Sample Essay on Purposes of a Marketing Plan

Purposes of a Marketing Plan

Marketing is one of the great ways of developing a great business. It is everything in a business! It is all about packaging, branding, promoting and selling of products and services in the competitive market. With a good marketing plan all can work accordingly as it is a business document written for the purpose of describing the current market position of a business and its core marketing strategy. The purposes of a marketing plan are many but it is wise to may sure that it is properly written.

Coming up with a great marketing plan is not an easy thing. There is a lot to take care of in order to come up with a great marketing plan. Many businesses have failed due to lack of a good marketing strategy. Many blame it on lack of time while others are not creative enough to come up with a great strategy. Lack of a good marketing strategy is the highest level of insanity in the business world. It is like doing the same thing all time, and hope to get the best results within a short duration.

It is important to create a good environment for a good marketing plan and succeed in your endeavors. It is a brilliant idea to take precaution and come up with an intentional act that will help support a simple plan that is easy to share communicate with others at ease. By doing so, it is easy to work miracles in the business sector as the individuals involved in marketing process will understand the value of a good plan. If having problems developing a great marketing plan, writing help from marketing specialist can always work miracles. All in all, there are a few purposes of a marketing plan to be well versed with and they include;

  • To meet the corporate objectives of the company of choice. A good marketing plan provides the context for these business objectives.
  • The marketing plan also helps design incentive pay plans to motivate and reward the frontline employees.
  • A marketing plan will also support marketing activities with a market-based mission in mind.
  • A good marketing plan also helps a business enterprise to provide the solutions to many complications faced by entrepreneurs and still meet the needs of the large clientele base.
  • A good marketing strategy or plan will also bring out the marketing budget including the promotional and advertising plan.
  • Majority of small business owners embrace a marketing plan as part of their complete business plan.

With abovementioned purposes of a marketing plan, it is wise to understand how to write great marketing plans and keep it up-to-date. It does not matter whether you have a one year or five year marketing plan, you should always revisit it periodically and address changes in the market condition, price issues and demand. Every entrepreneur should make use of a well-prepared marketing plan as a foundation to implement the best marketing strategies in see the success of their ventures. In essence, a good marketing plan should be SMART [specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely] to meet the needs of any focused entrepreneur.

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