Sample Essay on Role of Board of Directors & General Manager in a Club

Role of Board of Directors and General Manager/Chief Operating Officer in a Club

The existence of the board of directors and the general manager or the chief operating officer is essential to successful operation of a club. The role of the club board is to govern the ethical and functionality of the club, whereas the manager holds the key career developments that are necessary for the organizational performance and general environment. The board of director position in a private club is determined through elections conducted by the club members. The role of the club director is to provide leadership, guidance, policy implementation and continuous club operation. The role of the board members varies with the primary responsibility to take care in governing the club, be loyal and obedient to the club mission.

The structure of the board is a critical factor to consider in the management of the club. The number of people serving in the organization and the duration they take to serve in the same position and how they arrive at the various positions must be structured correctly. The selection of the board structure will be determined by the challenges that are being faced by the club. The choice of the board size is determined by the historical events of the club. This will be used a as a baseline for determining the number of people to be employed to work in the club and help in decision-making. Recommendations by the board experts suggest that an effective board require uneven members to eliminate stalemate challenges.

The board director, who is also the president of the club, heads the club as the ultimate leader. The club members provide the position of the president through an election. The primary role of the president is to provide leadership for the club by showing leadership qualities to the staff and other stakeholders. The vice president, in case of absentia, supports the president, and he is to be responsible for handling the duties of the president such as conducting meetings.  The make-up of the club also comprises of the club secretary entitled with the responsibility of taking minutes in any meeting and keeping club records. The club treasurer is responsible for providing a monthly report on the organization financial position and has to be compliant to the board requirements.

The service term of the board members is determined by history and tradition of the club and it will range from yearly contract or generational appointments. The effect of long-term governance by the same members is ricocheted by Samuel Adams, an American revolutionist. Adams suggest that the long-term service by the same member may resort to abuse of power compared to short term serving members who will be committed to work and responsibility. Advantage that arise from short-term serving members includes the infusion of the new ideas and viewpoint in the board, efficiency in board performance, more vacant position and little damage to the club due to good responsibility.

Cyril Houle who is an author and a board member to several organizations poses contradiction to the benefits of short-term service. He states that the short-term service is not adequate for the new member to fully understand the club objectives and be able to deliver in the assigned responsibilities. The long-term service is sufficient for a member to have adequate time master complexities existing in the club and establish adequate mitigation measures. The level of commitment and stability of the organization is achievable in long-term membership that will promote setting of strategic plans for the club success.

The selection of board members is also critical in determining the success of the club service delivery. The choice of the board member is done through members nominating committee that exist within the club. The nomination process should consider diversity in the membership, which can be done by selecting members from various membership categories in the club. According to Ralph Lewis, who is a publisher and an editor, there are various dangers relating to board selection such as conflict of interest, directorship, and tokenism. Therefore, while selecting board members, the club should consider trait possessed by the board members and their leadership skill and ability to perform for the club. The newly elected board members should master their roles as responsibilities as set by the club principles. Effective coordination in the club will determine the performance of the board members in delivering club expectations. Orientation into the club is key to the new members as they get to learn as quickly the club operation procedures and to help the person to acquire confidence in the new working environment.

Documentation of the club operation and management plans are very essential to the board members. The board members have to have written documents of the club rules and regulations and all the existing policies that are necessary for governing the club. The most important document that needs to be maintained at all times includes articles of incorporation, by-laws, financial records, agendas, and meeting minutes. These documents are used as reference materials in the decision-making process.

To conclude, the tradition of the club is important to the club members despite other being comical or unrealistic to the outsiders. It is imperative for all the traditions to be documented for easy operation of the club. According to the standards of the chief operating office model, managers should possess qualities of honesty, integrity, accountability leadership and dedication to service delivery.