Sample Essay on Salud program

Salud program

Salud program was created to address the obstacle that seasonal workers faced when they were expected to meet their basic healthcare needs. It is evidence that majority group of seasonal farm employees working in the field move from one crop to another. They work on a temporary basis with specific employers. Working as subordinate staffs on temporary basis blocks them from being legible for any health coverage during their employment periods. Lack of health insurance covers creates an obstacle when temporally farm employees who play a significant role in meeting agricultural needs in all the regions of the world are seeking professional healthcare. The farm workers and their families tend to seek medical services after having acute health problems. They also have a poor understanding of basic health education. Farm workers are also unable to comprehend the maze of confusing and complicated resources that are provided for in the medical system. Salud program is as a result implemented to cater for the needs of seasonal farm workers and fill the existing gap when employees are seeking medical assistance from the healthcare.

Salud program works towards reaching and far supporting the large group of seasonal workers. It plays a significant role in helping access workers at the working sites and in identifying the group of employees who are genuinely seasonal. The program helps the medical practitioners when working towards assisting the seasonal employees and their families to get access to health services. Medical professionals can as a result of using Salud program provide guidance and health education effectively to the temporary farm workers as well as advocating for their families which work towards helping them avoid high health expenses. The program has hence managed to create an environment of trusts between healthcare providers and the farm workers who can appreciate compassionate and quality healthcare. The program has enabled medical professionals to interact on a direct basis with the seasonal farm workers and their families. The interaction has made it possible for them to offer assistance to the farm workers and their families in case of any health problem and met accessibility challenges when they occur. Salud program has hence met the medical needs of the high population of the seasonal farm workers that could have previously failed to obtain medical assistance.


According to the study, it was evidenced that farm workers face a lot of challenges when accessing health care services and they end up remaining untreated. Seasonal farm workers face a lot of challenges when accessing medical assistance. They move from one employer to the other and hence it is difficult to have a medical cover for them and their families. Farm employees are prone to acquiring diseases since they are exposed to many environmental and work-related hazards. The employees working on farms have also been categorized as the people with low education backgrounds and social status. They hence end up being categorized as underserved members of the society. They face a lot of challenges when accessing health services and they as well fail to understand medical jargons when accessing services. To fill this gap, creation, and implementation of salad program has been effective in ensuring that all genuine temporary farm employees can access the professional medical services and education. The program has hence contributed in ensuring that the health of seasonal farm workers is taken care of when the employees and their families are suffering from diseases.