Sample Essay on The Diary of a Young Girl

The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne frank was a brave girl and showed courage by hiding away from the Nazi’s revolution. During this time, she discovered that the people she considered to be true friend turned against her. Therefore, the only true friend or medium through which she could share her emotions and feeling was through her dairy. She kept this diary with her even when after being deported to concentrated camps after they were discovered from hiding by the Nazis. Her actions depict a courageous person who was able to shield the only thing she had from a revolution regime. At the same time, she received the dairy as a present on her birthday so it meant a lot to her. Therefore, the story deal with Anne’s character in regards to the relationship with the people who lived and came into contract with her.

On Thursday, 9, 1942 of July Anne’s father decided that his family would go on a hiding place so that they could not be caught up by the revolutionary wave. Thus, the hiding place turns out to be the father’s office which had ample rooms for the family to reside. Additionally, the office occupants were few hence made it possible to set aside some rooms for the family members. This would remain their home for the rest of their life until things change. This would probably occur when the Nazi’s regime would be overthrown from power. Due to the size of the building, Margot and Anne shared the same room while their parents occupied the living room. This was clear indication of the suffering that the society and community members were undergoing through during this period. The family of Van Daan’s occupied the kitchen (Frank). The room was extremely small for the residents and they lived in discomfort. This was the only solution for the family that was faced with immense danger of deportation. Having shared a very small room with Margot, Anne believed that she had a cordial relationship with her. It came to her realization that the only friend she could learn on at such a time is her dairy. She wrote about her experiences on a daily basis on this book which was discovered later way after her death.

On 19th November 1942, Mr Dussel and other friends come knocking on the door for refuge. Their admission into the building would amount pressure on the comfort that members enjoyed before. The only place that had enough space for another resident was Anne’s bedroom. Though Mr. Dussel was a nice man, Anne was hesitant to let him share her room and this prompted her father’s intervention (Frank). The Jews were in danger and the government was looking for them in their homes to take them in concentrated camps. Some friends close to Mr. Frank family had already been handed over to the administration of these camps. This angered the family members as they were part and parcel of the community targeted by the government. It is through Mr. Dussel that the family came to learn about the plight of other Jews who have been captured by the regime. Specifically, he narrated to them how government paid people for information and the treatment against old, sick people and children in the camps. Anne viewed the new roommate as a friend who could she could share information and feeling with. However, she tried on several occasions to no avail and was disappointed to see that whoever she thought would comfort her would later ran away from her. It is through these experiences that Anne decided to use writing as the only way through which she could find true friendship. The dairy narrates events that took place each single day while they lived in the office. As days passed, the situation in the city worsened and the family was running out of food and other materials that they required for survival. The dairy was written at Secret Annexe in Amsterdam (Frank).

This insinuates that the city was significant to the family as it offered refuge for the few days they spent their life. It was a sign of courage for the family to withstand the shooting and bombing that took place in the region. In addition, offering refuge to some of the survivors proofed to be acts of mercy for the family that has long suffered from the war. The book talk is structured along the Nazi’s regime that was cruel to the Jewish community (Frank). Many Jews were persecuted by the German due to political instability an action that was uncouth.

In conclusion, the book provides insight into what happened during the war and aftermath. Anne concentrates on her experiences and that of her family as they hide from the brutal attacks from the regime. However, she utilizes the moment to outline her personal relationship with individuals in her surroundings. Even from a family point of view, Anne was closely connected to her father more than the mother. Thus, the dairy helps us understand the inner feelings of Anne during this difficult moment in her life.

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