Sample Essay on Spike Jonze film stills from HER

Spike Jonze film stills from HER

Sometimes producers use aspects of symbol in a film to depict something totally different. The audience has to create meaning from them. The two still images from the film “Her” by Spike Jonze have some aspects of symbolism. Jonze used color as though it represents a character in the film.

The color of the character in the film sets him apart. It shows he is different. Thus he seems isolated. The audience can point out that Theodore, is a loving person. Here, red color primarily   symbolizes love that resonates from this character. Theodore stands out, unlike other male characters; he seems to be in love with one woman thus he is isolated in the image. Red can also be a symbol of danger. Standing alone could also mean that things are not working out in his life. The woman he loves is divorcing him but he hangs on to love.

Sometimes proper understanding of red color is not there. People associate red with love. During valentines most people use red to symbolize that they are in love. It shows a strong relationship between people and red color in regards to love.

Regarding the inside world of the private life, most people would not like to put their love life in public. Love stories are usually kept private. However, in the play, the love life and the outside world is seen to be put in public most of the time; a fact that is not recommended by many. What

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Jonze is saying through the color red is that there are some things which cannot be hidden; like the color red, which can be identified from far.