Sample Essay on Taking advantage of being “at the very center of business”

Taking advantage of being “at the very center of business”

Apart from studying an MBA in the business center in New York, I will benefit from several elements that are there by building my life. Being at the center of business will expose me to entrepreneurs and business titans in the city, who have already succeeded in their businesses and this, will give me a chance to interact with them.  This will help me get some skills that I can later use in my career.  New York City has good research expertise that is done in high quality innovation centers that are there. These centers incorporate hi-tech and this will help me to always update my knowledge about matters regarding businesses, education, health, and finance with the reliable information that they provide. This will help me focus on the sectors that are associated with good performance when looking for a job after my master’s degree. This is an advantage because I will be able to secure a job that I will be satisfied with in an organization that I will be satisfied with as well.

The City and the school are a convergence of fashion, media, finance departments, and health care institutions. This will offer me an opportunity to meet various people from all these sectors, and thus I will be all rounded in my life. This specifically adds value to my social life because I will interact with people from different regions who have come to study and others to do business. I will be able to learn their culture and thus this will help me learn how to accommodate people of all types especially when I start working. In addition to this, it will teach me how to accommodate and be hospitable to my fellow students at school. The entrepreneurial culture in the City is vast enough for me to learn how to be creative and innovative to start a business on my own after my studies applying the techniques that I will observe on the entrepreneurs.