the theoretical and practical aspects of physical therapy. It is important to note that the processes of learning the essential subjects entail enrolling for an undergraduate degree program, which emphasizes on health and science related disciplines (Glynn & Weisbach, 2011). For an individual to practice physical therapy it is a requirement to complete accredited graduate degree programs in physical therapy. Upon qualification, such an individual must be certified to obtain legal permission to practice (Dreeben-Irimia, 2011).

Doctor of Physical Therapy is one of the physical therapy programs that I will apply for. This is a physical therapy degree program sponsored by Neumann University. For an individual to qualify for this program it is required that he or she earns a baccalaureate degree. Neumann University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher education to offer and certify this program (Millis & Levine, 2012).

Acupuncture is also a degree program in physical therapy offered by the National University of Health Sciences. This program offered the Master of Science Acupuncture Degree, which is earned in seven trimesters. This program incorporates cadaver dissection as part of the curriculum. Through this incorporation, a student is often able to study the relationship between the acupuncture points and human anatomy. It is important for interested students to earn an undergraduate degree in disciplines related to health sciences, as this will enable such students to understand basic concepts in the field of physical therapy (Page & Page, 2010).

Upon completion of my bachelor ’s degree program, I will use sites related to physical therapy as sources of jobs. These will include the American Physical Therapy Association and

After qualifying for the career, I will apply for a physical therapist job in Covington for Landers Physical Therapy. It will create an opportunity to serve as a specialist in orthopedics and spine related complications. It will be a chance to work in private practice. I will also apply for employment opportunity as a physical therapist in Brockton for Brocton Visiting Nurse Association. This will serve as a platform for engaging in a collaborative home health programs for physical therapy patients. Other than the provision of opportunities to practice already acquired skills in physical therapy, these positions also provide an opportunity for interacting with other experts in the field while at the same time the salaries and allowances allocated for these positions also act as effective motivating factors.

For an individual to qualify for the physical therapy position at Brocton, it is required that he or she attains an undergraduate degree in physical therapy. Being in Massachusetts, a therapy license to practice in Massachusetts is a requirement. The Physical Therapy Licensure Board in Massachusetts requires an individual to show proof of having passed the National Physical Therapy Examination. This I will complete upon graduating from this course (Page & Page, 2010).

Continuation of learning

One way through which I will continue acquiring skill in physical therapy is by becoming a registered member of the America Physical Therapy Association. This will provide a platform of meeting with other therapists while at the same time learning more about the field by engaging in conferences, workshops and training programs (Harasymiw, 2011).

I will also engage in active consultation of different learning resources. These include online platforms and websites, which provide more information on the field of physical therapy. In addition, I will also learn seek the assistance of published books and other publications in the library.


The desire to assist those in pain to regain control of their lives has been the objective driving my desire to enroll for a program in physical therapy. The excitement that comes with this course is in the possibility of using theoretical and practical skills to engage in an emotional and physically demanding initiative.




















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