Sample Essay on Self-Sacrifice in the face of a Compelling Circumstance

Capacity for Self-Sacrifice in the face of a Compelling Circumstance

There are situations in life that require an individual to make an extra-ordinary decision in order to solve them. These incidences might require making a decision that needs self-sacrifice in order to face them since they rarely have any alternative to overcome. An individual must to respond to these circumstances in order for life to move on. The novel, The Great Gatsby, by American writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925 highlights some of the situations that cal for self-sacrifice to solve. Written in the wake of the World War I, the novel explores a number of themes that reflected the American society by then. These themes include decadence, social upheaval, rebellion against change, and love immoralities. This paper highlights the self-sacrifice made by the main character, Nick, who is also the narrator, in numerous compelling situations.

Nick Carraway graduated from Yale University and enlisted into the army during World War I and retired as a war veteran. After leaving the army, he became a bond entrepreneur in Long Island and lived in a fictional village called West Egg. Coincidentally, Nick has a cousin, Daisy, who lived nearby with her husband, Tom. In the neighborhood, Jay Gatsby is a young affluent millionaire who Nick considers to be extravagant due to the number of parties he hosts in his house. Daisy and her husband introduce Nick to Jordan Barker and they end up having an intimate relationship. As days goes by, Nick gets an invitation to one of the Gatsby parties where he meets Jordan. Surprisingly, Gatsby is also a veteran and he knew Nick from the wartime. At party, Gatsby requests Nick to feel comfortable and free. Nick is faced with the first compelling situation when Jordan explains to him that Gatsby and Daisy had a romantic encounter in the yester years. Nick realizes that the millionaire is attracted to his cousin in spite of being married.

Most human beings are attracted to wealth and good living. Many of them are ready to sacrifice in order acquire wealth. Nick finds himself in this situation where Gatsby asks him to arrange a rendezvous with Daisy. He obliges and asks Daisy to have tea in his house where Gatsby emerges without her knowledge. Daisy also falls for this plot and she is emotionally connected to Gatsby. The millionaire begins inviting the family for luncheons in his house and this is when Tom realizes that his wife is intimately involved with Gatsby. Tom is compelled by the unpleasant situation to confront the two. This circumstance requires self-sacrifice and unbridled courage to accuse somebody of infidelity especially when they have a higher social standing in the society due to wealth and reputation.

Tom also accuses Gatsby of being corrupt and acquiring his wealth through bootlegging alcohol and other unscrupulous deals. Daisy and her millionaire lover are forced to drive together with Tom’s mistress in the same car. They are involved in an accident. Daisy was driving the car but Gatsby steps in and takes the blame to cover for Daisy. Tom’s mistress dies on the spot and his husband thinks that they were driving with her secret lover. As a result, he shoots both Gatsby and himself. Gatsby makes the ultimate sacrifice and dies in the process after the blame for Daisy.