Sample Essay on Smoking Solutions

Smoking Solutions

Smoking remains a global health issue since it is known to pose serious health concerns. It has been linked to a variety of diseases and conditions such as liver cirrhosis, lung cancer, chest pains, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases among others. Itcomprises of over seven thousand chemicals with seventy being linked to cancer causes (ASPA). Despite the health concerns and statistics about cigarette smoking, quitting still remains a nightmare among smokers. This is mainly due to its addictive nature that is caused by the presence of nicotine. This substance is responsible for cravings that make smokers to stay addicted. In addition, addiction has also been linked to triggers such as presence of lighters and association with smokers (HELPGUIDE.ORG). On the other hand, others see smoking as a form of relieving stress or boredom. The various remedies to this problem are as discussed below.

Some of the solutions to this problem include: avoiding triggers, seeking help, making personal plans, staying positive, distractions, and medication among others.Firstly, making quit plans is a fundamental step that helps smokers to stay motivated, focused, and confident. This is because such plans are based on personal decisions. This may include telling friends or family about quitting plans, anticipating challenges, and asking probing questions (HELPGUIDE.ORG). For example, a smoker may ask a question such as “what do I gain every time I smoke?” similarly, telling friends or family may attract positive support from them. On the other hand, anticipating challenges involves designing ways of dealing with withdrawal issues. Secondly, avoiding triggers is equally an important remedy. Triggers are concerned with situations, places, people, things, and feelings that cause the smoking urge. As such, things such as ash trays, lighters, matchboxes should be disposed (HELPGUIDE.ORG). On the same note, associating with non-smokers and avoiding places such as clubs or parties where people smoke would be of significance. Furthermore, stress situations can be relieved through relaxation and meditation techniques.

Thirdly, distraction by staying busy may also be of great help. It involves engaging in other activities in order to distract the mind (HELPGUIDE.ORG). This may include exercises, watching programs, washing dishes, dining in smoke-free places, calling friends, and relaxation among others.For example, washing dishes after meals and then sitting down to watch television could be significant solutionsof quitting. Such activities reduce cravings since a person would not be thinking of smoking with the mind diverted (HELPGUIDE.ORG). Fourthly, staying positive involves focus on quitting plans. It may be gradual but effective in the long run. For example, a smoker may reward himself or herself for not being able to smoke for 72 hours. This can be done by scheduling quit dates. Fifthly, seeking help from various parties could also be a solution. This can be done by consulting friends, workers or families on the best ways of quitting (HELPGUIDE.ORG). Furthermore, joining online forums such as quitters circle provides useful information and guidance. This information may include access to resources, empowerment, and care access among others.

Medically, therapies such as behavioral, hypnosis, and nicotine replacement could serve as good remedies for this problem (HELPGUIDE.ORG). For example, nicotine replacementconcerns delivery of nicotine small doses in order to deal with withdrawal and psychological issues while behavioral deals with coping skills among smokers. As much as smoking is addictive, the use and application of the above discussed solutions could go a long way in addressing this issue. This means that more lives will not be lost from smoking related diseases.

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