Sample Essay on Slingshot Reflection

Slingshot Reflection

Slingshot is a video that reflects on racing, a unique game that is limited for devices with touch screen. The game is interesting when it allows four players to play at the same time against their families or friends.

My experience after watching this video is that it created an awesome feeling that was characterized with a beautiful surrounding that had ice tracks. Additionally, the tips displayed in the film are amazing. Clearly, this game allows players to learn modern positions while playing. This happens when the participant array a hook at the corner of the screen by pressing at that position. I also learnt that when playing this game, an individual does not require to slingshot by touching the towers.  On the contrary, the racer engage in the game via a grappling hook and select a style whose motion is fast around the corners.

To be an expert in this game, one needs to observe and be keen on how the tracks races by help of a tutorial. In my position, I can familiarize with this video because it subjects racers to be in contact with the snow. It further leads to situations that are complex when tracks collide with racers. I also realized that in this game, a participant can decide to race using various tracks. After watching this video, it is clear that the game can be played during day time or at night.

Reflecting on the film, I learned that its career mode enhanced 80 races. My experience with this game is that it is exiting based on its various objectives that takes place in a number of settings.

This video conform or assimilate with my current view when it allows racers to engage in a simple race by reaching the platform, via the top spot. Initially, I imagined that in this game racers had to move first. This implies that the pioneer one to get ahead of others is crowned the winner. It also means that time is a vital aspect in determining the fastest racer.  In this case, my opinion conforms to what is reflected in the video. I realized that the pickups that are involved in the race emerge the lead. This happened when they moved fast and managed to collect the cogs on the track at the right time.

In my perception, I relate that in order to play any game, there has to be trials. After watching the film, I noticed that this game incorporated trials that gave a chance to the racers. This is apparent when it allows them to focus on timing by trying to race several times. According to the video, this was vital to enable them accomplish a race that is perfect. I also concur with the play when it permits individuals to race with their friends and family. In this regard, racers can adopt a four way multi player by using a single device. Apparently, I can relate with this game because it enables the participants to play by using few clicks.   It is enticing when it is mixed with a fast and random selection that fosters competition.

The slingshot video reflects on my previous perspective through its special features. This game is very addictive, I confirmed this after watching it several times. For a starter, I presumed that they needed to attempt racing several times to become masters of the game. On watching this play, I realized that my initial views were correct because participants found it hard to perfect their skills in the game. For instance, racers had to concentrate especially at the time when they took revolutionary controls.

Previously, I thought that since starting was easy, the entire game would be simple to understand. Conversely this contradicts my view because in the video, starters had to gain skills to become perfect in this game. In addition, I thought that this was simply a plain game that did not incorporate unique features. Later, I got a different perspective from the video when I noticed that it involved stunning graphics that made it appealing to the audience.

Watching this game was interesting as it also incorporated 3D effects that were gorgeous. This was contrary to my views before when I expected its film to be boring. However, particle systems and shadows made the entire sport fascinating. Previously, I did not have a clue that a single device could support four players by enabling them to race in a coincident manner. In my views, I only imagined that it only allowed two players, but this view turned out to be a misconception.

This video assimilates with my perception when I realized that family members were fit to participate. It creates a healthy competition by identifying members who can race at a high speed. By playing it, participants also get the opportunity to be perfectionists by learning a new game that tests on their speed. After playing with friends and families, individuals can rate themselves by tallying their results. This can further be shared on social media platforms. In essence, Slingshot is an interesting video to watch as it upgrades an individual’s perspective and experience.

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