Sample Essay on Technology and Authenticity


Technology and Authenticity

The question of authenticity in the use of computers has always been under the assumption that computers can never feel the same like being in a real life situation. However, the old days where identity was separated from real life in computer screen are coming to a close. People are connecting and operating more with computers, and its convenience is been accepted in authentic environments.

One example of technology that impacts our understanding of authenticity is the use of applications such as Skype and Google Hangouts which allow students to connect with experts from anywhere in the world. An example is a student Skyping with an author of a book read. This gives the student an opportunity to obtain more content and experience of a new voice and perspective in their field of study, an alternative to bringing a guest in class. Technology plays a bigger role in authentic learning environments. In this role, technology can be viewed as a tool that enables students to obtain more value thus lending authenticity to school tasks. Integrating technology into a curriculum provides a student with a tool that increases their knowledge, and this should be considered as a form of a segment of the student’s body of knowledge. Technology is a good supplement in the learning environment and the fact that it allows students do things that wouldn’t be possible previously, it remains to be beneficial, and it is not, and will never be, just about technology. The reason people question the authenticity with the use of technology is because, better performance seems to be a result of a different process, but the real scenario is, better performance is an outcome of a different process meant for a different purpose. There is nothing wrong with enhancing performance as long as ideas presented are consistent with w