Sample Essay on Significance of the Book of Isaiah

Significance of the Book of Isaiah


Isaiah is an Old Testament prophetic book that contains prophecies at the time when the Israelites were in captivity. Prophet Isaiah and others started their prophecies when the Israelites started defying God due to the fall of their kingdom. They continued with their prophecies during the time of Babylonian exile until the time of restoration (Beyer, 2007). Other prophets of his time were Amos, Micah, and Hosea. God called prophet Isaiah when he was staying in the temple in Jerusalem. He was anointed by God during detention of Israelites in Babylon. Isaiah was annoyed by the behaviors of people as he tried to convince them but they did not listen to him. The book of Isaiah has three parts; the first 39 chapters describe Isaiah as the prophet, chapter 40 to 55 describe another prophet called Deutro-isaiah as the second Isaiah, and chapter 56-66 describe the third Isaiah who was called Trito-Isaiah. The book has two sections, namely judgment and relief sections. The prophecies of Isaiah are seen in the New Testament during the time of Jesus Christ, whom the prophet described as the messiah (Beyer, 2007). The book of Isaiah was a plan of God about the world. Isaiah told the people of Israel to stop corruption and be upright in their ways. Israel was full of corrupt people who made God to be angry with them. This paper discusses about the importance of the book of prophet Isaiah and how his prophecies were fulfilled in the New Testament.

Outline of the Book of Isaiah

The book of Isaiah largely focused on the Israelites. It has persuasions of the people to turn to God and stop worshiping idol gods. Proto-Isaiah foretold how God would abandon the Israelites due to their defying ways (Beyer, 2007). The prophet says that the whole world together with Israel will be destroyed, but after the destruction, only the holy ones will be restored in Zion and will live according to the ways of God through the messiah, who will be their king. After the thorough punishment of people, God will protect the people, who will remain holy and act according to His ways (The Holy Bible, 2000). Deutro- Isaiah also prophesied about the release of people from detention in Babylon, which would be a plan of God for the people of Israel to be conquered by Persians. Trito-Isaiah also prophesied about the questions and disagreements that would arise among the people of Jerusalem (Beyer, 2007). These disagreements would be about the place of worship, deliverance, and the day of Sabbath. The plan of God in the book of Isaiah is manifested in the line of David where David acted as God’s representative on earth and fulfilled the plans of God about Israel. These opinions would affect all people of Jerusalem. The book of Isaiah also explains about the uprightness and godliness of the Israelites (The Holy Bible, 2000). Israel was filled with sinful people that made God to be annoyed with them.

Purpose of the Book

Prophet Isaiah was similar to other prophets and tried to bring the people of Israel close to their God Yahweh. The people of Israel had shifted from their moral ways and had started engaging themselves in corruption. The kings of Israel relied on other kings to win their battle instead of relying on God as their helper. He always preached to the people of Judah to return to their faithful ways of trusting their God Yahweh. Jesus Christ fulfilled the plans of God to rescue the people from their sins. The messiah would become the king of the whole world and would unite all the tribes of Israel and make them obey only Yahweh as their true God. The messiah would be full of love for the people and would show the same to them. Prophet Isaiah prophesied to people during the exile in Babylon about God’s plans to rescue the people from that bondage and set them free (The Holy Bible, 2000). The prophet was right because after a number of years the people were set free and they went back to their home. The third Isaiah also prophesied about the rebuilding of the temple after exile and the temple was rebuilt just after the people were set free from exile. After exile, life became very confusing and hard to people as paganism arose, but Isaiah promised the people about God’s deliverance to those who will obey Him and will punish those who will go against His ways by obeying other gods.

Importance of the Book of Isaiah

Prophet Isaiah spoke about the messiah frequently, in comparison to any other prophetic book (The Holy Bible, 2000). His book was always regarded as the Christianity book by people, to the extent that people called it the fifth gospel book (Beyer, 2007). He always said that the messiah will be the suffering servant because of the problems that He would face. The prophecies of I