Sample Essay on Technology and Its Effect on People’s Life

Technology and Its Effect on People’s Life

There has been tremendous growth and development in the world in terms of technology. It has taken over power and it is evidenced by its impact on people’s lifestyle. The computer and the internet era has seen the rise of development and changes in so many sectors of life. Hence, technology has affected people’s life and brought significant changes on how various things are done.For example, the way people interact and and go about their daily activities .

This paper is an extensive research and analysis of the effects and changes that have been brought about by the widespread use of technology. The research will analyze the way life was before and during the technology age. It will focus on the differences and similarities between the two eras including the changes that have taken place. The focus will include undertaking research from books, journals, articles, internet sources and social media platforms. This is in order to understand what technology is and what it comprises of, reasons or factors that led to technological advancements. From this study on technology, we will be able to establish the changes and influences both positive and negative that have been brought forth by technology.  It emerges that technology does not only have effects on the people. Its effects are felt on almost everything from the; environment, climate, economy, politics, plants and animals among other things. The effects and impacts that are brought about by technology force man to learn more about it with the  aim of understanding it and its operations. This is as a result of man using technology in almost all the spheres of his day to day activities. Hence, creating the importance of understanding technology one is using.

Restlessly, humans have been interested to know how things work and technology has provided a solution for this. Technology has been proved to have brought significant change in people’s lifestyle. From its inception, the time it started to evolve, it has been growing day in day out and in future, the trend may not change. Through technology, man has invented new ways of doing things, using new and existing resources (Bruce, Sam & Jack 4).

Impacts of Technology on People

The impacts that technology has on individuals matters on the approach that the individual has used a particular form of technology, the approach determine whether the result will be positive or negative. The change in technology has resulted into the changes in the following areas that will be expounded in the research:

  1. Education
  2. Health care
  • Communication
  1. Standard of living and nature of work
  2. Life expectancy and global population
  3. War
  • Governance
  • Entertai

Impact of technology on education

Technology has contributed positively for instance; improves literacy development, impacts language acquisition, makes available greater right of entry to information, supports learning, inspires students, and boosts their self-esteem. The rise of computer technology offers plenty of opportunities for students to build or modify their personal knowledge. When carrying out research in libraries the students or researchers need not have the hard copy of the books that they need to use to gather information. There are easier means of accessing the books via the computer and search digital encyclopedia in the internet where the books are accessed easily.

Schools are given an opportunity to interact despite their differences in geographical areas. This interaction is achieved via video conferencing where students learn foreign languages online. Student, teacher interaction is also done over the web rather than meeting physically, this has encouraged distance learning where students can access notes and course work at their own convenient time. There are software games that have been developed to enhance education. They pose a challenge on spelling, counting, and pronunciation. Such games make learning to be a fun experience especially to young children.

Technology used by students in the learning arena sometimes have negative impacts. Where the technology is used, learning time is wasted on the gadgets especially where computer games are involved. Excessive usage of online chatting and shortcuts results to declined writing skills nowadays students are relying more on digital communication. The use of computes has helped students with poor spelling and grammar. From playing games to socializing, these all are done online hence the way one is supposed to act or handle themselves when interacting on a one on one is lost.


Impact of Technology on Health Care

The increase of consumerism in health care shifts in the direction of placing the patient as the last authority for selecting among diagnostic and treatment alternatives. It makes patient records more accessible, the extensive implementation of electronic health records has resulted in considerable savings in health care costs as well as improved patient health and safety. This advancement is not only a time saver but it also results in better data harmonization and management, this helps to ensure that the records of the patients are kept in a centralized location.

Technology has introduced a form of biological science called functional genomics that establish which genes are active in various health and disease states. Technologies have the ability to identify with a disease at a molecular level hence boosts the number of unambiguous categories of diseases and the number of treatment from which practitioners must make a choice. Pharmaceutical companies use gene sequence data to generate new drugs that are aimed to block precise molecules. For common diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, a future practitioner may have to select from hundreds if not thousands of possible healing options.

Patients can visit medical websites and seek information on diseases, symptoms, and preventive methods without going to a medical facility. This means that they look for symptoms, explore treatments and medicines on the web. The Internet has made patients more authorized to make verdict about what to do next about the medical conditions they are. Healthcare facilities especially hospitals, are via social media establish contact with patients they; answer questions about performance, commence public awareness campaigns, and perform community outreach. Advanced sites even put forward instant chats with nurses and doctors about medical issues and reminders for people to be frequently considered necessary tests and vaccines.

Technology has offered new machines, medicines, and treatments that facilitate at a high rate to save lives and improve the chance of recovery for billions. The sophisticated medical practices help patients heal directly, more so, new technology has also enhanced research so experts can make healthcare even more effective. There has been drastic change on the rate of suffering caused on patients that is brought by persistent pains, technology has devised ways of reducing or doing away with pain.

Analyzing health data that users seek for online, search engines such as Google have been able to precisely forecast medical trends such as flu outbreaks.A proactive step aids medical experts respond to outbreaks quickly as well as take preventative procedures. As more people use the internet to explore for their own medical problems, these internet giants will access more data to be appropriate to scientific studies.

Impact of Technology on Communication

Communication is a basic skill that is required in life’s growth and development. Technology development has had a strong impact on the way society carry out communication. With time there has been developments in technology that facilitate communication, from invention of the telegraph and telephone to the initiation of the Internet, technology has given people tools to not only keep in touch with each other, but also express their feelings and opinions to a huge audience than would otherwise have been possible.

An advance in technology has made the world a global village, making communication across borders easier. Developments can be reflected in; telegrams are faster than letters while phone are faster than telegrams, phones are  easier and more convenient, since they require no go-between and allow users to hear each other’s voice. With the email services, computers, webcams, and internet connection online communication is effected which is the most efficient yet. Programs such as such as Skype, iChat or Google Video Chat, allow the parties communicating to see each other not just hearing their voices.

Business networking is made possible by social media and online networks intended specifically for that purpose, such as LinkedIn. Companies can expand beyond their local market and gain a wider customer base in international markets simply by maintaining an active online presence. This has helped individuals to acquire and select from a variety of products offered by the international markets. Consumers can make direct orders from the organizations themselves, while the organizations act on the consumers taste and preference and customize products according to the customer’s request (Levi-Jakšić &Rakočević 18).

Furthermore, technology has improved communication for disabled people and made it possible for them to overcome the barriers of disability that deters them from effective communication. Hearing aids makes better the hearing of partially deaf people making it easier for them to comprehend speech, while cochlear implants brings back hearing to the completely deaf individuals. For the individuals who have lost the ability to communicate completely there is a remedy, which are functional brain computer-interface-systems that re-establish the communication ability.

The ease of message sharing has made it nearly impossible for oppressive regimes to rein their rule of fist. The ease of communication has made it possible to reach a very wide audience within a short period of time. Videos and audio clips can be recorded and uploaded online instantly via the phone, hence the information gets to be viewed globally by all users with an internet connection.

Technology has made it easy to keep in touch with friends and family, and has also assisted to reinforce relationships. It has condensed the world and encourages exchange of opinions to find better answers to any dilemma. Technological development in the approach of communication has endorsed faster decision-making by the relevant stakeholders. This has led to the growth and evolution of the world where video conferencing has played a selfless role in promoting fast decision-making. Most of the businesses and organizations rely on technology for contact of the organizations or businesses that they are interested in.

Impact of Technology on Standard of living

The internet has improved the living standards; this can be seen in the ability to evaluate prices and going for the cheapest deal (Lack n.p). An individual is in a position to choose in a deal of activities and products that best suits him or her and at the most favorable prices. All the selection process done at the comfort of the consumer since he or she needs not go to the actual market place to choose and make his or her order. The consumer only needs a gadget that has internet connection and he or she can explore at his own leisure. It has made it possible for more people to enjoy goods that were only perceived to be for the wealthy, that they would have not been able to meet the cost. The rationalization of the manufacturing procedure expanded consumer’s experiences through diverse work, travel, and education that would have been impractical before.

As globalization became more rampant, companies’ deals with augmented cultural diversity within the labor force. These changes involve small and large businesses to learn how to deal with this range as well as to implement new policies and guidelines for workers. The differences in work ethics and religious differences are major topics globally. The improved cultural diversity also has formed many profits as companies gain new insights into diverse cultures from an executive and a marketing standpoint (Blakey 91).

As companies expand their business overseas, most of them recommend outsourcing cheap labor hence, wages have altered for many workers. Where lower standards of living, third world companies can offer their services at a fee significantly reduced from those in countries with higher standards of living. This has affected many workers in the United States as well as other large countries as more companies clinch to the outsourcing tendency. While it means a better profit periphery for the companies, it has also lead to condensed earning potential for employees.

The differences that are evident in Culture, religion and ethnicity variety in the workplace presents a need for more employees training. There is need to; protect companies, their new employees from bias, managers put into practice course of action and offer training to existing employees to make sure everyone can accept and appreciate one another. This leads to a greater gratitude of other cultures and perspective in some companies, while frustrating some employees who have a preference in a less culturally varied work environment.

Impact of Technology on Life Expectancy

Increase in life expectancy globally have been taking a positive trend during last century than at any other time in recorded history, statistical scrutiny show that ever since the early 1800s life expectancy at birth has seen a linear pace of increase. The twentieth century advances in medical science and technology have seen the rise and growth of insurance companies which act as a go-between the doctor and the patient. Medical costs incurred reduce drastically as a result of medical technology which means that the majority of the patients receive treatment in their homes and medical expenses are often negligible. As a result of accomplishment of union campaigns millions of workers and their family members achieved access to private health insurance. Good health care results to increased life expectancy as people are not vulnerable to diseases.

Impact of Technology on War

The U.S. army came up with a digital warfare system called Army Battle Command System. The war system can look into digital street maps, keep an eye on enemy site, zoom in on individual buildings through satellite descriptions and download orders from commanders. The technology has permitted commanders to graph complex raids and organize battle gear and hundreds of soldiers within a short period of time. While the most understandable military technology is used to kill people, some silent military technology has questionably prevented some death.  Generally, fewer people die in attacks where smart bombs in the miming of dumb bombs than the life that would be coasted if the bombs were not mimed. Satellite snap and UAV images can potentially encourage people to spare and keep off certain buildings and locations that they would otherwise blow up (Caldwell 158).

The Scientific American covered the Civil War at length, with a lengthy segment of each issue dedicated to reports of the newest combat and assessments of the state of affairs, including naval activities along the coast. The magazine also published hundreds of editorial about the new technologies that were being organized during the war or tested for probable use.

Impact of technology on Entertainment and Sports

More media streaming services became third-party ecosystems extend streaming services’ reach across the whole range of connected devices. Technology has become an essential part of Americans’ daily lives, touching our infrastructure, mail, relationships, the administration of our bills and finances. As we have become more wrapped up in the benefits and capabilities of these constantly on the rise technologies, children as well as adults have become passionate users. In entertainment there are productions of quality movies that act as a form of entertainment to individuals. They watch and listen during leisure and when they need motivation. Music is also generated via technology and the playing devices are clear evidences of the extent that technology has taken man into.

Software’s are being developed with an aim of getting the users entertained in the long run. Technology has shaped the way we human plan, organize, analyze, or do business with sports and entertainment. Theoretically speaking, technology aids, or may replace, human participation in sporting events. Using lasers for example is thought to limit sporting debate as this became apparent at some point in the FIFA World cup 2010 in South Africa. Computer games are most sources of entertainment to most individuals especially the young generation.

It is a fact that information technology is self-motivated and continues at an ever escalating pace. Consciousness of technology is required, and to continue to discover ground-breaking ways that move forward and transform the world as whole. Therefore, to be able to draw off the good part of technology for our needs, we need to be inquiring of technological developments with a drive in shaping our future together. The advantages that technology brings overshadows the disadvantages hence it is essentially vital to endorse state of the art study in future information technology disciplines. Finally, we should to be up to date and absorbed in information technology concepts and applications that are technologically motivating (David 205).Sample


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