Sample English Essay on Story of Cain and Abel

Story of Cain and Abel

As per the Old Testament of the Bible, Genesis chapter four covered the story of Cain and Abel where they are depicted as the first children of Adam and Eve. Cain was the senior child and was a farmer while his more youthful sibling Abel was a shepherd. From the book of Genesis, it was clear that both Cain and Abel impacted the world forever. Cain left a mark on the world by being the first human to be conceived while Abel impacted the world forever to be the first man to pass on. It can be said that these two siblings had what could be said to be sibling rivalry that resulted in the demise of the Abel. Cain murdered his sibling from what can be contended to be anger and jealousy. The killing of Abel was because of the jealousy and anger that his sibling Cain felt after his offerings were rejected by the God omnipotent. After the dismissal of the Cain’s offerings by God, Cain exacted retribution by killing his sibling savagely in the fields. Cain proceeded by deceiving God about the whereabouts of his sibling Abel. This provoked God to pull curses on Cain by letting him know that his lands would not be fertile any longer. Moreover, God additionally reviled Cain by making him a drifter and a fretful person. In this way, it can be contended that God retaliated on behalf of Abel (Carlson 114).

However, God was still benevolent to Cain by setting a stamp that would shield him from being murdered by those he would encounter. Besides, God additionally made a decree that anyone who might kill Cain would confront seriousness of his sufferings seven times more. After that, Cain left his territory and settled at a spot called the land of Nod, which was situated at the eastern part of the Eden. Note that, the vicinity of the Lord was absent in the land of Nod. Apart from being both a farmer and a killer, Cain can likewise be depicted as a city developer, pastoralists, pipe player, and, a tent dweller (Carlson 116).

From the account of Cain and Abel, Christians are in a position of learning many lessons. The primary lesson is that inability of acting according to the will of God is the beginning of all sins. This is because Cain neglected to comply with the commandments of the Lord Almighty by deciding to act in accordance to his will prompted him to fell a casualty of temptation. He permitted envy and anger to take the better part of him subsequently; he killed his only brother Abel. Likewise, Christians can gain from the account of Cain and Abel by understanding that God cannot at all times like our expectations.  Hence, Christians should acknowledge the God’s decision regardless whether they are to their expectations or not. This is because Cain chose to kill his only brother simply because God did not accept his offerings. Consequently, for the Christians to stay away from a comparable situation that happened to Cain, they ought to be in a position of tolerating the Gods decision unequivocally (Shank 52).

Another lesson that can be learned from this story is that no good thing can turn out from displeasure and envious. The fall of Cain can be faulted from his annoyance and jealousy that he vented towards his more youthful sibling Abel. It is important to note that even the Lord cautioned him not to be furious with his sibling. Nevertheless, he did little to refrain from anger and envy that resulted to him killing Abel. His outrage made him conflict with the Lord where he murdered his sibling. From his resentment, he additionally lied and was insubordinate to the Lord by inconsiderately claiming to tend to the God that he was not his sibling’s keeper. Hence, Christians ought to seek for the God’s assistance an ideal way they could to prevent them from being overwhelmed by the danger of resentment (Shank 55).

In addition, Christians through the account of Abel and Cain can discover that the Lord they serve is a merciful God. This is because even after Cain killed his brother savagely; God was still able to forgive him. Moreover, the Lord still put a mark that would shield him from being murdered by his foes. On the other hand, it is evident that Christians ought to hold vindicate just to God instead of taking the vengeance upon themselves for the individuals who wronged them (Carlson 125).

In conclusion, the story of Abel and Cain provides one of the ideal scriptural references that symbolizes evil and good. Abel is depicted as an image of good because he was devoted to God. On the other side, Cain symbolized fiendish in light of the fact that he did defy not only God but also dedicated the transgression of murder. In this way, Cain prepared a prevalent thought and baffled God. Besides, as opposed to getting things right, Cain took matters into his hands and murdered his sibling. Since the time of Cain and Abel, the world we live in is still categorized into two groups pf people namely those who submit to God’s precepts and the people who want to do things according to their selfish will. Subsequently, this lesson demonstrates passive consent and the criticalness of doing things and living the God’s way


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