Sample Essay on Sultan Kosen   

Sultan Kosen

Sultan Kosen was born on 10th December 1982 in Mardin. The Turkish farmer is the tallest man alive according to the Guinness World Record at 8ft 3 inches (2.51m). His growth was a result of a tumor that affected his pituitary gland. Because of his stature, he has to use crutches while walking to get extra support.

Kosen’s parents, sister and three brothers are all of normal height. Because of high height, he did not complete his schooling and precisely for this reason, he decided to become a part time farmer. Sultan Kosen’s height is not problematic for him since he claims to enjoy a lifestyle that is normal and his favorite pastime is playing computer games in the company of his friends.

According to Kosen, there are advantages of been tall. He claims that because of his height, he is able to assist his family by handling domestic tasks like hanging curtains and changing light bulbs.

However, there are also disadvantages to been so tall which include the inability to find clothes that fit him well. His inside leg measurements are 44.5 inches, the sleeve length is 38 inches while he wears shoe number 28. His clothes have to be tailor made and he also has a very hard time fitting into average sized vehicles.

The declaration of Sultan Kosen as the tallest man in the world went a long way to save his life. Because of the pituitary disorder, Kosen’s growth hormones were excess and they contributed to his exaggerated height. Even past puberty, his growth did not stop. After 2009, Kosen grew another 5cms then he was offered medical assistance.

Through a series of operations which were carried out at the University of Virginia in the United States, the growth was stopped.  The full effect of the treatment was supposed to take effect after 2 years but after a series of tests carried out on Kosen in 2011, it was established that his growth hormone levels were almost normal. In March 2012, it was confirmed that the treatment was effective and as of 9th January 2011 he measured   2.51 m.

Sultan Kosen had a dream of getting married but it was unachievable because most women would shy away from dating him because of his height. At the time when the Guinness World Record named him as the tallest man alive, he said he hoped the fame would make it possible for him to get a wife.

His dream finally came true when in October 2013 he married 21 year old Syrian born Merve Dibo. Dibo is 10 years Kosen’s junior and they have hopes of becoming parents to two children. If Kosen’s hormone growth would not have been controlled, he would have died because of the condition.

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