Sample Essay on Teamwork Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Practice

Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies

Question 1

Nursing is a career that involves numerous core competencies that regulate and define it. In my career as a nurse, I have been involved in several activities and performed numerous responsibilities. I am a team member and a team leader in the healthcare facility I am stationed. My responsibilities require the possession of various nursing competencies to be adequately performed. According to the Nurse of the Future Core Competency Model, the competencies of leadership and teamwork and collaboration are the most relevant to my responsibilities with regard to my being a team member and leader (Sroczynski, Gravlin, Route, Hoffart, & Creelman, 2011). The table below shows the relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes (K-S-A), which I displayed in line with my competencies of leadership and teamwork, and collaboration.


This competency is concerned with a nurse’s ability to influence the behavior and actions of individuals or groups of individuals within his or her area of influence to achieve set goals and objectives. As a team leader, I was involved in marshaling my team, which comprised of other nurses and medical officers, to achieve our set nursing objectives. I displayed the following (K-S-A) as I exhibited the competency of leadership.

Knowledge Attitudes Skills
K3b. Identified and explained the roles, skills, and responsibilities of the healthcare team. A3b. I valued the various perspectives and expertise of each member of the health care team. S3b. Promoted productivity by valuing individuals and their contributions.

The Competency of Teamwork and Collaboration

This nursing skill involves the use of proper and open communication, respect, collective research, and convergent decision-making. As a team member, I participated in collective research, decision-making, and sought assistance from my fellow team members when in need. I displayed the following (K-S-A) as I exhibited the competency of teamwork and collaboration.

Knowledge Attitudes Skills
K3. Identified the contributions of other individuals and groups in helping patients and families achieve their health goals. A3. Respected the centrality of the patient and family as important members of the health care team. S3. Assumed the role of team member or leader based on the circumstances of various situations.

Question 2

As a team leader, I explained the roles, responsibilities, and skills required of the healthcare team, and patient reports and needs largely informed this. I incorporated the divergent opinions and thoughts of the team members and, in case of sharp differences, relied on consensus to reach an amicable agreement. I promoted productivity by valuing individuals’ contributions and awarding those who showed dedication and great team spirit. For example, I forwarded the names of three of my team members who had shown massive dedication and passion for their job for promotion after achieving a consensus on the issue with other team members.

As a team player, I was able to understand that my strengths lay in patient care and communication and used this understanding to help my team to achieve its interests. I handled issues dealing with research and drafting of the team’s communique. Moreover, on two occasions, I assumed the role of team leader when the leader of the team was absent and led my team to conduct a critical surgical operation.

Before the publication of the Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies Model, I had only limited knowledge of these vital nursing competencies. The Nurse of the Future Core Competencies Model has enabled me to have a deep understanding of nursing competencies and their requisite Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills.


Sroczynski, M., Gravlin, G., Route, P. S., Hoffart, N., & Creelman, P. (2011). Creativity and Connections: The Future of Nursing Education and Practice: The Massachusetts Initiative. Journal of Professional Nursing27(6). DOI: 10.1016/j.profnurs.2011.08.007.